This one goes out to the shoes I love… New Balance running shoes

I have become a huge fan of New Balance… In particular the New Balance 759, which is my current shoe. I converted about 3 years ago on an Easter weekend while in Ontario, (on vacation) from the subtle influences of my girlfriend who has been a long time New Balance supporter. I still remember stepping into those 758 (no longer made) and going on an 18k run that day in unworked in shoes. I had no blisters, no pains, aches, nothing ! Obviously made for running ! As the 758 is no longer made by New Balance I recently purchased the 759’s, and was equally impressed !

This model shoe is a Neutral shoe, offering ample support and chushioning. That is one of the things I noticed most, it was like running on a cloud testing them on the treadmill at the running store. The 759 is also a lighter shoe then the 758, researching this figure the shoe is about 1.5 ounces lighter. One thing I did notice was in the NB 758’s my size was a 10, in the NB 759 I bought a 10.5, not sure if the shoe is just designed a little smaller or my foot got larger.. I ran in Nike for years, that was until I discovered the wonder shoes that New Balance produces !!!

Completed my run yesterday.. 8 mile tempo on the treadmaster.. Whomped me by the end of it. Tonight I am heading out for a light 6 miler. Chilly here in Nova Scotia today… -20 with the windchill this morning. Looking forward to spring…

Ciao !


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12 responses to “This one goes out to the shoes I love… New Balance running shoes”

  1. Nicki says :

    I have been dying to try the New Balance 759. Now I am sure I am going to find them here locally.

  2. Lynn says :

    I’ve been running in this shoe and since its previous incarnations since 1996! Highly recommended.

  3. magnuminsp says :

    I am about to go get fitted for shoes tomorrow. I currently have the NB 400s for running, which are terribly inadequate and the 623 cross-training shoes, which are better, but heavy. I am going to look at the 759s and whatever they suggest at the fitting.
    Thanks for the report!

  4. lifeworthsharing says :

    I’ve really been struggling with what brand of running shoes to purchase. My old ones are warn out after training and completing a marathon. I am between New Balance and Asics.

  5. Caroline says :

    I use New Balance as well! Pretty much for everything; working out, running in the field, walking cross country courses at competitions, in the barn, at college, in the mall, and whatsoever! I think I have had 7 or 8 different pairs over the last couple of years – they are the best!

  6. Holly says :

    New Balance makes great sneakers!! I just got a new pair of Asics with a gel cushion. Score!! My boyfriend and I recently were talking about our shoe sizes changing. I think it has to do with manufacturing/adapting to the growth of the population, if you know what I mean. I’ve worn a size 7 shoe since I was 12, and now I can wear a 6 (in a regular heel). However, I generally buy half a size bigger when it comes to sneakers, because according to the people at Fleet Feet, your feet expand when you run. I have no idea if it’s true, but I’ve been buying a 7.5 or 8 sneaker ever since.

  7. happytwentyfour says :

    Was never in love with NB until my recent purchase of my Minumus shoes. I’m so in love with them I might try to legalize marriage to shoes.

  8. graceMark says :

    You hooked me with the R.E.M. reference 🙂

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