Blue Nose Marathon, Ottawa Marathon, Fredericton Marathon, Mississauga Marathon.. Marathons in Canada, Dont look here for ‘American Idol’ results

Spring marathon season is approaching fast… I am keen at the moment to run, but I am only into the second week of my training cycle and only currently running 38 miles. It seems like a daunting, uphill climb just completing the training but what I have been told by veteran marathoner’s is the training is 90% of  the marathon.

 I initially wanted to travel to my marathon destination but that idea is slowly flying out the window like a piece of garbage on the highway. I am not talking of flying across the globe rather flying to Ontario, Canada a couple of provinces over to the left. Back around Christmas time when this idea of another marathon was in its infant stages, just floating around as a concept in my head, I had four marathons that I was interested in running; Ottawa the National Capital Marathon, Mississauga, Fredericton NB and my hometown Halifax Blue Nose Marathon. With a trip to Cuba in the books for March 18th and travelling home to Ontario when the Easter Bunny comes to visit, the winner is either going to be the Blue nose or the Fredericton marathon.

I have already completed the Blue Nose once, and surprisingly, it is my fastest to date. It’s a small town marathon attracting about 10,000 total for all the events; the Youth Run, 5k, 10k, Half and Full marathon.  The marathon draws about 300 and is one of the tougher marathons in Canada with rolling hills and a couple of monsters scattered throughout. It show cases Halifax running throughout the city and taking participants across the expansive bridge that connects Halifax and the former city of Dartmouth offering spectacular views of the Halifax  harbour. The support for this marathon is top-notch and reaching the “lonely” Dartmouth side, you appreciate their cheer’s of encouragement. Dartmouth takes you up the famous Maple Street monstrous hill at around the 38k mark of this course then it is back over the bridge, to Halifax and the finish line !

Mississauga I know nothing about, other than it draws a large crowd.I heard through the grapevine the road the race starts on is  quite wide so the large field doesn’t cause much of a bottle neck. The other interesting fact about Mississauga is that the course is apparently Net downhill? I know uphill are painful but I imagine running downhill for any extent of time would be equally or more painful? It showcases the city of Mississauga and takes participants down along the waterfront of Lake Ontario… This run has also recently received some competition as the Toronto Goodlife Marathon is taking place the same weekend. It is also net downhill so sounds like there will be some competition between the two for numbers. I believe both these attract a moderate Elite crowd? Correct me if I am wrong… I was still gung-ho to run this race…

Fredericton, Fredericton, Fredericton in good ‘Ole Province De New Brunswick ! This is probably one of the earlier marathons taking place May 8th?? A good majority of the run takes place on the Fredericton trail system and is said to be one of the “Flat and fast” marathon claims to fame. Attracting all the people attempting to get into Boston prior to the change of standards. Takes you on a beautiful 2 loop jaunt around the city of Fredericton and finishing in the city of Fredericton as well. I have read from other people and forums that this is quite an enjoyable marathon. I don’t think I will be putting that to the test this year. The weather in the maritime this time of year can be quite rainy and chilly!

That brings us to Ottawa… The largest draw out of any marathon in Canada attracting quite an impressive elite crowd. This is the one I initially wanted to run, but I will have to wait till next year. The one thing about this race, it has the possibility of being quite warm in May so bring your sun hat. I believe it is quite flat but not totally flat taking runners through Ottawa, over to Gatineau and along the Rideau Canal. It also takes place at the same time as the Tulip festival in Ottawa so you have some nice Tulips to look at while you run. This race is now 56% sold out, again attracting all the last chance Boston qualifiers, so jump on it!


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

9 responses to “Blue Nose Marathon, Ottawa Marathon, Fredericton Marathon, Mississauga Marathon.. Marathons in Canada, Dont look here for ‘American Idol’ results”

  1. Abby says :

    Thanks for your note! Looking forward to following along on your journey to the next marathon!

  2. Rebekah says :

    I used to live along the course for the Mississauga marathon. One of my friends ran in it one year, and a couple other friends ran in it before I moved there. I’m not an experienced runner but I’ve driven along the route many times and while there are some occasional slopes I don’t think there are any lengthy downhill stints. Of course, I’m sure it feels a bit different in a car than on foot so perhaps someone would correct me on that.

    Best wishes for your training and races! When I lived in Mississauga I used to think it was nuts that on the coldest of days I’d see groups of people out running. You Canadians are hard corps. 😉

    • bearrunner says :

      This winter I have seen people running in everything also… Winter Blizzard, wind chills in the -20’s, Ice… I use to be like that, but as of late, I can’t be bothered running outside during the extremes.

      I ran a marathon last fall, the Valley Harvest in Windsor, and they claimed the course consisted of “rolling hills”… My synopsis of the course… A couple monsters of hills. It does’t surprise me Mississauga’s claim of a net down hill is a bit exaggerated. All these marathon’s try to make them selves appealing as easy Boston qualifiers to attract thousands of runners.

      I hop on the treadmill at -10 lol

  3. Ben Butler says :

    Hi there. I’m a friend of Rebekah’s who ran the Mississauga Half-marathon. It was the only one I’ve done, but I’d definitely encourage you to give it a try. It’s a pretty easy run. As you’d mentioned the majority is down hill, but the course is really beautiful. I know the marathoners broke off at one point to go down a separate route, but I’m pretty sure you will come back across the Lake Ontario side, which is a really nice route. My wife did a Toronto half-marathon one year, and I must say, it was basically a maze in between tall buildings. We met her a few times along the route, but I can’t say it was anywhere near as appealing to me as the Mississauga one. She had also done on in Ottawa which also seemed to have a very beautiful route. More scenic than the Mississauga one in my opinion. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Good luck!

    • bearrunner says :

      Back in November/ December, my plan was to run Mississauga… I went from not thinking I was going to be able to afford it, due to other travel obligations, to running our local marathon, to once again thinking an out of town marathon is a possibility. It looks like a nice course… I think the downhill would be tiring though…

      I ran the Water Front in Toronto and it was one of the worse marathons I have ever ran… To think in a city such as toronto, the course snakes through industrial waste lands… It wasn’t just that, the humidity was a killer! I also want to run Ottawa… I have heard that it is also a nice marathon although it can be rather hot in Ottawa that time of year….

  4. rebecca says :

    You are the only place on the web I can find published how many people are running the Ottawa marathon. I am excited to travel north next week to run this marathon and was trying to find out the total number of runners. Do you really hear it’s just 300? I’ve only ever run large races (Chicago, San Diego and Marine Corps-DC), very excited to try a smaller race and see what it is like.

    • bearrunner says :

      I think more than 300 people are running the Ottawa Marathon… 300 are running the Halifax Bluenose this weekend… Ottawa probably has 2000 – 2500


  5. jackiesshc says :

    i recently ran my first 1/2 marathon in Nashville, The Rock N Roll Marathon for St.Judes. It was an amazing experience and feeling like no other to actually finish it. I can’t wait unitl I’m ready to run a full.

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