‘Facebook’ Newsfeed; Do your “Friends” appreciate your frequent Newsfeed updates relating to Running?? Social Media!!

I am stuck at the office on a Saturday… Need to make up time for a vacation… Darn you Vacation bank, why did you have to look so appealing and get used up… It could be worse; it’s 20 below with the wind chill this morning! Brrrrr

 Do your friends appreciate all your running social media updates? Personally, I feel they are just jealous… I try to update instantly to my feeds (via my Garmin), then sweeten the deal by adding how great or hard or bad the run was and look for sympathy, praise or astonishment if I had completed a 16 – 20 mile run that day. It is our competitive nature that leads us to this behavior although I would rather receive an accomplishment someone achieved then countless “Farmville” or “Fast Money” posts…

 The same is true for the inpatient drivers who insist on honking, yelling out the window or nearly side swiping an oncoming runner. Jealous your fat a** is inhaling cheeseburgers at terminal velocity while I am out exercising and maintaining my physical fitness?

 There is no need for jealousy; you can participate in this lovely sport as well…We would love to have you! There are no membership fees and the fine folks at the Running Room (Canadian) would love to teach you how to run…

 On that note, this week I am on schedule for my 38 projected miles… I did hill repeats on Wednesday; 4.5 @ a 5% incline – 7:50 pace and a light 6 miler last night which felt g-g-g-g-g-great! Today, I am off and hoping for 14miles tomorrow.

Cheers !


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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

9 responses to “‘Facebook’ Newsfeed; Do your “Friends” appreciate your frequent Newsfeed updates relating to Running?? Social Media!!”

  1. ellsea says :

    >> the impatient drivers who insist on honking, yelling out the window or nearly side swiping an oncoming runner

    that’s another reason I don’t like running on roads!

    Enjoy your 14 miles tomorrow … you’re obviously made of sterner stuff than me 🙂

  2. Abby says :

    I have mixed feelings about this one… I sometimes post on facebook about different training activities, but I’m also aware that it can sound like a broken record. After a fair bit of back-and-forth on it (after all, I have 100 miles to kill!) I decided not to post about last night’s century on facebook.

  3. klayire says :

    It’s hard work, why shouldn’t we share. If folk are jealous they can join in. I like to add how many cakes I’ve eaten just to add the icing to the cake….

    • bearrunner says :

      I run so I can eat lots of cakes lol… If I didn’t run, I would weigh 400 pounds ! Some of the people you meet while running, walking or driving, are out ot run us over.

  4. Muddy Socks says :

    I might post a bit about my training runs and catch a bit of grief. But it’s what interests ME..what I’m doing at the moment. Just like you said… I think jealousy plays a part in the ridicule and I would rather post about running then Farmville !

  5. meexio says :

    I post whatever is going on with me as a way to update myself and voice about what I am interested in and working out and being healthy is a major importance in my life. So when I read your posts about running 14 miles for a day or whatnot I respect that and it motivates me even more. Not a lot of people are committed to working out and actually being healthy. So when someone like you comes along it is super inspiration for me. Like, man when will I be able to reach something like that? So thanks! I think it just depends on the person that reacts to your status.

  6. Rachel says :

    Love it! 🙂
    Thought I was the only one who bored my FB friends senseless in need of adoration/motivation/loathing lol

  7. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    Mostly, my friends just ignore my DailyMile to FaceBook posts.

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