Lifecycle Treadmill long run… 14 miler at Goodlife… ‘Lady gaga’ inspired me. lol

I have a positive and a negative towards this morning’s run… The positive is; I completed 14 miles the negative is; I had to do it on the treadmaster. Somehow I was able to wrap my head around the fact that I was going absolutely no where yet my legs were moving for 1.54 minutes. I can’t help but think this is exactly how a hamster feels trapped in their little cages running endlessly around in circles in that squeaky wheel. That is why I often refer to the treadmill as the “Hamster Wheel”

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning let alone go for another Sunday morning long run. By the time I got out of bed, at around 9:30 ish, I looked out the window to see some light snow. I checked the weather channel prior to going to bed which was forecasting a temperature of around -9 this morning. First thing I did was open the front door, headed out onto the porch sporting my boxers and that is when I came to the conclusion that I was not running 14 miles outside. The weather channel this morning reported -12 but failed to report a wind chill which was obviously present but the instruments at their disposal were unable to pick it up.

I am guilty of having a few drinks last night, having to attend a neighbourhood birthday party, one of those guilt trip appearances  you feel you have to attend or risk being shunned out by all the neighbours. I have a feeling this may have contributed to the loss of motivation this morning. My plan is to move my long run to Saturdays and juggle my schedule a little bit throughout the week. Every sunday I fail to jump up and down with joy knowing what I have ahead of me. I tend to have more energy on Saturdays and I would love to only have to look forward to an easy run on Sundays… That would be more manageable.

Total mileage for the week; 38 miles…


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11 responses to “Lifecycle Treadmill long run… 14 miler at Goodlife… ‘Lady gaga’ inspired me. lol”

  1. 26point2reasonstorun says :

    I wish I’d had the option of running on a treadmill when we got hit with snow. I remember going fo a 16 miler in slush and I felt I was moving as much side to side as forwards!

  2. TonyaD says :

    I call it the “dreadmill”. I don’t enjoy it either.

    Good for you for getting up despite the drinks the night before. I find it helps me to feel better though it’s difficult to get started.

    And that’s a long boring run on a dreadmill…

    • bearrunner says :

      Dreadmill… Thats a fitting term for it. The first hour wasn’t too bad, the second 54 minutes was the killer. I want to start doing my long runs on Sundays.. It was a very boring run. Next Sunday, my goal is to run outside

  3. libraryscene says :

    Oh my, good for you, but the mental of it all! I think I’ve done 10 max at the Y, but even then, every five, I changed the scenery to a different machine. Best of luck in your training!

  4. middleagedmaninlycra says :

    I’m not a runner and prefer two wheels rather than two feet to propel me forwards. I’m training to ride my mountain bike over the Alps in the late summer but I’m sure the training issues are the same. I live in Bavaria, where the winters are long and there can be extensive periods of snow. When I can get out on the bike, I do.

    But if the weather is too bad I use the cyclists equivalent of the treadmill, a turbo trainer. I usually try and watch a film while cycling but it’s not a truly effective way to trick your mind that sitting on a bike for that long and not moving anywhere is just plain wrong and very dull. I’ve also watched some truly awful movies lately so while my legs might get a little stronger who knows what damage I’m doing to my brain.

    Conclusion: whatever your sport, there’s just no substitute for getting out and doing it.

  5. Parklover says :

    I used to do a lot of training on a treadmill (which I also called the hamster wheel!) – it has its uses when the weather is not helpful!

  6. rungirlsramblings says :

    I always say, the long run on the treadmill not only works your legs but gives you mental strength as well. I have done a few long ones (12 and 14) on mine as well, and that is one way I like to look at it. You toughed it out! If you can do that… you can do anything! It’s nice to have the option when it’s yucky outside!

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