‘Oscars’ nah..’Amazing Race’… What’s spinning on your discman? Gaga? Ke$ha?

Flipped around the television this evening, seen Ryan Seacrest mug and quickly realised another awards show is taking place. Is an awards show on every weekend and how can they give out that many different awards? I settled on the Amazing Race. Out of the thousands of Reality Television shows, this one has always been my fav.

When you prepare for your run, indoors or out in the streets, through the slush, what CD do you grab to put in your Discman to motivate you? Do you ever grab multiple CD’s so you can change them up on the go? Jokes! I know most people this day and age use Mp3’s… I don’t know about the rest of you, but  I have had the worse luck with rain, wet, moisture and sweat ruining multiples of  them.

I got some favorites in my playlist, regardless to the present state of a run, that can usually motivate me enough to get through it. I am more prone to listening to music indoors then I do on the street, not due to safety concerns,  but more so due to the ever-changing environment which naturally makes a run go by quickly. (Have to get off the treadmill more this week… Thats my goal for the week)

My top 5; The new Lady Gaga tune is zippy and a good cadence booster (Born this way); Katy Perry’s (Fireworks); I got two Basshunter favorites (I can walk on water) (Now you’re gone); DeadMau5 (Ghosts and stuff); and an old cult running classic (Bette Davis Eyes)…

Tomorrow is going to be another wet, snowy, rainy, miserable day on the East Coast.. If I was able to, I would use a sick day but that looks a little obvious on a Monday and during a stormy. Hope everyone is doing a Spring dance to make it hurry the heck up!!!!!!!!



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

8 responses to “‘Oscars’ nah..’Amazing Race’… What’s spinning on your discman? Gaga? Ke$ha?”

  1. adamwindsor says :

    Hmmm…Lately I’ve been going for Chili Peppers…I really like the ‘Californication’ album. Gets me through an hour of running no prob. And I’ve just discovered a Japanese guitarist called Kotaro Oshio who puts me in a good mood for running, too.

    Good luck with that snow.

  2. Gen says :

    I’d say that we both have to get off of the treadmill, huh? But it’s just as nasty here in Chicago as it is on the East Coast. Silly snow, then rain, now ice! My running playlist is pretty much all pop or dance music including Gaga (seeing her tonight in concert!), Black Eyed Peas, Robyn, etc. I’ve found that a constant beat has really, really helped keep me going…

  3. kimberbro says :

    Hello, from sunny Florida!!! Sorry about the weather up there! If it’s any consolation, it is raining right now! Whoa, wait…nope it just stopped! You’ve got to love FLA weather!

    If I need a pick me up, I crank classic Green Day!! They get me moving and make me forget about the heat and the miles!

  4. lieberwoman says :

    I’ve been training a Pandora station for running. I’ve found that Lady Gaga, Rihanna, the Black Eyed Peas, and other pop music is great for running, be it outside or on the treadmill. I usually listen to heavier music, rock and metal, when I lift weights.

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