Starbucks vs Tim Hortons vs the Muffin Man vs Running… I ‘RRRoll up the rim to win’ and all I ever get is the chance to play again!

The question I have for you; do you drink coffee? Do you drink it before you run? Where do you buy it?
At the office today I was simultaneously on Google while attempting to perform the duties of my job, and came across an interesting Wikipedia page on Tim Horton’s; (Google won)
–          Tim Horton’s owns 62% of the Coffee market in Canada

–          Starbucks owns 7%

–          It has taken over McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operation

–          Controlled 22.6% of all fast food revenues in Canada in 2005

I love my coffee as I am sure many of you do too. I don’t dispute that Tim Horton’s offers terrific coffee, I just despise how cheap they are in awarding prizes in the ‘RRRoll up the rim to win’ blitz. Everyone in Canada, and the Northern U.S., waits patiently all year for this bi-annual rolling frenzy. It is difficult making it through an entire coffee as the anticipation grows with each sip in rolling up that coffee stained rimmed to see if you are a big winner! In years past, this contest has been plagued with more “Please play again” then winners.

I decided this year to take the analysis into my own hands. I have collected my cups since the contest began, and have stored them on my desk (at work). So far I am batting 4 for 9, which has been a surprise. The Tim Horton big wig exec’s have smartened up. With the cost of beans rising year after year, and the out of control inflation rate of a cup of coffee, I am more than pleased to roll up the rim and win a free coffee.

At this point I returned to Google and found a comparison from 2010 to 2011…in 2010 out of 279 Million cups produced, 31 million were prize winners and from the same number of cups produced for 2011, 47 million are winners. Out of all this useless information, you can see you have a better chance at winning in 2011…This information was courtesy of;

 An 8 mile tempo run is in the books for today… Really, nothing is in the books because I fly by the seat of my pants. This is the run I have planned for tonight, so I am going to complete it. I think it’s going to be a good one… I received some good news today from the Tax Man when I electronically filed this afternoon.



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

11 responses to “Starbucks vs Tim Hortons vs the Muffin Man vs Running… I ‘RRRoll up the rim to win’ and all I ever get is the chance to play again!”

  1. poeticruse says :

    Pre-run, my coffee always comes from home, and absolutely I indulge before I run; the original energy drink!

    As I am currently residing in Michigan, I have been forced (basically at gunpoint, by the ongoing Big Canadian Coffee invasion) to drink Tim Horton’s coffee from time to time. As a native New Yorker, I am appalled to not be able to grab a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at both ends of every crosswalk here in Michigan.

    I do have to say that the rrrrrim-rrrrrolling is a favorite time of year on those occasions that I do grab a cup out. More often that’s on the way to work, where I’m usually left wondering whether it’s worth toting around a soiled cup for a week or more until I find myself needing a morning bagel again.

    • bearrunner says :

      Nice that you can get such a fine cup of coffee in Michigan! j/k… I have to have coffee as well pre-run and i usually have another post run… I have heard Dunkin makes a nice cup of coffee as well, I just havent seen one. Next time I am in the U.S I am going to look for one!

      I like the roll up the rim time as well. Brings in Spring 🙂

  2. Jenni says :

    I’m not a coffee drinker prior to running–I don’t want to mix my drugs. 🙂 And although I’m originally from Michigan, I’m going to show my southern-ness when I say I’ve never heard of Tim Horton’s coffee. The game sounds fun, though. I’m sure I would buy it more frequently if I got a surprise instead of just brewing my own, in which the only surprise is whether or not I wake up early enough to make it.

    • bearrunner says :

      I forgive you for not knowing about Tim Hortons lol… It really boosts coffee sales when this marketing campaign is taking place.. Lines out the door. You could make your own roll up the rim cups at home and always be a winner!!! 🙂

  3. Lisa says :

    I love my coffee, and if I’m up early enough I drink it before a run. During winter especially, I love a hot cup of coffee after a run outdoors just to help me defrost :-). Never had Tim Horton’s though, so I must be in the wrong part of the US?
    I usually buy my own beans and grind at home, but if I’m on the road, Caribou or Starbucks coffee are a welcome treat.

  4. bgddyjim says :

    I drink coffee like it’s going out of style – I love it. Two cups when I wake up at 4 am, before I get in the shower to head to the office and 6-10 cups at the office. I run at night on Thursdays so we hit Tim’s for donuts after and I have two cups of decaf (more out of habit, the caffeine ceased having a noticeable affect at night long ago). On Saturday, my big mileage day, I have two cups at 5 am, then two more before I run, then one after before riding my bike home.

    Tim Horton’s does make a good cup of Joe… I’m from Michigan too. Never bothered with the RUTRTW game though. In fact, I’ve built a couple of Tim Horton’s down here.

  5. eideard says :

    Love me Starbucks – especially when my wife is buying.

  6. Barefoot Dawsy says :

    I’m batting about 1 in 10 and my poor wife hasn’t won a darn thing in about 20 drinks…maybe all tbe prizes are back East?

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