Another run bites the dust! Goodlife treadmill run. Running on the spot! Training


I am going to design and manufacture my own technical T’s for all my training runs and when asked about the run, I will say, “I won”… Embroider them with fake sponsors and make it realistic. I wouldn’t really do this, I was just being retarded.

Another run down, another one bites the dust! I did 8 miles total, 6 at tempo pace and 2 at an easy, cool down pace. I decided to venture to the gym and complete yet another treadmill run. This decision was based less on the weather and more so on the control the treadmill offers when completing tempo/ hill/ interval or speed workouts.  I was adventurous and increased the minutes per mile 6 seconds to 7:24 and following this run, my hamstrings were REALLY tight! Ouch

I often ask myself why I don’t have a treadmill of my own, that’s when things start to get scary, I answer my own question in the solitude of my home. As much as I feel I would use a treadmill at home, I find it more motivating at the gym. When I can’t run outside, I like the scenery and atmosphere of the gym. I dislike the choice of Television programs the other patrons are watching, but I can’t hear it anyway, so it makes no difference. It just acts as temporary brain distraction after slugging away for 20-25 minutes and knowing you have 20 more to go.

I do often question the calibration of gym treadmills… Personally, I feel opposite to other people’s opinions on the fact that the pace feels faster than the pace of running outside. Using my Garmin outdoors, it feels easier and slower maintaining the same pace of the treadmill. Maybe I am just happy to be in the fresh air, maybe I am just nuts!

What do you think in regards to the pace of treadmills? Do you have a difficult time adjusting to an outdoor pace following a lot of runs on the treadmill?


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11 responses to “Another run bites the dust! Goodlife treadmill run. Running on the spot! Training”

  1. Abby says :

    I’m with you – I always find my pace faster outside, with less effort.

    I’ve gotten tired of going to the gym to find that there are no treadmills available, and I’ve been wanting a treadmill at home for a long time, so I’ve decided to give up my gym membership – on the condition that we can finally finish the basement (a five-year project at this point) and get a treadmill in time for next winter.

  2. Lisa says :

    The way a certain pace feels for me on the TM vs. outside seems to depend on what I’m doing. If it’s an easy or recovery run, I agree with you that the same pace feels easier (or just more enjoyable) outside than on the treadmill.

    But, sometimes I just have a great run on the treadmill and no matter how fast I crank up the speed it still feels do-able. I also feel like speedwork can be easier (or at least more honest and easy to maintain the pace I want) on the treadmill. If I want to do repeats at a certain pace or get increasing faster, I just set the pace and force myself to keep it. Outside I can sometimes do that, but it’s easier to slow down when the going gets tough.

    I also think it would be nice to have my own treadmill sometimes, but I do enjoy the variety and atmosphere of the gym. Plus I’m there to workout, so there’s no distractions that may come up at home!

    • bearrunner says :

      I hear you on those runs when your legs just seem to have the ability to go, regardless! I find it is easier on the treadmill, especially speedwork because you have to go with the belt and dont have the opportunity to slow down unless you slow it down. Consistant.

      I am thinking of buying one.. Its a big expense though

  3. riskphotography says :

    Thanks for checking out my blog, and my website as well!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your last two posts as well, and look forward to hearing more!
    I’ve wanted to run a half marathon, for almost a year now, but actually getting up and training for it has been a challenge. I think that I just lack the stamina..LOL. 20 mins on the treadmill and I am toast…and I will have been lucky to have went one mile!

  4. TonyaD says :

    I actually find it easier to run on treadmills. Maybe it’s the “bounce” versus running on concrete outside. I’m training outside this time… so maybe I can gradually increase my speed during the running portion of the triathlon.

  5. Briana says :

    I’ve really come to like the treadmill. It took me a while to understand the right way to warm up and pace myself. I think though that I’m running faster than the pace actually tells me (is 6.5 mph really 6.5 mph in real life?)…and I also find that, with the right incline adjustments, it prepares me well for when I’m ready to hit the road again!

    • bearrunner says :

      I think, this is a personal opinion, that treadmills are set faster then what you actually believe you are running. I have no scientific evidence to that fact, just that I have an easier time running the speed or a faster speed outside then I do on the treadmill. I have done a lot of treadmill running over the last couple months and I have grown to be able to tolerate them also. Its good if you can run on a slight incline on the treadmill, that mimics running outside a lot more.

  6. Darlene Cardillo says :

    Though it would be easier to own a treadmill. I know I am more motivated to use one at the gym. I can only tolerate 3-4 mi and I watch a TV show that I downloaded on an iPod touch. I run much slower on the treadmill but it is easier to do intervals and speed up and then slow down.

    • bearrunner says :

      intervals on the treadmill make the time on it more pleasant… I tend to speed up/ slow down between songs, increase lower incline stuff like that. It makes it better when something is on that you want to watch opposed to watching something your forced to watch.

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