‘Price is Right’ nostalgia… Running and training with thoughts of Cliffhanger…. Treadmill Hill workout…

I had a Price is Right moment during my treadmill run. It is not to frequent that one would have nostalgic thoughts of this, as I have difficulty remembering the last time I was able to watch the Price is Right…

 I was doing hill repeats… 6X800 meter @ 7:50 miles and half way through the run, slugging it up one of the hills, visions of Bob Barker flashed before me playing one of the classic Price is Right games, Cliffhanger. I am not sure if this was due to pure boredom, or just wandering thoughts, but I envisioned myself as that European mountain climber, with cane in hand, marching towards his destiny up the steep mountain face. I heard the music in the background, the little climber getting closer to the top, wondering if he was going to fall off the other side. This stuck with me for the final 3 repeats and really made the last half of the run go by quickly.

 I don’t know about you but one day, I think it was a statutory holiday from work, flipping through the channels; I happened to stumble upon The Price is Right and I argued that in no way was that Drew Carey. Talk about a metamorphosis, he has really changed!

 Glad to have an early morning run out-of-the-way… It is always best to eat the frog first thing in the morning instead of leaving it for the afternoon, and fretting about it all day.

 Do you like Drew Carey as the new Price is Right host?


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

14 responses to “‘Price is Right’ nostalgia… Running and training with thoughts of Cliffhanger…. Treadmill Hill workout…”

  1. riskphotography says :

    I have not watched The price is right in years, but remember that little mountain climber! LOL!
    Glad it helped you through your hills 🙂

  2. Abby says :

    I actually have no memory of that little mountain climber, but I’ve definitely had similarly random things pop into my head during tough hill workouts. Whatever gets you to the top, right?

  3. Brian says :

    I too remember that mountain climber. I think there was yodling involved too. Ah, what fond memories of sick and snow days when I was a kid! Really have not seen the newest version of The Price is Right.

    And I wish I had the motivation to run early mornings beyond my Saturday group runs, but getting up early enough to run and go to work is too much for me! Instead, I keep checking out the clock and my mapped route, waiting.

    • bearrunner says :

      Thats what I was trying to think of… Yodling! I knew he did something else!! Snow day’s were the best… wish we got them in the real world!

      I would have to get up @ 4:30 to run before work.. I work at 7… Some days I call in late… lol

  4. runtobefit says :

    Ha! Remember that mountain climber. The first thing I thought of was the price is right when I saw the pic. I hate treadmill runs like Charlie Sheen hates being sober! You’re right…always best to get it done early.

    • bearrunner says :

      lol.. Omg, you really hate Treadmill runs then! The mountain climber for some reason was my favorite. I am thinking of changing my shift at work to enable me to run early everyday!

  5. PerfectoInsecto says :

    hi new blogger friend. i remember that hill dude, that makes me old. that’s ok, that’s how i roll.

    oh and i much prefer the early morning work outs, after work i am too tired. 🙂

    • bearrunner says :

      Well, Nice to meet you as well… Nothing wrong with rolling that way, it was a good show when Bob was centre stage!
      I am usually tired also afterwork… You don’t get the best quality workout that way either…

  6. Aarika says :

    Even though Bob Barker definitely had surpassed his run, Drew Carey just won’t grow on me! I will always and forever ONLY like him in “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”.

    • bearrunner says :

      Drew doesn’t grow on me either, even only watching the show about once a year… Bob was on that show for ever! He is better fitting in something like “Who’s line is it anyway”

  7. Vivek Karwal says :

    Drew’s “Whos line is it?” show was awesome.. I liked the spontaneity on the show.

    Great you could think so much on the run. When I am on treadmill I pass my time watching music videos and other people slugging it out on machines.

    Wish you a injury free and strong marathon training ahead. And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog 🙂


    • bearrunner says :

      Hello, I find I think more on treadmills then outside. Probably due to pure boredom!

      No problem regarding the blog/ comment.. I like checking out as many different blogs as possible!


  8. Looking Out The Window says :

    Now you realize the next time I get on that treadmill the alpine yodleing song will play non-stop. Amazing the random thoughts that go through our mind when we get on the treadmill.

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