Thank God It’s Thursday… ‘American Idol’ night? Probably not… Run, train, rest…


TGIT… Thank god it is Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! I have to work on Saturday, to make up time for a trip to Cuba, but I still get great satisfaction in reaching the end of the work week!

Tomorrow I am planning an easy 6 miles (hopefully outside)… I think that is what the schedule calls for… Saturday off, then 15.5 miles on Sunday and 41 miles for the week!

This morning’s hills totally zonked me!! I didn’t think I could get a workout of that caliber on the treadmill, but It was absolutely beneficial!… I imagine hamstrings and quads will be tired tomorrow…

The agenda now is to relax and contemplate whether or not to watch the American Idol wannabes. Cable T.V isn’t the best in Canada so the selection is limited… I personally find Ryan Seacrest annoying and Lopez, Tyler don’t know how to offer constructive criticism (if it was up to them, everyone would win!) The show is not the same with Simon gone…

Positive outlook towards our East Coast spring… Above normal temperatures! May not be the best of news to anyone running a marathon here as the traditional cool, foggy and soggy spring marathons of the past will be replaced with sun and heat! 

Anyone have any spring vacations planned??? Watching American Idol???



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

3 responses to “Thank God It’s Thursday… ‘American Idol’ night? Probably not… Run, train, rest…”

  1. Reymos says :

    Yup, I agree with your observation about American Idol. I watched the 12 boys few hours ago! Tyler could not even say a long comment!!!

  2. Donna says :

    Yeah, I miss Simon too. They are letting too many people through.

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