Toronto Marathons, ‘Goodlife Marathon’, ‘Toronto Waterfront Marathon’, ‘Boston Marathon’… Are you running and training to get to Boston?

I was doing a little number crunching this morning, or attempting to, surrounding the handful of marathons I was interested in running this spring. I was curious to see if Boston’s change in qualifying standards had any effect on people scurrying to register in large numbers to secure a spot in 2012.

I was only able to obtain registration numbers for two; The Ottawa Marathon is 60% and the Half is 98% sold out and Mississauga has 950 registered for the Full and 1201 for the Half. Obviously, these marathons aren’t going to sell out, but then again, I have never seen a Canadian marathon sell out.

This is the first year the Good life Marathon(Toronto) has taken place in the spring, which happens to be the same weekend as Mississauga. In the past it ran a few weeks following the Toronto Waterfront, in the fall, causing great concern for the residents and businesses of Toronto. I agree with changing one to spring and one to fall on the basis that Toronto is a mess jockeying around the city on a good day, block off 50% of the downtown within a three-week span, you have chaos and angry residents!

At least Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, didn’t get his wish to move the marathons off the street and into a park! Could you imagine running 26.2 miles around the perimeter of a park? You may as well hold it on a track and run around it 104 times. Wouldn’t that be a hoot??

So I guess Canada is the answer in getting to Boston? I am not even attempting to qualify… I am all for the new standards by the B.A.A, it was bound to happen with the humongous growth in running over the last few years. I think certain qualifying standards for Boston were too easy. This change will make the event even more prestigious and will be more meaningful for anyone who qualifies. You don’t see any Joe Blow qualifying for the Ironman in Hawaii…

On that note, it is Friday! We are another week closer to spring! Are you running Boston?


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

7 responses to “Toronto Marathons, ‘Goodlife Marathon’, ‘Toronto Waterfront Marathon’, ‘Boston Marathon’… Are you running and training to get to Boston?”

  1. Errign says :

    I am definitely not a marathon runner, but I have SO much admiration for those who are. That is one crazy feat of endurance.

    I am getting so, so, so excited for spring!

  2. bhool says :

    nice post…
    I am aiming at running 2012 Boston…

    • bearrunner says :

      I think a lot of people are aiming for Boston 2012.. It is in the back of my mind, I have ran a 3.28, I am aiming for a 3.20 this spring and if I achieved that I MAY be interested in attempting it in the fall.

      • Diane says :

        The only problem with the fall Marathons now , is that Boston registration starts Settember 12th…so we only have the spring marathon to qualify …

      • bearrunner says :

        There is always a downside to it… I am just going to run the marathon I am running in a few weeks. I have removed all pressures of trying to qualify… It is going to be so hard to get into Boston now… This is how it should be. The only other change that needs to be made is the female qualifying times need to be adjusted atleast 10 more minutes…

  3. carlydeal says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love “meeting” other Canadian bloggers! I’m recovering from an injury, so marathons are nowhere on my to do list yet, but I’ll cheer ya on 🙂

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