Waiting for Spring… Saturday, the weekend… No Running or training… Long run tomorrow, marathon training.. Treadmill rest day


I am at the office for my last make up shift prior to vacation. As you can see I am working hard…

I work at a hospital, in the cancer center, and it is quite “spooky” being the only body on the entire 5th floor. The atmosphere in a hospital is bad enough on a regular day, being here when it is virtually vacant, is a whole different can of worms. It’s dark, mind numbing quiet and if it wasn’t for the hospital HVAC system, it would be enough to drive a person temporarily insane! I am thankful for all the little noises…

I was psyched yesterday for a run outside but literally exhausted and unmotivated by the time my shift ended. I made the mistake of checking the weather prior to changing into my running clothes and thinking it was cold, I opted for the treadmill. What do you think happened when I stepped outside? It was a beautiful afternoon! Perfect conditions for a run and I was off marching to the gym. I contemplated changing a second time back into my outdoor gear, but in the end, just slugged it out on the treadmill. It was only a 6 mile easy run and I didn’t want to extend doing it longer then I had to.

As of today spring officially begins in 15 days, the clocks spring ahead in 8 days and I leave for Veradaro Cuba in 13 days!

No running on the agenda today but a long run tomorrow. If the weatherman is correct, and we achieve the 10 degrees Celsius they are forecasting, it should make for excellent running conditions.

Any big plans for the weekend?


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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

10 responses to “Waiting for Spring… Saturday, the weekend… No Running or training… Long run tomorrow, marathon training.. Treadmill rest day”

  1. onewhitetulip says :

    Haha, my mother in law sends me that picture every easter!

    Being spooked by being the only person in a room while on the treadmill is my #1 reason for having joined a gym instead of working out in our apt. fitness center.

    Good luck on the long run, and thanks for subscribing! =)

  2. Briana says :

    Gearing up for a 10 miler today! 50 degrees Fahrenheit down here, perfect!

  3. kittykategirl says :

    Funny pic! I loathe running on the treadmill. It is soo boring. Kudos for being able to do 6 miles on one. Cuba.. sounds fun! Happy Weekend!!

    • bearrunner says :

      I loathe it too! Especially long runs on the treadmill! Looking forward to getting out of work… It looks like a beautiful daY!!!!!!!!!
      You have a good weekend as well!


  4. happytalesblog says :

    Wow oh WOW you are going to Cuba?!? That is SO neat! I’ve actually always wanted to go to Cuba…. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. Coco says :

    I think 6 miles on the TM is long for the TM. I max out at 45 min, which is 4.5 miles for me. I can do 6, and have done up to 10, but it is so much easier to cover those distances outside – even when it’s cold!

  6. Anne Marie says :

    Ugh… I HATE long runs on the treadmill. That was the hardest part for me in distance training. I do much better outside unless it’s speed intervals.

    • bearrunner says :

      I like doing intervals, hills and tempos on the treadmill… more controlled. I also hate long runs on treadmills. Did a 14 miler a couple weeks ago and boy was I happy to get off!

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