‘The Apprentice’ Just another manic Monday… The Amazing Race… Rest day, No run or marathon training!


Was it just me, or did the Apprentice seem to drag on forever? I watched with much anticipation, burning the midnight oil, waiting to see who was going to get canned. On the east coast it has a late time slot, 10pm and with the surprise 2 hour special, I just wanted to go to bed… Richard is a complete douche bag!

 I think the show and their editors could have managed to cut it to an hour… The Amazing race was good as always. That show never lets me down.

 Happy Monday everyone! I have arrived punctually at the office for 7am with coffee in hand. This shift is for the birds! Having an early end time is only good for running or running errands, if I have any. I would much rather condition my body to run in the morning and get it over with but for that to happen, I would need to wake up at 4.

 My body aches slightly following the 15.5 miles I ran yesterday. Had some minor, nowhere near debilitating, knee pain. Thinking it was probably from running a majority of the run on pavement and a slight cantor?? (Thought this was the correct term however upon googling, doesn’t appear to be) in the road. My legs are tired but they get some rest today. Monday is a no running day J Good day for an afternoon nap!

 How was your weekend??



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

12 responses to “‘The Apprentice’ Just another manic Monday… The Amazing Race… Rest day, No run or marathon training!”

  1. kiraph says :

    Hi, thanks so much for your words of encouragement! Some days I do wonder if I will get there, but I keep remembering when I first started out and I have come a long way. 🙂 All the best for your marathon!

  2. catfromhell says :

    Dear Bear,
    Thanks for coming to my blog and writing the brat Kozmo. Me came and read some of your posts. Me did not watch the Apprentice. Even though we live in BC and it did come on at a good time, it was too boring and me went to bed. Mommy and Daddy did not watch it either! Mommy came to bed too and readed a book.
    Yous sounds like yous likes running! Me do too!
    Kitty Kisses

  3. gr4c5 says :

    It’s either camber or canter. Both imply the same thing. I think. 🙂

  4. bymasson says :

    I had a quiet weekend, which is often a good one! 15.5 miles? I get out of breath driving that far!

    And camber would be the word I’d use

  5. aprilslife says :

    Love the post, and a happy Monday to you.

  6. Suze says :

    Hi! Thanks for the note on my blog!

    I agree that (1) The Apprentice dragged on forever and (2) Richard is a big DBag. Also – why can’t there be more Gary Busey?! He’s ridiculous. Loves it.

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