Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday… Beginning of lent. No pancakes for me but ran tempo run… Treadmill run.. Marathon training

Today was pancake Tuesday and I missed out on the fluffy, sticky and syrupy pancake goodness… It was so much easier in public school when the teachers made pancakes, we just had to eat them.

I don’t think I am withholding my obligations as a Catholic…I didn’t fit pancake eating into my schedule today. I also failed to obtain absolution of my sins by not attending confession but since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and I will probably fail to get the ashes, I will make it my duty to give something up for lent… I am thinking work? Does that count?  I am going to make an appointment with my manager first thing and tell her “Listen… Yeah, I am not going to be able to come into work for the next 40 day’s cause I gave up my job for lent”

On to other matters… I thought my legs were going to rebel the second I stepped on the treadmill today, not going to cooperate, and scream out in agony for me to stop!! What are you trying to do to us!! Well legs, I am going to put you through a tempo run…

They were still quite tired from my long run on Sunday. I warmed up then set the treadmill torture device to cruise at 7.30 minute miles… Which surprisingly didn’t feel half bad. My mind was able to aimlessly wonder while I watched curling. I didnt pay attention to the time nor the display and pleasantly passed 35 minutes before I happened to look. Good job!

 I kind of misjudged how far I had left though, I was going for 7 miles (plus 2 warmup/ cooldown) and just after cranking the treadmill to 7.25 minute miles, thinking I only had a mile to go, I had 2. That threw me off but I got through it. Switched it up with some inclines throughout and bingo, it is completed!

Are you giving anything up for lent? Did you confess your sins?


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

10 responses to “Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday… Beginning of lent. No pancakes for me but ran tempo run… Treadmill run.. Marathon training”

  1. Erin @ untilyoutri says :

    Hi there! Thanks for the birthday wishes:). I see you had a tempo run yesterday, too–although it sounds like yours went a bit better than mine:/. Hehe. I am sorry you had to miss out on pancakes…that’s never good:(. All the best!

    • bearrunner says :

      HI! Run turned out better then expected which is always good… I will make up for the pancakes next year and have a double serving.. Maybe I will make them with all the extra time I will have from giving up my job for lent ha… Oh to dream!


  2. runforcharity says :

    My family had pancakes too – what’s up with that. I passed on them. At the end of the 2 day fast, pancakes didn’t even sound appetizing.

  3. Sarah says :

    I thought about giving something up for Lent when I woke up this morning, but figured if I haven’t done it yet, why start this year! Haha!

    Question – what is your average run speed? Say for your longer runs? I’ve been wanting to increase my speed, but don’t know what to bump it up to next {currently run about a 9:40-10 min mile}.

    • bearrunner says :

      I have the problem of needing to slow myself down for my long runs. The one I did last weekend, I was averaging 7:50 miles for 15.5 miles, I wanted to be about 8:10/ 8:20… It would be easier knowing what you wanted to run your next race in, Half or Full… The rule of thumb with long runs is they should be 1 minute to 1.5 minutes slower per mile then what you plan to race. My advice would be to find a pace that you can run comfortably and carry on a conversation at… Thats a good way to judge your long runs, but if you know any of your past race times or current race times or what your goal to run your next race in is, it would give a better indication to what you could bump your training pace up to.

  4. fitinwinterpeg says :

    Just a heads-up; apparently wordpress doesn’t include a new post in their global tag listings if it has more than 10 tags. You might not be getting as many views as you could because of all the tags!

    I was a little surprised to see “Justin Bieber Haircut” as a tag, anyways… 😛

  5. holmesinho says :

    Giving up stuff? hmmmmmm
    As always I ‘m full of good intentions and trying to cut out caffeine and alcohol for the rest of this month before my next race. It will be interesting to see what a difference these two posions make. Hopefully I will hold onto at least one of those resolutions until the end of Lent.
    I have definately definately given up ginger cake for Lent.
    Good luck with the training!

    • bearrunner says :

      I’m still trying to notice the difference in running without the smokes to running with the smokes.. I couldn’t give up caffeine, alcohol I could..
      Good luck with giving the stuff up… Work wouldn’t approve my request to give it up


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