Tonight’s wang-banger 7 miler easy training run! Does running get fun again?

Managed 7 miles, 6.98 to be exact, at 7 miles an hour, on the treadmill this evening. I did my long run yesterday, and never running the  following day, tonight’s run felt like an eternity! I am cramming in as many runs and miles as I can in 4 days, which really isn’t that much considering I have only been running 5 days a week normally… Mostly looking to get in between 42-45 miles within this time frame.

I am planning a light, 2-3 miles in the morning before work, which is going to be difficult seeing as I have to work for 7am and require me to run by 5:30am… Not something I typically do. Not something I ever do! Then I am going to hit the treadmill tomorrow afternoon and fire off 6 hills and hopefully between 6-8 miles. Woo Hoo!

Thankfully I don’t get injured… Knock on wood, I haven’t gotten injured yet…

I think pushing yourself every once in a while makes a person stronger…



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

2 responses to “Tonight’s wang-banger 7 miler easy training run! Does running get fun again?”

  1. Lindsay says :

    Wow you’re fast! Seems like 7 was the number of the night, for both of us! 🙂

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