Champix update… It’s either been 3 or 4 weeks now… I lost count. Smoking and running training for marathon…


So last week when I posted my Champix non smoking update, I had actually gone 14 days instead of 10. I realised the error in calculations but decided against changing it and waiting for the next update. I have now gone 21 days, you know what? I don’t know how long I have gone! I don’t think smokes are the only thing this drug blocks… I am going to go with 21 days… although it may be 28 days… The calendar I marked it on is at work, and I am at home, so that is no good to me…

I think it is a good sign that I can’t remember. It shows that this habit is no longer taking over every aspect of my life. One thing that I have realised over the last week or two, I am thinking of the habit less and less. I no longer desire cigarettes and find the smell of someone smoking in my proximity disgusting! Half the time I only take one of the two prescribed pills a day and the side affects are still minimal to nonexistent.

As per quitting smoking and affecting my running… I find I am able to breathe easier and more freely and may notice a mild increase in stamina but in all honesty, I have run and smoked and had no issues running and smoking. The big thing I would have to say I notice is not coughing at the end of a run. I have completed two half marathons while I smoked and trained up until the two month to go mark for a marathon while I smoked. I don’t doubt I will eventually notice a moderate increase in speed and endurance, I just don’t believe it will be anything catastrophic.

I am glad to be off the cigarettes and want to lead a healthier life style and don’t want to associate running with smoking…



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

8 responses to “Champix update… It’s either been 3 or 4 weeks now… I lost count. Smoking and running training for marathon…”

  1. Sarah S @RunningOnWords says :

    Congrats! I’ve heard quitting smoking is very difficult, so I think it is awesome that you’ve resolved yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Lynn says :

    Keep it up bearrunner. I was a heavy smoker from the age of 18-23 then gave it up cold turkey. The fitter you get, the more messages your body will send to your mind to quit, quit, quit. There are enough things that can go wrong with even trying, so why put yourself at such a high risk for ill-health.

  3. thebeiruttaxi says :

    Smoking and endurance running – 2 addictions and only one can win out. It looks like you’re taking the better choice from where I am. The running will open more doors in your soul than the smoking ever could.

  4. 29cupcakesfortea says :

    🙂 21 days is brilliant, that’s nearly a month!!!!

  5. offthelongrun says :

    Nice job on the Quit smoking – keep up the running and you’ll never need a smoke again

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