Treadmill Mayhem! Tempo run fun!! Training

Sometimes I wish I was a robot, that way while on the treadmill, the two of us could communicate while running. What do you think the treadmill would want to talk about? The last time it was greased? oiled? maintained? My guess is it would probably be a bitter, old machine after all the various users had their turns…

I completed my 10 miles, 8 of which were at tempo pace of 7:30 miles, and it pretty near killed me. The one day of rest I took yesterday was obviously not enough following the 16 miles I ran on Sunday. I knew it wouldn’t be fun, but it’s done! I basically ran for an hour and after paying attention to myself while on the treadmill, I noticed that I tend to stare at the ground and treadmill directly in front of me more so then the TV’s. Probably due to avoiding staring at the clock and slowly watching the seconds tick away…

I find it distracting when other treadmill users do odd stuff other than walking and running on them… The people who walk backwards? The people who use them sideways and do some scissor action?  The people who crank it full blast for 20 seconds then are done? I don’t know if you witness this stuff also, it may be a Canadian thing???

Anyways, I think I am getting up in the morning and going for another run only this one is going to be short and super easy. Then I will tackle some hills in the afternoon.



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8 responses to “Treadmill Mayhem! Tempo run fun!! Training”

  1. jennasauber says :

    Agree on the weird treadmill users. My pet peeves: a) people going over the time limit and ignoring people waiting (I have a small gym in my building), b) people on cell phones (this goes for any equipment), c) people who get on for like 5 minutes or less and then peace out. You call that a workout?

    • bearrunner says :

      I hear ya! I go to a gym, and am always worried someone is going to ask me to get off… I would if asked, I am on the treadmill usually greater.. I also dislike the cell phone users as well as the 30 second to 5 minute users. They may as well not even bother.

  2. holmesinho says :

    I might a go at running backwards as the UK national championships are held less than a mile from my house in August.

  3. The Running MILF says :

    I don’t have the lineup problem at my gym as there are way more treadmills than those who want to use them. I always feel a bit weird though, when I’m on there for a good hour, and I see people walk by giving me the look of “She’s still on there???” I don’t know if they’re impressed or think I’m crazy. Either way, I get a bit embarrassed. And I totally don’t mind those who get on to ‘warm up’ for a few minutes then drag themselves around the gym doing a few pull-ups and a few sit-ups, then hop on the bike with newspaper in hand for a nice easy ride (those are the ones who make those of us working really hard look REALLY GOOD!)

  4. Bostonbound85 says :

    I think it’s a North American continent thing. I see it all the time at my gym, and it’s very annoying if you ask me. If they want to put some variety in their routine, they probably should try pilates or yoga.

    The gym that I go to has the treadmills side by side with no space in between. When you try to look up at the tv, you end up looking at the person across the room whose staring back at you while they on the cardio equipment. Sounds like you have it a little better than I do.

  5. Lisa says :

    This was funny to read! It is definitely not just a Canadian thing. Luckily there are no lines at my gym and I can be that crazy person on the treadmill for an hour. I try and watch the tv’s but can’t help but notice the crazy people around me. The weekend warriors trying to kill themselves, and always get a laugh at the 20 sec high speed warm up on the treadmill??? If a runner is supposed to walk to warm up why do weight lifters run to warm up. Or the people who move from machine to machine spending 5 minutes on bike, elliptical, treadmill, stairstepper.

    • bearrunner says :

      The weight lifters get on the treadmills, crank it up to 10.5 and stay on for about 25 seconds at most a minute! I really dont see the point. I enjoy watching the people also, especially the ones that just seem to walk back and forth? I usually stay on for 45 min to an hr myself and just watch the people walk by and think they are going to ask me to get off.. Luckily, our gym is not that busy either…


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