Week in review… Sick with a cold! Champix, quit smoking wonder drug… Running Training!


It appears I have come down with a full-blown, cold! Hacking, congestion, fatigue… Blah! I made it through my training run on Sunday, while infected, and plan on continuing the week as much as I can.

It is funny, I am not someone who normally gets ill. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. It appears the non-smoking has weakened my immune system? I am totally joking! That is an interesting point because a lot of people who smoke, claim they don’t get sick. All the toxins strengthen the bodies defences to fight off all the harmful chemicals in cigarettes? Probably not…

Speaking of smoking, it has been 7 weeks since I last had a smoke….I haven’t had the cravings nor the desire to smoke. I am a total advocate for Champix. The drug has worked like a charm! I have been taking 1 tablet a day for over a month, that is if I remember to take the pill! I truly feel like I have kicked the habit and couldn’t be happier.

Last week I ran 51.5 miles… This week I am going for 54 miles… I calculated my monthly mileage, but dont have it with me… I believe it was 177 miles?? Give or take a mile or two.

Happy Monday!


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

3 responses to “Week in review… Sick with a cold! Champix, quit smoking wonder drug… Running Training!”

  1. The Running MILF says :

    I’ve been wondering whether I should write a post about running and smoking and whether that makes me a total hypocrite… you’ve not had a cigarette in 7 weeks (does this mean that you were running and smoking before?) Has quitting changed your running? Do you feel better? Was your body rebelling? I am so curious because I would love to quit smoking but am totally terrified (it’s stupid, I know)…

  2. offthelongrun says :

    Mate, I’m in the same boat – it totally sucks and I’ve got a 15k race at the weekend!
    I can’t believe you smoked while running (hopefully not at the same time!) but well done on 7 weeks

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