Saturday.. No run day! Do you think a sub 2 hour marathon is possible???

It’s Saturday… I was initially going to tackle a short run this morning, but my hamstrings are kind of tired, so I am just going to take a rest day. It would have been more inviting to only have to run 6 miles tomorrow, but from the looks of it, I am going to be running 8!

Do you think athletes will be able to break the 2 hour marathon barrier? Read an article this morning in the BBC News, the current marathon record holder, Haile Gebrselassie, ran a 2:03:59 at the Berlin Marathon in 2008. He believes it will take 20-25 years before we see a sub 2 hour marathon…

This graph, from BBC News, shows the records and the timeframe in reaching those records from 1908 – Present…

Breaking the 2 hour barrier would require running a 4.35 mile for 26 miles!

Paul Latimer and reigning olympic champion, Kenyan Sammy Wanjiru, feel the record will plateau at 2:02 for years

Haile Gebrselassie says to break the 2 hour barrier, it will require huge financial incentives and will be accomplished by an East African runner… It will require a fast, flat course, perfect weather conditions, good pace makers and an elite athlete in tip-top condition.

Three factors determine how fast someone can run;

  • – their maximal rate of oxygen consumption, known as VO2 max
  • – their running efficiency – how quickly they can cover the ground
  • – their endurance capability – what percentage of their VO2 max they can sustain

Will be interesting to see what happens, and if this is accomplished in our lifetime… With all the technology and science currently behind running, I personally can’t see this not happening in the near future… 60 years ago, it was doubted the sub 4 minute mile could be broken…

Complete article..


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2 responses to “Saturday.. No run day! Do you think a sub 2 hour marathon is possible???”

  1. alex says :

    To put Gebra’s time in perspective – I copied this from somewhere a while back:

    Sprint around a 400m athletics track in 72 seconds – if you can!

    Now repeat this for 105 times – it’s just astounding

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