Porter Airlines… Easter Weekend. Run :)

Easter has come and gone… Tuesday, back to the grind day… I could use 1 more week of vacation to really relax and de-stress but that’s not going to happen.

Had an interesting experience on the return flight to Halifax. Not sure whether I want to share it or not, but I accidentally forgot my passport in the seat pocket of the plane. I know, smooth one! The worse part has been dealing with the Airline. The customer service line is absolutely useless. I called to report that my passport was still on the plane, solo, 30 minutes after departing the plane in Halifax, on its way to St. Johns NFLD, and you think they could have alerted someone in St. Johns to grab it? The answer is NO. It wasn’t only that, I spoke with two people, both telling me they would follow-up later to let me know if the passport had been recovered, finding out the customer service center closed an hour prior.

Day 2 started in a similar manner.. I called the Airline bright and early, spoke to a supervisor, who once again took my information and advised me that they had sent a message to St. Johns and were waiting for a reply… Nothing like sending the equivalent of a text message to retrieve a passport. No human contact what-so-ever… I once again called the airline, spoke to another supervisor, advising me he was personally going to take the case under his wing, get in touch with the proper people and personally contact me back… This is my biggest pet peeve about this Airline and this situation… NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ME BACK! I had to call a third time, the second day, to find out that they had not recovered my passport. The Airline is USELESS! As this ultimately was my fault, I still feel I was short-changed by the lack of sympathy or effort on the part of this Airline to rectify this issue. They just didn’t seem to care! The process required to apply and receive a passport, the significance of this document in regards to identification and security…

The Airline was Porter, http://www.flyporter.com/ And they are absolutely USELESS!!!!!!



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