Boston petitions Geoffrey Mutai record, Eric Gillis, Running plans for the week….

Guess what the weather is like in Atlantic Canada? Cool, foggy, windy and soggy. Seems to be a regular weather pattern this Spring. Where is the nice, warm, Spring air???

Boston Marathon officials are petitioning the IAAF to recognize Geoffrey Mutai  2:03:02 World Record… I believe they should! Anyone who can run 26.2 miles in 2:03:02, tailwind or not, deserves the record!

A Canadian, for the first time since 1998, won the Vancouver Sun Run 10k in a time of 29:05. The winner was Eric Gillis from Antigonish, NS.

I was going to run another 10 miles tonight, decided on 6 instead… Planning on completing the final 20, of this training cycle, on Friday morning… Have to come up with another excuse for being late for work. Seems work has scheduled mandatory training that day… Wonderful!



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