Halifax Bluenose Marathon is completed!!!

I have the weirdest statistic… I completed my fourth marathon on Sunday and I am pleased (finally) with the result. I didn’t PB, I know I will eventually, but I ran a solid race finishing in 3.29.

The weird statistic?? This was the hardest, and I am not exaggerating, marathon out of the 3 I have run. It follows a brutal course with constant inclines including 4 MASSIVE hills… My inaugural marathon was on this course (and PB) of 3.28… I ran 2 flat marathons in between and I absolutely bombed them. I think I run better on challenging courses.

The marathon set a new course record of 2:28.53 ran by Greg Wieczorek a local guy..

The marathon did have some issues… The course covers a very small area of the Halifax Peninsula. It intercepts itself 2 and sometimes 3 times with a 5k, 10k, 21k and marathon all using the same course. The course marshals, at times,  were not educated in how to properly perform their job at directing traffic and as a result, 4 of the marathoners ran an extra 4k… I believe a couple people in the half marathon also veered off course… This is not the first year this has happened, similar instances have occured in the full and other races in previous years.

The course needs to be changed!!! Thats the solution…

All in all, it was a good weekend with great running conditions on Marathon day… I now plan on taking a break from marathons and will concentrate on half and shorter races for a while…



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

7 responses to “Halifax Bluenose Marathon is completed!!!”

  1. Rob Crouch says :

    Well done on your time. You must be pleased. You have earned your rest.

  2. Trevor says :

    Congratulations, that’s a fantastic time! I really enjoyed the race and the course, and will probably do it again someday. Two of my last three have also been on hilly courses, and I seem to do just as well on them as on the flatter ones. Maybe it’s because I know I need to train better for them to get a respectable time? Don’t be so quick to leave marathons in your past; for myself at least, I get so much more satisfaction out of completing them than I get from the shorter races.

  3. Lisa says :

    Definitely sounds like a challenging course. Congrats on your time; 3:29 sounds like flying to me. 🙂

  4. The Running MILF says :

    Congrats on being pleased! And congrats of course on completing the marathon. You, and every other marathon, is superhuman to us mere mortals who have never run one, though we would love to some day!

  5. Colin James Morrison says :

    Congrats on the Marathon! Planning to run it next year myself (no, really!)
    Great site fellow Bluenoser, , glad I stopped by!

    • bearrunner says :

      It is a nice marathon… I really don’t have any complaints other then it is a little on the hilly side… it’s a challenge and we could be running Ottawa next week which is expecting a high of 28 degrees!


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