Weekend, Run, BBQ assembly, Cycle, relax!

I have come to the conclusion I have been spending way to much money during the course of a day at the office. I have started to pack a lunch and make coffee!

I have also noticed lately I have been packing on more weight than usual… I am chalking that one to non-smoking and a bigger appetite. I am still running approx 27 miles a week, so I should be maintaining… I think I am drinking too much beer as of late?

I put a bbq together this weekend consuming about 10 hours. It makes a person wonder why it is so complicated and time-consuming to put a bbq together? They really are not that elaborate… I was equally as impressed when it worked after assembly and fired on first try!

Ran 6 miles on Sunday, I am literally stuck at a 44 minute 10k…  It didn’t require as much effort, which is a bonus. Got on the bike Saturday, spun for 35 minutes, ran four miles. It is getting easier and easier to do these back-to-back!

Missed one social engagement on the weekend, was given the cold shoulder by the neighbour hosting it. Drank enough during the first engagement to be finished with beer drinking for the evening…

Than it was Monday… Time to watch Vancouver beat Boston 3 games in a row!



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

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