Vancouver Boston… Boston won the cup! Vancouver riots…

Vancouver lost 4 – 0 to Boston last night in-game 7… Boston won the 2011 Stanley Cup… Vancouver had massive riots following the game showing Vancouver’s True Colours!

Basically, 100 000 non hockey fans were out of control in downtown Vancouver… A true fan wouldn’t participate in this nonsense! they would be appreciative of the teams accomplishments…

 But individuals in the 21st century also like to call this “Protesting” … This and the G20 BS wasn’t protesting it is Instigating, it is people creating their own chaos in order to run around with cameras and post nonsense on Youtube and claim violation of civil rights. If you want to initiate a huge gathering where you are not supposed to be, that is trespassing.

This is what happens when Canada performs poorly in hockey… Canada’s sport… The same also happens in Montreal when they fail to perform to expectations.

The Mayor of Vancouver was appalled at the actions of its residents and he had every right to be. I would be ashamed to be a Vancouver fan.. Although I don’t think most of the people who acted like this were hockey fans…

Way to go… Finding an excuse to act like jack asses



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One response to “Vancouver Boston… Boston won the cup! Vancouver riots…”

  1. davidreidart says :

    They are amateurs at the rioting game, no clue that their faces will be posted all over the web.
    I agree with all that you say – bunch of idiots.

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