Speed intervals done! HRM Halifax… Road Rules!

Earlier mentioned workout – Done! 9 miles and 10 intervals later… Hard workout!

A couple of intervals in the middle, I believe numbers 7-9, it got a little more difficult to hold my pace of a 6:15 and 6:30 mile over the 2 minute speed portions… The final couple cool-down miles were long and hard at the end. Evaluating this workout, and understanding room is still available for improvement, I don’t know if I will crack 40 minutes for a 10k but I should be able to go sub 42… Still hoping for a sub 40…

That brings me to the other portion of this post… I live in Halifax, or better known as the HRM, (Halifax Regional Municipality) post Amalgamation… It appears everyone, other than cars, including bicycles, has more authority on the roads. We (automobiles in Halifax) have to allow buses the ability to merge back into traffic at any circumstance (including during heavy traffic) and bicycles get a full metre (even on roads that can barely accommodate a metre on either side) or automobile drivers face stiff fines. Next I am waiting for taxi drivers to get these same laws… I can understand that the world wants to combat “Global Warming” and increase public transit and bicycle usage and get more cars off the road, but I put Global Warming in quotation marks because I am not really a huge believer in “Global Warming”…

I usually experience a little bit of road rage every time I merge into traffic while driving around Halifax and this afternoon was no exception… Residents of Halifax tend to be a little on the relaxed side and not in a rush to get anywhere and myself being from Toronto, tend to be a more aggressive driver. Today while I was turning onto the on ramp of the highway I got stuck behind a transport going 10km/h (6 mph)… I thought O.K, maybe it is a new driver… It was a long on ramp and I expressed some aggression but was able to maintain calm, cool and collected thinking I would just swing by after getting to the 2 lanes of the highway… I swung around, in the position to pass, only to have this butt munch truck driver cross 2 lanes and almost ram me into the guard rail… I slammed on my horn but that didn’t matter to him, he still continued to merge over into the far lane and I just managing to pull ahead of him. I really let him have some hand gestures and he allowing me to have the same… Did some yelling using the mirror but decided to just get home. It just goes to show how 18 wheel truck drivers think they rule the road…





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