Weekend, FIFA World Cup Womans Soccer, Running

The weekend was much to short! Back at it for another week…

Watched the FIFA Womans World Cup final on Sunday… Can’t say I watched the whole game, I only tend to watch the last 15 – 20 minutes and extra time or penalty kicks if it gets that far. My impression of this game: Japan won and the U.S lost it for themselves… If the U.S hadn’t attempted to protect a one goal lead, and continued to press near the end of regulation time, they wouldn’t have allowed the turnover that tied the game! Than they blew it again in extra time… It was a good game and probably one of the most exciting soccer matches I have ever watched! (I haven’t watched very many… I am not a big fan of soccer)

Ran 6 miles on Saturday and Sunday… Sunday morning ended up very hot and humid… The run was more of a journey of survival. With our climate in Nova Scotia, it is hard to acclimatize to the heat. We experience so few hot, humid days.

I also cycled for 45 minutes on Saturday… Trying now to save up for a decent road bike… I got the biking bug! haha

My girlfriend and I attempted to go to the beach on Sunday… The sun was shining bright and the temperature was hot in the city so we packed up and headed out! When we arrived at our destination…the beach… It was foggy and 5 degrees cooler. We decided it wasn’t a good beach day and went on a tour instead. I should bring the camera with me more often…

The past week ended up running 32 miles… 2 miles short of my previous weeks… Couldn’t run any further on Sunday… Heat wouldn’t let me!



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One response to “Weekend, FIFA World Cup Womans Soccer, Running”

  1. offthelongrun says :

    Ha! I followed the women’s soccer also – some quality goals there and the most amazing hand ball by the Equatorial New Guinea player v Australia……


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