Planning, running, golfing

Plans thwarted… Had intentions of waking up and running this a.m… The bed had a different idea . It held me captive much too late to fit in a run before being expected at the office. I didn’t think It would be a great idea to call in late for a third Thursday in a row, they may discover a pattern and call me out on it. I didn’t feel like explaining myself so I just decided to arrive on time.

I do have a different agenda for this afternoon… I once again am expected to go golfing… There will be no getting out of it as it is a beautiful day today so I am instead going to leave work a 1/2 hour early, head to the gym and get a run in before hand. Than stop at the liquor store on the way home and pick up beer to assist in surviving 9 holes of golf… Buying it at the golf course is a rip off.

I am going to push 5 miles today as hard as I can… Just as I did during my 6 last week… Only difference is I am not going to do such a long warm up…



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

One response to “Planning, running, golfing”

  1. offthelongrun says :

    How many beers is 9 holes of golf? Are you allowed to drink on a golf course and driving a buggy?

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