U2 Moncton NB, Runs and rain

I had five glorious filled day’s off (including a weekend) before having to return to work… I was lucky enough to score tickets (thanks to the girlfriends work) to the final U2 show of the bands 360 tour in Moncton NB… I am a mediocre U2 fan at best but wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to see the band especially with VIP tickets. It was a very energetic show, at an outdoor venue, with 80,000+ people in attendance… Final numbers haven’t been released yet.

As my girlfriend stated: It wasn’t a show, it was an experience which included a complete media spectacle and a humongous stage. Having a seat in the bleachers, looking back over a sea of people, I found it incredibly overwhelming… I think that’s what struck me most about the entire experience. That and the wide range of ages that attended the show.

The day was complete with rain (which ended just before U2 took the stage) and plenty of mud… The perfect recipe of an outdoor concert. I don’t really like getting dirty so it really wasn’t the perfect recipe but manageable non the less.

Managed to include a nice rain filled 6 mile run the morning of the concert and 34 miles total for last week. I can feel the tiredness throughout my body and I am seriously contemplating a week off of training. Everyone needs rest… Five days off last week, return to work for 3 days this week than starting a week’s vacation Monday… Have to love summer vacation 🙂

I am taking the opportunity to return to Ontario next week… Laundry than a run planned at the gym today. It is raining outside…





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