Archive | January 10, 2012

Garmin Uploads, Run’s nd Rest days… Training Marathon/ Half Marathon


Garmin finally allowed me to login and download Sunday’s run, which was fairly consistent minus a few pace spikes, but considering how I was feeling, I will take it!

I realized afterwards I did something I probably shouldn’t have, especially after writing a few posts ago I had been farting around running 10k’s in preparation for an upcoming half marathon; I increased my mileage from the previous week by 15 miles…  Probably an indication why the end of Sunday’s run felt so hard. Experts say it is good training on tired legs! I will use that as my excuse…

Today I am lying on the couch… Tomorrow I will be resting much like today…  

Next week I am planning on toning down the aggressiveness and running 35 miles total… I am glutton for punishment, I plan on repeating the 12.5 miles I ran last Sunday on Sunday.

I attempted to clean up my blog making it more readable, but I failed. It is amazing how difficult it is to navigate Word press… I did however update my Gravatar (may have named that wrong) which came with some minor headaches itself. Bravo!