Garmin Uploads, Run’s nd Rest days… Training Marathon/ Half Marathon


Garmin finally allowed me to login and download Sunday’s run, which was fairly consistent minus a few pace spikes, but considering how I was feeling, I will take it!

I realized afterwards I did something I probably shouldn’t have, especially after writing a few posts ago I had been farting around running 10k’s in preparation for an upcoming half marathon; I increased my mileage from the previous week by 15 miles…  Probably an indication why the end of Sunday’s run felt so hard. Experts say it is good training on tired legs! I will use that as my excuse…

Today I am lying on the couch… Tomorrow I will be resting much like today…  

Next week I am planning on toning down the aggressiveness and running 35 miles total… I am glutton for punishment, I plan on repeating the 12.5 miles I ran last Sunday on Sunday.

I attempted to clean up my blog making it more readable, but I failed. It is amazing how difficult it is to navigate Word press… I did however update my Gravatar (may have named that wrong) which came with some minor headaches itself. Bravo!


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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

18 responses to “Garmin Uploads, Run’s nd Rest days… Training Marathon/ Half Marathon”

  1. magnuminsp says :

    I didn’t read back far enough, but, what Garmin product do you have?

  2. 319miles says :

    As a newbie to running and to WordPress, I have to say you’re crazy! But absolutely correct about the navigation on this site 😉 keep up the great work!

  3. JFT says :

    I found the whole “Gravatar” thing irritating too.

    As for your runs: I am in AWE of you! 35 miles in a week?! Here I am looking forward to spring when I can ‘up’ mine to 20 miles in a week (based on running three days a week).

    Thanks for your comment/following of my blog here. I’m new to running, blogging, and blogging about running. I appreciate you following that journey/those journeys. 🙂

  4. tischcaylor says :

    Still haven’t gotten around to the Gravatar thing myself. … I’m hoping you’ll inspire me to try a marathon, maybe as soon as later this year.

  5. girlturnedrunner says :

    I hear ya about navigating through WordPress. Not an easy task. It took me a while to get mine like it is and I’m still not completely satisfied. Short of me learning how to code or hiring someone to build a site for me, I’m not sure what else to do. Oh well. It’s free, right? Can’t complain about that! 🙂

  6. Kat says :

    Enjoy the rest days – it’s easy to take them for granted at the beginning when you want to do more, but you just know by the time you’re running 17-20 miles for your long run, you’re dying for them. That’s what I always have to remind myself, anyway.

  7. libraryscenes says :

    Awe, reading a bit of your pasts posts, and this one, of course! Many well wishes to your running goals this year!! Must say that my Garmin is lodged in my junk drawer…short distance these days at snails pace.
    WP, I hear ya, just changed formats this week, oy! Thanks for popping by blog, cheers ~

  8. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    Whoa by 15 miles? Enjoy your rest days!

  9. MedalSlut says :

    I can totally relate, I get really impatient on rest days and think I can ‘save them up’ so I can have a ‘rest week’. But your body eventually tells you that’s not happening!

  10. Lazychick says :

    I share your same frustration with wordpress !! Oh well…
    I’m also jealous of your high mileage! I actually doubled my usually mileage in a week when I started training for my half upcoming in feb (first time actually training not winging), I am a little cautious of how fast to ramp up. I use to rn about 10-15 mpw, now I’m running fairly consistently at 25. I’m hoping to get up to 30-35!

  11. rawemotionalwriter says :

    Well done on the running so much mile. My mouth floored:) My jogging amount does not even come close. I wish I can get your stamina one day. Wishing you success in the marathon!

  12. Bridgesburning Chris King says :

    I admire runners..from a distance but will always cheer y’all on. WordPress does take some time to get comfortable but your site is fine…I have been at it about the same length of time as you and some things I just gave up on LOL!

  13. Looking Out The Window says :

    Thanks for the post about the garmin. It makes me think about what more is possible with a GPS. I use my to determine my distances as in rural Montana I go out many times on trails without any way of measuring my distance.
    Keep blogging it will get easier. Just like running and training, it takes a little bit to get it right.

  14. terrileeclarke says :

    No kidding, Garmin is kinda difficult to work with on the downloads. I’ve pretty much given up on it and got a running log book to use instead. I just write it all down in the log book. Takes less time than dorking around with Garmin online.

  15. richdirector says :

    I ran only my second half marathon in October – kept telling myself it was two slower 10km runs … did the mental trick and i was 10min quicker at 41 then I was at 35

  16. catslondonmarathon says :

    Share your pain with WordPress! Took me about 2 hours just to figure out how to put a link to my fundraising site on my blog page! I did a little happy dance when I finally managed it! But I am a bit of a computer/www/Internet dunce!
    I have sleepless nights before my long run days as I’m still so anxious about upping the mileage and time I can run for. Need to add another 15 minutes this Sunday! Enjoying a relaxing rest day after a 10 hour work day, so currently in my lazy clothes with the feet up in front of the TV. Mentally and physically preparing for my threshold session and spinning tomorrow!
    Love your blog, and looks like many others must too judging my the number of comments you get! Congratulations on your jogging and blogging achievements!

  17. Selena says :

    wow, crazy. i am thinking of signing up for a marathon. looks like your blog would be one to follow if i sign up for that.

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