Running Week and Injuries…. Training!!!

It has been an interesting week…

Being a runner of many years, I like to think of myself as knowledgeable but by no means an expert in the sport…

I was plagued by an interesting “injury” earlier in the week. I woke up with excruciating pain on the right side of my foot. It didn’t put me on the disabled list, but made for some difficult walking, after popping tylenol, I continued on with my runs.

In the process of elimination to finding a cause, I had a few different scenarios. The night before I had run a 40 minute 10k on the treadmill…A BP to date and a likely cause… The other is the fact that 6 months ago I made a rookie mistake. I thought my shoes were too big and downsized half a size. I believe the shoes now could possibly be too narrow…

It is now Saturday, this morning I am healed!!!! Whatever was the problem, it is gone. Ran 4 easy miles today in preparation for tomorrows long run.

After reading many blogs on WordPress, probably too many, I came upon an interesting post on mouth vs nose breathing while running… It was recommended runners should breathe through their nose to improve efficiency, speed and rhythm. I attempted this during a few of my runs and was amazed at how difficult it was. I am a mouth breather and always have been but I am always up to trying new things in an attempt to improve. Do you breathe through your mouth or your nose???

Day 4 of the running week… 24.5 miles down, gearing up for 35 miles total following tomorrow.



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

57 responses to “Running Week and Injuries…. Training!!!”

  1. Sandra Guirguis says :

    I envy those runners that can breathe through their noses. Not me, I sound like I am one step away from dying- LOL! I like to listen to music so I can drown out my own heavy breathing. Glad your foot feels better, nothing worse than being sidelined by injury. Happy running!

  2. Denise says :

    I remember in HS all my CC and track coaches telling me to breathe through my nose and I’m sure I did it then but now I’m definitely a mouth runner too, though I try to breathe through my nose on most of my runs. I think I mostly try to breathe through my nose because I feel a little self-conscious, I don’t want people I come across while running thinking I’m either a train or about to die! Good luck with the run tomorrow!

  3. Jennifer Taylor says :

    Can’t do it! I’ve tried and periodically make attempts….. it’s really difficult.

  4. joshnichols84 says :

    I’m definitely a mouth breather. I’ve heard of trying to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, and that is my goal, but I always end up breathing in and out through the mouth.

    I hope your foot stays good. I also have a four mile run to do today, so I’ll be doing the same in a little while.

    Have a good one!

  5. sharingclosetspace says :

    I have never even thought about if I breathe through my nose or my mouth! I will have to pay attention on my next run…

    I agree with Denise, though. I, too, try to keep my breathing in check out of self-conscience 🙂

  6. Stewart says :

    I can imagine that nose breathing would be tough. I’ll give that a try on my next run.

  7. Colin Beagrie says :

    Like everyone else here so far, I am a mouth breather… I can consciously try to breath through the nose but soon as I lose myself in a tune or podcast, I revert to standard mouth breathing behaviours.

    Best of luck with the 2012 goals.

  8. Anne says :

    I try to breathe through both but mostly through the mouth. In fact I am usually hoarse after long runs. Will have to try to do more through nose. Glad the pain went away too. I need to step it up. Have a great night!

  9. trikatykid says :

    Breathing through your nose warms, filters and purifies the air before it hits your lungs. Plus it keeps your mouth from getting so dry. When you breathe out, you should breathe through pursed lips. Allow your belly to rise with inhalation – the way a kid breathes, without care about their belly showing.
    Try counting strides with each inhalation. Four steps on inhale, 4 steps on exhale. It’s a great way to get a rhythm.

    Also – it was great to read of your injuries vanishing. I’m on Day 93 of a 365-day running streak and today I am in all sorts of pain. I have been doing my best to heal so I needed to see the “light” at the end of the tunnel – even if the tunnel was YOURS!

    Thanks for the follow – Cheers!

  10. deborah says :

    i do nose till i get really tired and need more air! But the good thing i like abt it is that breathing through the nose, doesnt dry out my throat as much as breathing through my mouth does- dont know if i’m the only one who has this problem!!

  11. Average Guy says :

    I think I am a hybrid breathing, in through my nose, out through my mouth. Always in a controlled manner. When I took martial art, we were encouraged to wear double mouth guards (they protect upper and lower sets of teeth, versus upper only) as they were not only safer, but reduced our available airway. We were forced to learn how to control our breathing, how to work with less air, and I loved every minute of it. The idea of controlled breathing (aka auto-genic breathing) is a common tactic for working better under stress.

    I also recommend looking at changing your stride a bit, perhaps looking in to Chi running or Pose running, as how your foot is landing may be causing impact pain.

  12. jenbacca says :

    I’m definitely a mouth breather! I have asthma and gave gad lots of sinus issues… So nose breathing during physical activity might not be a good idea for me!

  13. Corrie Anne says :

    I hate it when I get those mysterious pains!! Glad it went away. I have a hard time figuring out which half size is best too…

  14. inthe5percent says :

    I think I do a hybrid of the nose/mouth breathe. I try to breath in through my nose, but I’ve always suffered from allergies and can’t seem to get enough air that way. So I breathe in through my nose and mouth, then exhale through my mouth. It’s weird, but it works. Like one of the others that commented, I am a very loud breather.

  15. twistedsoulmachine says :

    Bearrunner, thanks for following my blog … I’ll be following yours as well!

    On the topic of nose vs mouth breathing: I learned nose breathing in my practice of bikram yoga. Let me say, you put up some excellent times, so me advising is a little silly but we’re all different in our capabilities and potential when it comes to running, aren’t we?

    What my yoga instructor says (and the reason for strictly nose breathing during yoga) is that it keeps you calm. They say that mouth breathing, especially deeply triggers the fight-or-flight instinct and creates unnecessary stress and fatigue. Food for thought …

    Good luck to you!!

  16. tischcaylor says :

    I mostly breathe through my mouth but like to periodically “settle myself down” by breathing through my nose. …. Hey, I was wondering if you saw my email the other day about the
    blog interview?

  17. Guy says :

    I am really surprised about the mouth breathing aspect. I’ve been running for 11 years now, been in a club and never heard that. Also, I watched the marathon olympic US trial yesterday and I am pretty sure they breath by their mouth.

    However, I know though that you need to concentrate to rhythm your breathing properly. I learned to breath comfortably by applying this rule:
    (relax run) : 3x small intake per steps and 3 x outtake per steps.
    (zone 2 high or 3 run) : 2 : 2

  18. Chris says :

    I usually breathe through my mouth and some of my friends think I’m having trouble running, when I just happen to breathe loudly, haha. I feel like I don’t get enough air through my nose. And since I play sports like soccer, I am just incredibly used to breathing through my mouth so it seems weird to change it up for another sport.

    • bearrunner says :

      I find I don’t get enough air in breathing through my nose also… i think if you have been nose breathing for ever, than it is normal if not, it is like running without shoes!

  19. Lisa says :

    I guess I do both, I’ll be going out soon so I will pay attention to what I do!

  20. rwcrouch says :

    I often breathe through the nose, but when you’re running hard and fast it’s much easier to use the mouth.

    Glad your injury is healed.

  21. crash66 says :

    Glad the pain went away and you were back out and running! I breath through my mouth always. Part of my problem is I have a partly deviated septum so I simply don’t get enough air when breathing through my nose. I also subscribe to the theory that you can take more air in breathing through the mouth which distributes more oxygen to the blood, muscles, etc.

    • bearrunner says :

      I am glad it did also, had some minor pain again this morning… I think I am going to have to change my shoes afterall… Thanks or the comment. 10.5 miles down this morning as planned.


  22. bgddyjim says :

    I’m a 75/25 Mouth to nose breather. I wear a balaclava when it’s really nasty out (especially least for riding below freezing) and I can only stand that for about 2 miles for running or 5 on the bike… The restriction of air to my mouth drives me up a wall.

    I had a problem with shoes that were too tight as well, but my problem was from the beginning. After two years or so, I upped a whole size and haven’t had a problem since… Turned out the arch of the shoe was hitting too close to the ball of my foot (too far forward). I was off for four months over that (I ran through a lot of pain). The doctor that I go to gave me some great stretches for it though. I have them posted here:

  23. 319miles says :

    Hello. Foot injuries are the worst! I had to laugh at your “four easy miles”.
    I have, since elementary school, been taught to breathe in thru the nose for clean and efficient air and exhale twice in puffs through the mouth to rid the bad air. Exhaling twice ensures you exhale all used air from the lungs and therefore has more space for the clean. When I run, I start off with a chant of “one.(breathe in) One two(out out)” in time with my steps. The counting also helps me run a bit further. However, as you have stated, to me, this is much much much harder than just mouth breathing, and i normally end up gasping through the mouth anyway. I always thought that maybe I just needed to keep practicing. Thought all experienced runners like yourself do this with unconscious effort.
    I find that if I do not concentrate on my breathing at all, and just do what my body is telling me to do.. Ie, mouth breathe, then I tend to do better and not have an issue with my breathing.
    For now, I am concentrating on surviving the two miles, and not so much on breathing form. :). You’re an inspiration.

  24. Kat says :

    I am a major mouth breather when I run. I’ve been trying to cultivate the habit of breathing through my nose, but I find that the whole affair just makes my breathing more anxiety-ridden and irregular. Mostly, I try to focus on breathing like I would if I wasn’t running.

  25. thepiratehorizon says :

    as far as my experience of wild stray runner goes, the pain at your foot may have been caused by the irregularity of the path (too many miles on a lightly uneven path, for example. i’m used to it, but friends who happened to run on the sloping shore here had problems of the kind). but if it’s your usual path, then it’s the shoes 😉

    as to breathing, i do the way my body wants, mostly nose+mouth, inhale/exhale by instinct – but also only nose, mouth shut.

    ciao you there. enjoy the miles

  26. runslikeapenguin says :

    Mouth. I appreciate breathing through your nose might warm the air first but I’ll take as much oxygen as I can get down, thank you

  27. Heather says :

    I am definitely a mouth breather, and it’s not a lot of fun during the colder winter months. Glad your foot is feeling better!

  28. RoadRunnerPatrick says :

    I am also a mouth breather. I noticed today as I was huffing and puffing that I need to breath more thru my nose, but I couldn’t make myself do it.

  29. Benjovsky says :

    Me too, am a mouth breather – have tried breathing through my nose when running but really had to concentrate and found I wasn’t getting enough air in, so quickly revert to mouth.
    Great reading your blog – very interesting! Good luck with all your goals and work towards ironman!

  30. kmv2009 says :

    Regarding the foot, I had a similar foot pain which hit me on a steep downhill in the middle of a 10K trail race last summer..I actually though I might have broken a toe, but I found I could keep running as long as I curled my toes up on the downhills, so I finished the race that way. It was my new-ish trail shoes..they were too narrow . I haven’t worn them since and my foot’s been fine. HTH.

  31. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    Interesting, I guess I never pay attention to how I’m breathing.. I know if I’m like WORKING IT it’s mouth breathing.. I’ll pay attention next time!

  32. Shaz says :

    No idea if I am a nose breather or mouth can only imagine its the latter as the former is too busy running when I am and if i breathed through that as well it would just get too messy!

  33. samsamdevis says :

    When I run I try to breath in through my nose and out of my mouth, pacing my breathing, I find it is really hard the first mile of so and then it actually helps you keep tempo. Often breathing through your mouth when you hit a rough patch of land you breathing can go all over the place, but through your nose and out of your mouth you can keep a good breathing rhythm! Love the post btw! :0)

  34. JFT says :

    I would breathe through my EARS when running if I could figure out a way to do it! But to answer your question I breathe through my mouth during run intervals and through my nose during walks. That’s per the advice of my husband who has been running since high school (30 years).

  35. simplyblake says :

    Hello, bearrunner! Thank you for checking out my blog. As you surely have gathered, I am a rookie runner. So, to read that you did a 40 minute 10k on the treadmill earns a big WOW from me. 🙂

    Although I am new to the sport of running, I’m not new to athletics. I have always heard that it is better to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Although it seems that you don’t get as much oxygen that way, supposedly you actually DO. I try to breathe that way some, though it is difficult. I focus on doing it more so in cold weather, as it does seem to help prevent getting that cold, painful feeling in the throat.

    I hope your injury is better! Thanks for connecting!

  36. Bridgesburning Chris King says :

    I am so in awe of runners..from afar..tried it once..ouch LOL! Keep up the good work!

  37. wataraifumiya says :

    Why choose? I inhale through my mouth and nose at the same time, and exhale through both, as well. When there are runners coming the other way, however, I inhale through the nose and exhale in a very controlled way through pursed lips. 🙂

    I’d be afraid to exhale only through my nose. When you pick up the pace, wouldn’t you get stuff flying out?

    As for foot pain, I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over a year and have come to recognize the importance of proper shoe selection. Feet tend to swell during distance running, so staying with a bigger size may help.

    Do you rotate shoes from day to day? It might be helpful to do so, and see if you experience pain only after wearing that pair on long runs.

    Whatever the reason for your pain, I hope it goes away!

  38. lifeisarun says :

    I think I do breath in through the nose and out the mouth. I’ll have to try solely through the nose…but I focus a lot on my breathing. Always have and doing yoga has helped remind me of the benefits of that!

  39. habituallearner says :

    When I first started running I breathed through my mouth. I read many things that said runners should breathe through their nose. When I first tried to make a conscious effort to do this i was beyond hard. Then, I started doing yoga. Yoga helped me tremendously with my breathing. I became much more relaxed while running. With my breathing under control my running really improved. Breathing through your nose really is better for you.

  40. terrileeclarke says :

    mouth breather all the way – with asthma I need as many chances for oxygen as possible. And thanks for liking my post! Happy Trails!

  41. paulinacarla says :

    I am surprised to see that most breath through the mouth, I always do through the nose. One of the reasons I do this was because when I was in track I used to get annoyed listening to everybody huffing and puffing alongside me. When I run too hard, my nature is to breath through my mouth. So if I can turn that pace into a run where I breath through my nose, I know it is under control. My goal is to always run under control! Unless I am doing an all out sprint of course…
    Also, when running in the spring and summer outdoors there are so many bugs out there – I don’t want to swallow them!!

  42. notmuchofarunner says :

    Wow. What a response to a post about heavy breathing!

  43. Rachel says :

    Another mouth breather here and seeing as I find any kind of breathing difficult whilst running I’ll stick with what I know for the time being. Hope I can get up to the distances your running eventually.

  44. myjhigh says :

    Yup, a mouth breather. If you saw the size of my nose, you would realise that it would be a hazard for everyone else if I breather through it. A couple of sucks and there’d be no air for everyone else!

  45. kim @ girlevolving says :

    I try to breathe with my nose but I end up getting pretty snotty when I run, so I generally end up with a combination nose and mouth. Mostly mouth.

  46. happyhippierose says :

    I’m glad your foot feels better… I’m totally a nose breather, I’m always in through the nose and out through my mouth when I run!

  47. sanjaywa says :

    I’m definitely a mouth breather, but will give the nose a go when I run tomorrow.

  48. acutelythornbe says :

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I try to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, but that plan goes out the window about half way through my run.

  49. rollerkoesterrun says :

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you did, because in return I found yours!!!

    I am actually a nose breather. I read about this a few years back and, while it did take some time getting used to, I find myself runner stronger and feeling more in control, even on those interval runs!

    Do you have a go to shoe? Have you ever been fitted for running shoes? I go in and have my shoes, stride and all that evaluated every once in a while and love getting the feedback of what may have changed and/or what I may not have noticed. You never know, maybe there is a better shoe out there that will feel like a better fit!

  50. marysparacinobortel says :

    Bearrunner, I like how you did a self-analysis of your foot! If you would have went to a doctor, who knows what they would have told you – You may have ended up in a cast for 2 months! LOL! Glad it was nothing. I learned when I was in Jr. High that you breath in your mouth and out your nose when running! Actually, when I do run, I say that very thing over and over in my head….like that would make things easier for me or something. HA! I used to run everyday just about, and was the fittest in my life when I did – running tones every muscle in your body! I’m just not much into now, it really bothers my knees. Keep on running and keep fit!
    ME-gan Love to you!

  51. cinquecentoproject says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…time to get my running rest for my 5k tomorrow, but I wanted to comment on this topic.

    I have been able to get into nose breathing by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth until I can do both through my nose. It takes a while (miles?) sometimes – especially since my lung capacity is affected by my pet-related asthma.

    the biggest helpers for me have been visual: imagine the air from my nose filling out my lungs as I drop my shoulders back and push forward through my diaphragm; and then my back pushing into my lungs (still propelling me forward) as I breathe 100% of the gas in my lungs OUT. I read somewhere that by pushing more air out of your lungs, your lungs naturally created a strong draw (whether through nose or mouth) on the next inhale. So, it is not intuitive, but focusing more on how you breath OUT might help how you breath in…

    I also spend time on nose-breathing practice during my yoga practice.

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