Chilly air, Training, running, iPods…

The mercury has fallen… And I cannot run outside…

My New Years resolution to become closer with and embrace nature and the frosty Canadian air on outdoor runs has already fallen through the cracks. My running clothes have been safely stowed away in the car since rejoicing about my one outdoor run this year…

This Sunday past, I had all good intentions of slipping on the tights, (and cape) multiple shirts, hat and gloves and heading out into the chilly morning air until I saw a temperature of -22, with the windchill, and decided the best place for this cat was on the treadmill!

I took note of previous experiences in temperatures similar and the frozen appendages that come with it…

Completed 10.5 miles, 35 as planned for the week…

1.18 later, I was finally able to dismount the treadmill, emotionally fatigued…

Having lots of time to contemplate many useless facts during this run, I questioned why gyms must put large clocks in front of the treadmills. Almost as if to taunt users to not hog them as long… It’s like the devil to anyone completing a run longer than 20 minutes…

On the subject of gym treadmills, I also dislike treadmills with the built-in TV’s. They make me feel claustrophobic… No matter how bad you attempt to concentrate on something, like looking out the window, the TV is in the way.

Off topic, I have a third running annoyance, MP3 players… I don’t consistently listen to music while I run, I run better without generally, but the handful of iPod shuffles I have gone through damaged from wear and sweat, I now buy refurbished units… I even bought a fancy 2nd or 3rd generation iPod shuffle (not really fancy) that didn’t last 2 weeks due to manufacturing defects, sweat and moisture penetrating the control cord because it is not sealed properly.

I might have to splurge and buy an iPod touch although I am worried that would also malfunction… My question is, how to make these units last? One of those fancy cases or arm straps??

The temperatures are again on the rise… 8 degrees tomorrow… definitely a day for running outside.



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

59 responses to “Chilly air, Training, running, iPods…”

  1. Evie Cordova says :

    Wow…and I complain about 25/30 degrees! That’s like summer to you! Stay warm!

  2. Amanda says :

    Go for the iPod nano and buy a watch strap for it. It’s so much easier than the arm band. I found the strap for your arm and iTouch/iPhone slips down when you get around mile 6 and are sweating.

  3. John Herndon says :

    Hey! Glad you Liked the post at Necessary Miscellany and thanks for Following it!

    In other news, “-22”!? That’s unreal. Honestly, spending too much time in weather that cold might have something to do with the short life-span of your iPods. I don’t know for sure, but it’d be worth looking into.

    Good luck with your training and I hope to “see” you around WordPress!

  4. bgddyjim says :

    I keep my music on my Blackberry and use an arm band during the summer and I’ve got a handy pocket in my cycling jacket that I wear for winter running. In March I’m picking up an iphone and I’ll get the water proof case for it. My buddy Pete has one and the case is so good you can swim with it – but the case alone is $80. Business expense.

  5. deborah says :

    i’ve been using an ipod touch for the last 2 yrs, no problems yet!

  6. 319miles says :

    I sooooo agree with the clock. I block it with my phone/iPod. I bought a pair of cheap headphones that i found have a longer cord and don’t mind replacing them. The phone goes on the machine or pocket of I’m outside. Use a ziplock to prevent sweat damage. Or a protective case. Dunno.
    I like outdoors so much better than the gym but I find it hard to concentrate in the suburbs. Like I’m going to get ran over or is someone watching or is someone going to jump me. There are various trails around, I suppose. But none that really grab attention. I guess sandy dull Florida is nothing to me. I miss the damp colorful forests of WV. 10.5. I’m moaning over 1. You’re truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  7. TheRunnersReview says :

    I use an oh-so-sophisticated zip lock bag when I listen to music on my phone. Those are some crazy cold temperatures!

  8. myloverswife says :

    I’m a new runner, but I too have damaged my share of iPods due to sweat. Yuck! Gross!

    I love the idea of the Ziploc bag. I’ve been contemplating getting a new iPod but had yet to find a suitable protective cover.

  9. libraryscenes says :

    Zip lock baggie, seriously. I use if for my iPhone,too, even when I bike in the rain. Pop it in, seal it around ear phone (or fashion hole) then wrap up tight to fit in pocket or what not. I am MOTIVATED by music, ergo, my tunes are never far.
    As for dreadmill…I switched machines every five miles…different ‘scenery’ and all are calibrated differently ~

  10. DrRachelRuns says :

    The treadmill sucks. I am stuck inside, too. It’s single digit temperatures out there – I just can’t do it. I hate that stupid treadmill TV, too. It’s too close for me to watch and I can’t turn it off. Sigh.

  11. Abby @ Great Idea Months Ago says :

    I struggle with runs in the bitter cold, especially when I have fallen behind a little. It is ai mug harder. Then I end up feeling defeated.
    You are quite inspiring. I hope one day, I can be a runner like you.

  12. Mandy M says :

    I use an arm strap on every run. I’ve had the same strap for a couple of years and it has protected my iPod without fault. 🙂

  13. Happy Runner says :

    I still use a 7-or 8-year old first generation iPod (the one with the amazing 1GB memory!). Maybe not using it for 2 years helped preserve it… Maybe stick to the old?

  14. tischcaylor says :

    Wow, that’s cold! I don’t have an Ipod. One of the things I love about running is the way you can meander through your mind. Though I suppose that still happens if you’ve got a soundtrack. Maybe I’ll have to try that sometime.

    Thanks for taking the time to fill out those interview questions — very inspiring! I moved them from the comments section to a draft post, and I’ll plan on running them next Tuesday, my usual day for interviews.

  15. samsamdevis says :

    Dude, that is COLD! Love reading your posts! So nice to see other runners blogging about the small details! Because they are the things we have to deal with day on and day off!

    I got a iPod ‘Classic’ 160gb job. It is indestructible (for me anyway)! I have an arm band that it slots in, and its never had any issues, including when it gets sweaty (which it does every run!). It has lasted 2 years since I first got it and 9 months since I have started running! Still use the original headphones!!

    But I only have one headphone in, as I like to be listening out for cars, bikes, other runners and of course Birds! Love to hear them singing mid run, gives you a real boost to dig deep and finish strong!


  16. honorary texan says :

    wow. buddy you just made me feel like a complete wuss… i complain about running in 30 F because “it’s freakin’ freezing…” then again i do live in the south where summers reach 100 F for several days non-stop…

    on the ipod, i frankly gave up on it. i only really used it when i was working out at the gym, i.e. to entertain myself for an hour while i was on the treadmill, and i think mine lasted about 2 years, working sporadically when ever it it felt like it. now that i’m training for my first marathon i’ve come to appreciate and love running outdoors just taking in all the sights and sounds of the city.

    look forward to keeping up with your misadventures as i embark on my own.good luck!

  17. julilly says :

    Checking the temp is the first thing I do when my alarm goes off in the a.m. and I, too, have been disappointed by the subzero wind chills! I find the treadmill feels three times as long because I keep checking the time on the machine or counting out how many songs I need to run through to get to the “finish”. Not to mention it makes intervals just a pain!

  18. Texas Susan says :

    Your weather almost makes me appreciate Houston’s hot and humid summers! I’ve been listening to tunes on the same iPod Shuffle for years now without a hitch, despite how much I sweat. I do clip it to the pocket of my running shorts, which helps keep it away from all that sweat.

  19. Melissa says :

    I have a nano that I got this clear gel-like sleeve for to protect it. Works pretty well. My arm band is always drenched, but the ipod seems to fair pretty well.

    And I was complaining about a wind chill of 9*! Going to try to suck it up for 10 miles outside this Saturday. The high is 23*, though, so it may be treadmill city for this girl. I don’t mind the treadmill so much, but the TV and music help for me.

  20. dubdubsworld says :

    The controls on the shuffle I received for my Birthday died on it’s 3rd run – guess I sweat like crazy. Bought new earphones and wrapped some plastic with tape around the control unit – this helped. The standard Apple buds just do not work with my ears (keeps slipping out) so I dumped the shuffle. Currently running with my Galaxy SII with in-ear buds on shorter training runs – for the rest I go without.

    BTW thanks for checking out my ramblings.

    I cannot even begin to comprehend the tempratures you are talking about – as a South African those temps sound like something out of a Brothers Grimm story… eish!

  21. allieksmith says :

    Wow, and I complain about running in 18 degree weather! You are a trooper! The longest I’ve ran on a treadmill is 11 miles… it was rough haha!

  22. Robinson says :

    My armband has worked find as far as keeping sweat from destroying my phone(I use an Android phone for music/tracking/etc) – but in the rain I stick it in a ziplock bag and then into my armband.

    For a treadmill- you can also just get a bluetooth headset, then the ipod touch can sit on the treadmill away from your sweaty nasty self.

  23. Victoria says :

    My brother in law gave me an itouch with an armband and I have found if I have someone else put it on me tight… It stays on best. So far, I have had no incidents with said device, hopefully now that I have said that, it won’t happen! 🙂

  24. catslondonmarathon says :

    Dropped cold here too this week (Nottinghamshire, Uk), but nothing near -22! That’s ludicrous! I would have been on the treadmill too! I took myself indoors for a threshold treadmill session tonight as I don’t really feel safe enough to run outside alone in the dark. The treadmill just bores me for long runs though, so I only really use for short recovery, or fun and variable intervals!
    I’d wondered about getting one of the Speedo Aquabeat MP3 players – a sealed unit that you can even use in the pool. I have to admit, I love my music and find it difficult to push myself without it. Some great rock tunes, or upbeat dance, and even the odd funky folk song finds its way into my running playlist!

  25. Nora Blithe says :

    I feel your pain. Kinda. I mean it was in the mid sixties (Fahrenheit) here today so the weather was no problem. But last Fall, I slipped a disc in my back so I’m on a running hiatus. To think, I used to hate it. Now I’m twitching for it like a nicotine addict on a twelve hour flight. I guess you’ll have to run for both of us.

  26. Caroline Calcote says :

    I can not tolerate the dreadmill. It is torturous. You are amazing to be able to get out and brave those cold temps. We are very spoiled running here in Florida in the winter. Last night I ran in a tank top…it was in the mid-60’s. I do enjoy running in the mid-40-ish range, though. And running here in the summer is beyond miserable. It’s 80 degrees and 97% humidity at 6 a.m. Gah.

  27. luau says :

    I am a big fan of the arm strap…keeps the sweat out…though one of my favorite winter mp3 accessories is Nike’s Hatphones – it’s hat with built in speakers and a spot to put a nano.

  28. Tara says :

    My gosh I can’t imagine running outside in that cold! I thought it was bad here. I’d definitely be on the treadmill!! As far as ipods go, I use my phone, which is really annoying to lug around but I just pretend it’s working my biceps. My arm actually does get tired!

  29. swimcyclerun says :

    Cold UK weather is a good insentive to keep running to stay warm, but your weather sounds like if you were to stop on a run, you’d freeze to death! Although I don’t like running machines, I can see why you have to accept them. I hope you get some warmer days to allow you to connect with a natural environment.

  30. simonjhadley says :

    I can’t image running at -22degrees. It’s hard enough to get out at just above zero here! Also treadmill does my head in. Anyway well done and thanks for reading and following my blog too @

  31. inspiredhealthcoach says :

    I stopped by to thank you for following my blog and got caught up in the excitement of running. As a previous runner, living in upstate NY, I can identify with the freezing cold weather. Since my 28 orthopedic surgeries, I can no longer run, but I will live vicariously through you! 🙂

    I agree with samsamdevis that reading the small details is not only encouraging but inspiring for others. Keep it up! Don’t worry about the whole wordpress thing… you got enough of it down to have quite a few reading your posts!!

  32. Amanda says :

    I so dislike the tvs on the treadmills! Hitting the gym @ lunch for speed work & Im already dreading it!

  33. Jen @ whittlemymiddle says :

    -22 sounds kind of nice actually haha. Good old Canadian winters.

    I am so with you on the giant clocks facing treadmills. Pure torture. As if running on a treadmill isn’t bad enough.

  34. Shlee says :

    I absolutely agree with your comment on the clocks at gyms … when I was doing my longer (73 min) runs last summer, the clock was a reminder of how sloooow time progressed! I’m a big fan of TVs on the treadmills though. It helps my mind actually relax because I don’t like to think when running but just running on a treadmill is so boring that it’s an easy compromise. I’m not an outdoor runner, I need to start though! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your topics!

  35. crash66 says :

    Wow! Can’t imagine how many layers it would take to run in -22 temps! We’ve run a few times in mid 20’s temps and it has been tough. Don’t think I could go below 20.

  36. RAS says :

    I for chills just reading this post. You pretty much nailed it with the “big clocks” in front of the treadmills. I think we were only allowed 30-minutes on one machine. Really? That’s it? I used to sign fake names under the treadmill I was using (which, by the way, they only had THREE of my favorite brands, The Cybex), just so that I wouldn’t get booted off. Oops.

  37. happyhippierose says :

    you’ve been awarded “the versatile blogger award” come check it out:

  38. lifeworthsharing says :

    Our gym is being remodeled, so all the treadmills are against the walls with mirrors. Although it’s great to see muscle definition, I get tired of staring at myself, and looking behind me in the mirror for 50 minutes makes me a little off balanced. Sigh. DREADmill!

  39. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    It’s funny, my post today is about the treadmill, but not the hate that you have for them. They do the job when outside isn’t an option.
    I don’t mind the TV, actually, I kind of neeeed the TV on the treadmill.

  40. Four Blue Hills says :

    Very nice article. I am not a runner, but don’t see how you coud run in such weather. Yesterday, with wind chill, it was 25 to 30 below. I didn’t want to go outside if I could help it. 😦

  41. KimcomK says :

    Hi. Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your shuffles. H
    I have a nano, iPod touch and an iPhone 3GS that I only use for runs now (when I am running – ugh) anyway, I run the cord through my shirts typically and can sympathize with the moisture problem, however, it it typically the ear buds that short rather than the unit itself. I have used arm bands but now use a Nathan waist belt that holds my tunes. On rainy and snowy days, the clothing protects the unit from the elements. My two cents. 🙂

  42. terrileeclarke says :

    This morning I complained about doing results at a race where it was 34 and windy. And then they put the results table inside the gym anyway! Good on you for hanging with it! I can’t do the treadmill but I run the track at the gym, 10x = 1 mile. I use a shuffle but I clip it to my shirt. I sweat a lot but wear a cap and carry a small towel. So far mine’s lasted real well, only problems are when I wash them…then it’s time for another!
    Happy Trails!

  43. StrideFit Personal Training says :

    Wow man, I really don’t know how good I have it in England. I hear you on the dreaded treadmill. Not only are treadmill marathons dull as dishwater, but they’re an amazingly poor substitute to road mileage.

    Thanks for following my blog StrideFit Wellbeing. Just starting to blog my marathon training and to drum up interest in my new Personal Trainer business, good to see some love and look forward to reading your other blog entries.

  44. jamievictoriatomc says :

    I am totally on the save wavelength as you : pet peeves include clocks and tvs on treadmills. Sometimes I play games with myself (mental games) that I can’t look at the clock or down at the time on the treadmill until I finish listening to 5 songs on my ipod shuffle…or until the person next to me gets off the treadmill (granted that person isn’t running for hours)…or I have to count to 100 Mississippi before looking at the time. Funny what works sometimes!

  45. shazruns says :

    Now remember why when I lived in Canada I did not run! Give me rain any day.

  46. terrileeclarke says :

    I saw this on RW online today and thought you’d agree with the sentiments.

  47. Naomi Mutua says :

    Wow. You must be super fit! Keep up the good work… I’m just too lazy to exercise, but I’m trying to get into shape.

  48. Samuel (@Corre_Sport) says :

    I like a cool 44-to-55 degrees when i’m out running trails in Southern California. I can’t say how I’d do in -22. Keep at it!

  49. mark lloyd richardson says :

    I don’t know what I’d do with that kind of weather. Keep running!

  50. Trisha Reeves says :

    I have a little tiny shuffle for when I run. I can clip it to my clothes. Love it.

  51. Any Excuse to Wear Track Pants says :

    I have an Ipod Mini (do they even sell those anymore?!) that my husband got as a Christmas gift about 7 years ago… It feels archaic and huge but it’s great. I’ve never had any problems with it. I don’t use an armband or any other thing with it. It’s been through a lot of sweat and guts and glory and it’s still going strong. I’ve only had to replace the ear buds, and that was only last year.

  52. eb does life says :

    Ok, I WISH it were snowing here so I wouldn’t feel guilty for skipping my run to do more studying….

  53. Farang Mama says :

    Hi 🙂 Think I should have asked for permission first but, eager to get my post up as I haven’t had one in days, I went ahead linking to this post of yours… please, let me know if you mind and I shall remove the link promptly… 😉 Sending warm greetings from Asia!

  54. Steve Bernard says :

    Hello Bearrunner,

    Think you need to give yourself a break – that is seriously cold weather. Sounds like a wise decision to stay indoors for now. As for the music I am interested because my wife wants to play / run to music. She has an old Samsung mp3 player. I think I lost lots of my ripped music from our CDs when I changed computer. I’d love a generic softwear system that is not proprietary and is easy to just dump your songs into and then access / make playlists. I find all manufacturers want you to use their system (obviously) which then causes all sorts of problems with other equipment. Good luck with finding the right one. Steve

  55. Anywhere Home says :

    I can relate to this post! I can’t stand running on the treadmill, but I’m forced to since it’s just too damn cold out. I find after 15-20 minutes I am bored out of my mind, no matter how good my music soundtrack is. I would be quite happy with the tv on the treadmill at my gym, except that all of the shows are in German…so it doesn’t really do much more than boggle my mind when I attempt to watch some “light tv” to pass the time. I try to understand what they are saying and end up twice as exhausted by the time the run finishes. Now I’ve taken to keeping my kindle on the machine with me, in case a moment of extreme boredom comes around I can easily distract with a few pages of my latest book and hope I don’t feel dizzy!

  56. Deana says :

    I have just resigned myself to the fact that I have to buy a new iPod shuffle 1x per year.

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