Archive | January 20, 2012

Treadmill runs and Ear buds and iPods

Following some good advice from fellow bloggers, thank-you for all your comments, I will be taking a hammer to the piggy bank, heading to the local electronics store and purchasing an iPod Nano or iPod Touch… Some sort of Apple product… I feel like I am 10 years behind the times…

 After my purchase I will then stop at a grocery store and buy Zip-lock bags to protect the unit from a sweat endued death in hopes it is spared from joining my other failed MP3 devices in the graveyard of doom!!!! SCARY!!!!

 On the subject of MP3 players, I’m unsure of the rest of the world, but I cannot find a pair of ear buds that will stay put in my ears. This may be due to my big ears or some freak genetic ear design but regardless of the adapter size (different ear canal adapter?), they still fall out!

 While browsing around on the internet I came across Yurbuds. I have seen these before but never gave them a second thought. They are endorsed by Ironman athletes, sweat and water proof, and if an advertising campaign has ever worked, it just did! They seem to mold into the ear for a better fit and I am sold! 

 What do you use???

On the running front I am currently at 22 miles for the week, all treadmill running… Winter weather is heading East forecasted for later this afternoon so run number 4 will take place on the treadmill also, all 8 miles of tempo goodness. It has been a mediocre week of running at best. I have felt tired and unmotivated… I am planning for 4 easy miles Saturday and 11.5 to 13 on Sunday to round out the long runs…