Treadmill runs and Ear buds and iPods

Following some good advice from fellow bloggers, thank-you for all your comments, I will be taking a hammer to the piggy bank, heading to the local electronics store and purchasing an iPod Nano or iPod Touch… Some sort of Apple product… I feel like I am 10 years behind the times…

 After my purchase I will then stop at a grocery store and buy Zip-lock bags to protect the unit from a sweat endued death in hopes it is spared from joining my other failed MP3 devices in the graveyard of doom!!!! SCARY!!!!

 On the subject of MP3 players, I’m unsure of the rest of the world, but I cannot find a pair of ear buds that will stay put in my ears. This may be due to my big ears or some freak genetic ear design but regardless of the adapter size (different ear canal adapter?), they still fall out!

 While browsing around on the internet I came across Yurbuds. I have seen these before but never gave them a second thought. They are endorsed by Ironman athletes, sweat and water proof, and if an advertising campaign has ever worked, it just did! They seem to mold into the ear for a better fit and I am sold! 

 What do you use???

On the running front I am currently at 22 miles for the week, all treadmill running… Winter weather is heading East forecasted for later this afternoon so run number 4 will take place on the treadmill also, all 8 miles of tempo goodness. It has been a mediocre week of running at best. I have felt tired and unmotivated… I am planning for 4 easy miles Saturday and 11.5 to 13 on Sunday to round out the long runs…



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

48 responses to “Treadmill runs and Ear buds and iPods”

  1. Stewart says :

    I use Yurbuds. They are excellent!

  2. chocolatefuelled says :

    I hate ear buds too! I don’t often listen to music because I mainly run outside and in the countryside and like to listen to the birds (and for cars!) instead. But I do own a Sennheiser PMX80 Neckband Sport Headphones (PMX 80 Sport II) – they work for me!

  3. fromcouchtomarathon says :

    I use these.

    They never fall out as they are neckband supported for runners and also allow the sound of traffic through if required.!

  4. plustenner says :

    use my phone for music and same earphones as chocolatefuelled 🙂

  5. magnuminsp says :

    I have a cauliflowered ear from my wrestling days, so, ear buds will not work. I would guess where you are being cold and all, some sort of stereo ear muffs would work.
    I heard on the radio yesterday, that more and more runners are being struck by cars as a result of ear buds and listening to the music from I pods and such!
    This might work:

  6. glenn says :

    I go back and forth with earbuds. If I’m running alone, I like to listen to music to pass the time. If I’m with a group, I’ll run without them.

  7. thetortoiseruns says :

    I’m lucky with teeny ears that fit every single type of earbud I’ve ever tried. So naturally I stick to the cheapest ones. Plus they come in fun colours.

    As for the sweat issue, I find an armband works best for my Nano, but obviously only on dry days. Otherwise I stick mine in an outer pocket that keeps it fairly dry but likely not dry enough.

  8. Amanda says :

    I hate the standard earbuds that come with Apple products, so I have my own. I’m sorry I don’t know the name of them, but they are the kind the have a “hook” that goes behind your ear. If you go with the nano, definitely get the watch band that goes with it – nano or iTouch, you’ll need to gone one of those Nike shoe chips if you want to use the Nike run app.

  9. Julian McGrath says :

    Good going on the running front – it’s not easy on the treadmill! I once had a great pair of headphones that curled around the ear & into it. Can’t remember the exact make – stein…something or other. I’ve had others since and none have really been that great. I rarely listen to the iPod when training but it is useful for long runs!

  10. lifeisarun says :

    I have some of those earphones that go around your ear that stay pretty well because I’ve had the same issue. They resemble this but I got them for WAY cheaper at Target –

  11. Happy Runner says :

    For headphones – I have been using Koss Clipper Ear Clip Headphones for years now (not just because they come in pink, too). They are pretty durable, but I do go through 1-2 sets a year. Of course I haven’t run for the past 2 years with music, so my current set has lasted a long time… 😉
    Are you using NIKE+? Just read a comment above. You don’t need the NIIKE+ shoe pod to track your runs on their website. If you have an iPod touch, you can use the NIKE+ app and the GPS built into the iPod/app to sync. No shoe pod needed. My friend and I just found that out last weekend…

  12. sarahnaut says :

    I have Yurbuds that I got at a Disney Expo. I thought at first it was an impulse buy, but I can’t imagine running without them now. Love, love, live them!!!!

  13. libraryscenes says :

    Don’t know why I’m nervous about the advice since I’ve used a ziplock for a couple of years…it isn’t fancy (I feel quite foolish when I’ve run to the Y and have to pull it from a pocket for whatever reason) Anyhoo, best of luck to you and your new gagets!

    Hope you post a tunage report sometime. I dig seeing what other peeps listen to when working out.~

  14. Miss Busa says :

    I would get the iTouch over the Nano. I’ve tried the Nike wrist band/shoe pod and the Nano/shoe pod combination. Hubby and I had mixed results. He likes his Nano and has no probs with the shoe pod. But he uses it for walking and doesn’t really care about accuracy. He’s really just interested in distance. The pods are really just fancy step counters. I cloud not get my wrist band to pair properly with its pod half the time and if we were exercising on the same track the pods got confused. I rook the wrist band back. I didn’t use Nike+ again until I got my iPhone a few months later.

    My vote: Get the iTouch and use Nike+ GPS app. It has so many more features and you don’t need to use pods, which eventually die and then you get to buy another one because the batteries are molded in and can’t be replaced. They are consumable items. You will not regret it. It is decently accurate (I’m using my iPhone 4G tho and I have heard that the GPS receiver on the 4G is heaps better than the previous versions. Do not know how it compares to the iTouch tho :/)

    Hope this helps save a headache or two. 🙂

    PS I use custom-fitted ear buds, because I have freak ears and tiny ear canals and nothing stays put. I use the Apple stockers for exercising because I don’t want to ruin my good sets. I yank them out on occasion, but I’ve learned to live with them being sort of loose. I did test a pair of Etymotic Hf5 for a product review, and those puppies stay put. They are in-ear and the tips they ship with installed are perfect for me. So I might switch to those, but at about $100 I’m not sure about using them for running/exercising.

  15. pandik says :

    because I’m running only on the road I need to hear also the environment noise/sounds, I use a pair of Sennheiser/adidas PMX 680 neckband headphones, they work perfectly.

  16. iwanttobeatriathlete says :

    Thanks for the follow! I don’t put music on when running… because I’m very “musical” and like to dance way too much (a Latina at heart), I start running at the pace of the music. I know, that’s why there are playlists so you can put together music that more or less has the same tempo, beat, pace, whatever you want to call it. Still, I will go faster or slower, and make up my own choreographies in my head and that’s it, my running pace goes to hell. But I’ve heard Yurbuds are awesome. Enjoy them! I read you were interested in doing a triathlon… highly recommended! Let me know how it going for you! Cheers!

  17. eb does life says :

    Thanks for following my blog! Your posts are certainly inspiring me to keep training for my first half marathon 🙂 I am spoiled by paradise weather and the thought of running in 8 degrees boggles my brain.
    I second the suggestion above, I’m looking for what other folks listen to when they run!

  18. TNTPrincess says :

    I use yurbuds. They are great! Never fall out, even with all the sweat. I am so addicted to them I bought a second pair since I left them behind when I traveled for an event. Yurbuds can always be found at the race expos and they will fit the bud to your ear. it is not once size fits all…

  19. The Edmonton Tourist says :

    I use Sony sport buds…or whatever they are called. There is an ear harness that slips over my ear. The device does not actually go into the ear canal because that gives me ear infections. They have been through the wash a dozen times… So they must be sweat proof. Haha

  20. howtoclasses says :

    Bearrunner, you’ll be The Champion! Rooting for you.

  21. monkeysaladeer says :

    I use the Sennheiser CX680 for my runs. It has hooks and earbuds that come in different sizes to give the right fit for your ear. I haven’t had them fall off on a run yet. But since Apple is taking its time sending me my replacement iPod, I’ve stopped using the earphones. Due to this, I learned to appreciate running more without them. haha. I’m a lot more focused and attentive on my runs. Just something to think about. 😀

    Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog! 😀

  22. Regine Garcia says :

    Hey! I just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! 🙂 Check this link out for details. Congratulations!

  23. Blogbiscuit says :

    I am going for a look for the yurbuds, thanks for following my blog, if you have any suggestions how i can get blogs out there please dont hesitate to tell me 🙂

    there are special items you an buy to store your ipod items in whilst running, like arm straps etc good luck

  24. cutedogsandhugs says :

    I use the standard iPod earbuds, but bought these adapters that go over your ear. My ears are small, so they don’t stay in place by themselves. They’re great and CHEAP!

  25. stitchitch says :

    I use these and they work really well for me. The fin fits inside your ear and it comes with a pack of different sized fins so you can choose the fit you need. I don’t even notice i’m wearing them.

  26. runningthewindycity says :

    I always buy the old fashioned, clip behind the ear, ear buds because nothing will stay in my ears and the last thing I want to do while running is screw around with headphones. Good luck finding some that work for you!

  27. theamputee says :

    Great bit of advertising, I am looking into Yurbuds myself now, many thanks 🙂 Once you get an iPod you never look back 😉

  28. Carolyn Smith Realtor says :

    I have the same problem with earbuds, so thank you for this post! I will have to check out Yurbuds as well!

  29. eatorrun says :

    I use SkullCandy earbuds… they are the only ones that stay in my ears! However, now that you brought up Yurbuds, I may have to check them out.

  30. Running Ragged says :

    I wear these, because I have problems keeping regular headphones in my ears. (hope the link works)

    What I also like about them is that I can hang them on my shirt when needed. (For example: if the hubby comes in while I am running on the treadmill and wants to have a short conversation)

    I have an iPod nano (3rd gen)and never had any problems with it when it got wet. It actually ended up in the wash once and it still works (minus the back-lighting, but that’s what I get for my stupidity lol). I do put my iPhone in a zip-lock bag when I know it might get wet.

  31. Julia says :

    I haven’t found a good set of ear plugs that I like. Not sure what sort of mp3 device you are looking for, but I definitely recommend the shuffle! I personally like being able to push actual buttons rather than a touch screen when working out, so that’s why I love my shuffle. Plus, it’s just so light and easy to clip onto anything.

  32. samsamdevis says :

    Treadmill running can suck the life out of you after a while! I hope the weather does give you a warmer patch to get outside soon and feel the elements again! It is all about keeping one foot in front of the other and pushing on! I like the commitment mate! Keep it up! :0)

  33. trisexual says :

    I use karamoor round your head g0glip head phones, the whole unit stays secure and I don’t have to worry about anything falling out.

    Run in the cold, it’s good for your metabalism 🙂 xxx

  34. firecracker says :

    i have an ipod nano that i use for my running. the part i like best about it is that it clips to just about anything: my shirt, vest, waistband, etc. i don’t need a pocket for it. and i haaaaate the earphones that come with apple products. way too painful for my ears. i either use skullcandy (they’re squishy and fit in nicely) or wrap around buds, depending on what i’m wearing.

  35. Belle says :

    My ears don’t seem to conform to a ‘normal’ shape either, so for me it is impossible to wear in the ear headphones. I now wear over the ear Phillips ones but I sprint rather than run so I don’t know how effective that would be over the longer distances. Good luck with Yurbuds! I look forward to the outcome!

  36. mizunogirl says :

    I only run with music on the second half of a long run, but I actually use a 5.00 pair of maxwell brand ear buds, they work well enough.
    I also admit that I simply bought a cheap 55.00 IPOD shuffle. no screen or anything, but…do I need a screen while running?

    If your stuff was sweated on and shorted out, you can try to revive them by putting them in a plastic baggie filled with dry rice. So far I have revived soaked cell phones and 3 Garmins with the method. (not all the Garmins were mine!) Good Luck!

  37. kmv2009 says :

    Consider that if your ipods don’t last long your earbuds may not either, (possibly whatever bad mojo is destroying your ipods will kill the buds just as dead) so you should get the cheapest ones possible. When I first started running all those many eons ago, I thought my earbuds weren’t staying in my ears, and got the hook-on ones, but eventually I discovered I was overthinking the whole thing and jamming the in-ear buds into my ears too hard. Now I can use pretty much any old earbud. An important thing for me is to have a set with the volume control on the earbud cable so I dont have to try to control the volume with mittens on, or when the pod is snug in its armband thingy.

  38. Bubble of dreams and nightmares...just life! says :

    Great to know this apparently little details, but changing it all!

  39. joshnichols84 says :

    I use a pair of Bose earbuds for my running. They have some changeable backs that fill your whole ear, with no penetration. They just sit there. I love them, but they were a little on the expensive side ($80 USD). They come with small, medium, and large backs!

    Best of luck on your choice!

  40. davidnolsen says :

    I bought Sennheiser-PMX-680-Sports-Headphones for my fiancee and she loved them. I tried them and fell in love with them and so she bought a pair for me for Christmas.

    • Looking Out The Window says :

      These are great for folks with odd shaped ears, skin conditions or sweat tons. They sit right at the opening of the ear without being “shoved” in. As a woman who trains alone, I like the fact that I am not totally out of touch with what is going on in the outside world as well. It took me purchases before I found these. The rest have been delegated to the drawer, these go everywhere with me.

  41. tyrmi says :

    Personally I prefer old fashioned headphones like the Koss Portapro. Open headphones mean I can hear the approaching truck/sabre tiger.

  42. Blackwood Lady says :

    I have two comments:
    1) you are running a half-marathon in Canada in two weeks?! Is there anywhere in the Great White North not covered in 3 feet of snow right now? I heard everyone got a late blast of winter, just like we got a late summer here in Oz….
    2) I don’t usually run with music, because I have the same problem with fitting ear buds, plus I tend to destroy the connection where they plug into the ipod or other device. This is probably because I have the thing tucked into my bra and it gets all bent out of shape… but I digress…
    I also choose not to use them due to safety. I wonder if anyone has heard of a speaker system that could be worn around the neck that plays music at a nice reasonable volume, but doesn’t block the ears? Does that make sense? If there isn’t such a thing, I seriously think someone should invent it! 🙂

    Keep blogging! I’m right behind you! 😛

  43. francesscott says :

    I haven’t run since 2005 (kept walking until 2008, had hips replaced in late 2011), but all the prior years I ran, I used a splitter & an IFB, custom fit to each ear. I got the mold kits from work, but maybe you can just find a place that will send you two kits. You will need a clarifier & a mini cord. My ears are funny-shaped too.

  44. kimsrunningmonologue says :

    I share your beef with treadmill clocks. It’s like hitting a reverse time warp. I start to think that I am part of the 10,000 year old clock project LongNow Project ( Cool to think about, not cool for running.

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