treadmill antics… Yurbuds… Freezing Sundays!

The freaking mercury was well below 0 degrees Celsius for the third Sunday in a row…

 I knew while out locking up the car late Saturday night what was in store the following morning. The air was bitter, the scene was still, and not even the animals were dumb enough to scurry around in that cold.  

 Sunday reared its ugly head and a quick click to The Weather Network confirmed my suspicions -13 with a wind chill of -25… I don’t care how winterized the tights or the number of layers one can squeeze into until looking like the Michelin man, I wasn’t running 12.5 miles in those conditions.

 Side note;

 To put the icing on the cake, our Province of Nova Scotia cut back more than a million dollars on snow removal this year and a snow storm on Friday, and poor removal of  the said snow, caused havoc on the highways particularly the sides of the highway where a person would run… This is not the time or place for this rant though…

 So as you can guess I quickly packed up my gym bag, changed into my shorts and T-shirt, and headed for the treadmill. The excitement was written all over my face and luckily I had purchased a pair of ear buds Saturday which made the task a little more pleasant.

 I visited 3 LARGE electronic stores and none had Yurbuds. Maybe they are not available in Canada? I settled for a pair of JVC ergo fit due to having these before and them working for me in the past.

 Side note number 2;

 Yurbuds appear only to be sold at the Apple store here in Canada or purchased online… Go figure!

 While on the treadmill, avoiding the clock like the plague, and completing 12.5 miles, something happened for the first time ever… I hit the wall!

 It wasn’t caused from de-hydration, black out, or being under fueled it was caused  from a momentary loss of concentration, my MP3 player first being flung off the back of the unit and me being flung off shortly after and directly into the wall behind me. Luckily no injuries were reported; I just looked like an idiot…But I accomplish that on the best of days…

 I completed the run, all 12.5 miles, in 1.35 and was never looking forward to drinking a beer and eating something very bad!

 37.5 miles for the week, 2 weeks till Half-marathon, 1 run outdoors and do I think I am ready? NO!



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

37 responses to “treadmill antics… Yurbuds… Freezing Sundays!”

  1. fatgirlinskinnyworld says :

    Great post! I can only hope to hit that many miles one day, but your post gives me hope. I have only admiration for those who can run such long distances.

  2. Michael says :

    You’re ready! Don’t worry about the outdoor runs, you’ve got the endurance and run through walls(literally!) to keep logging those miles, so think positively and go get that half marathon……just stay clear of any walls 😉

  3. homebydawn says :

    Sounds to me like you ARE ready! If you can survive almost a half marathon on the treadmill- then you will be positively thrilled to be running 13.5 outside! I hope you get a few more outdoor runs in before the race.

  4. trisexual says :

    Mabe once warmed up why a few short put door runs just to acclimatese your self? Xxx

  5. Tilly Bud says :

    Well done, but you must be mad.

  6. Vin says :

    My husband and I both wanted Yurbuds so bad… We got for them for Christmas and returned them almost the same day… They were not at all what they were chocked up to be… The siund quality was not any better than a $10 pair and rhey did NOT stay put quite as well as they supposed to!! Hope you like the ones you went with!!!

  7. Blogbiscuit says :

    I have that image of you being flung at great force to a wall now, ouch!

    Sorry to hear you didnt get the buds you wanted, i looked online and they were something mad like $55, i am going to check out the jvc ones, i preferably want ones with remote control on though. Good luck for the marathon

  8. libraryscenes says :

    Worse fear, ever! I’ve has the iPod take a roll backwards but not moi! Way to recover; good for you.

    Two words, snow shoes. We had a winter of all snow a few years ago and I shoed with dog an hour or so a day. I’d even jog with em. Amazing conditioning. Albeit, agreed, no go below zero. Eyelashes froze me blind!

    Keep on, I so admire your determination ~

  9. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    Wow. Wow wow wow, I’m yet to go further than 6 miles on a treadmill, but 12.5 in just WOW. I know it wasn’t the funnest run, but, you got it in.

  10. Laura Milsom says :

    Who knew hitting the wall could be so…. literal? You’ve got to move some place sunny…

    Best of luck in two weeks. Do dogs and sleds count as cheating?

  11. Rop says :

    Nice 12.5 miles on the belt.

  12. bgddyjim says :

    I share your pain with winter running. It was -13 in Michigan too on Saturday. Humorously enough, they cut our road plow budget too (kind of funny how they do that when the people won’t go with a tax increase, eh?).

    Fortunately, I’m still getting my miles in on my bike (in my office on a trainer). Beats freezing, but man is it boring.

    Nice work on the treadmill. That’s pretty impressive, considering.

    You’re ready, you just don’t know it yet.

  13. Christy says :

    Wow, I certainly don’t envy you. I was nervous about training for a half marathon in the winter, but luckily I’m spoiled rotten with a mild one in New York. I only had one snowy run and the temps we still over 25 degrees. Which is good, because I am terrified of the treadmill!

  14. samsamdevis says :

    Love it mate! Keep going! It is all so worth it! :0)

  15. sarahnaut says :

    I guess I’m lucky having an average of 72 here. I’m just not looking forward to mid July when I’ll be doing my 12.5 mile runs in 98 degrees with 80% humidity…

    I commend you for your treadmill run, the highest I ever did was 7 or so and I was so bored I wanted to cry.

  16. Mike (aka The Rhino) says :

    Guess I’m kinda lucky. I’ve only run ever on a treadmill once, and that was on my honeymoon in Aruba, and I only once ever listened to music while running. It annoyed the hell out of me, and I damn near threw the thing in the lake I run by here on Staten Island. Only the thought of having to buy a new one stopped me..

    You’ll be fine for your ½ marathon.

    As for that wall…I used to run into walls, but that usually involved large quantities of Jose Cuervo and/or Jack Daniels. Hope you left a dent in the wall, something there for others to remember and commemorate the event. 🙂

    Good luck at the race

  17. Julian McGrath says :

    Hats off to you…the running machine totally melts my brain. I’ve never ran in such cold temperatures but have at a few celsius below zero (not the same I know)…I found Vaseline was good to put on the face to protect it from really cold winds and that numbness you get (ending up talking like you’ve just had a stroke for a couple of hours! 🙂 ) Just a thought…but at your temperatures your toes will probably fall off first!

  18. RAS says :

    You are definitely ready for this HM!! I pray that the weather will be on your side!!!! Two things: (1) I once lost my iPod at the gym while running on a treadmill and nobody was nice enough to help move the treadmill so I could see if it was under it. (2) ear buds don’t work for me. I need the old school headphones that go over your head.

  19. Running Ragged says :

    I can’t imagine 12.5 miles on the dreadmill; 8 is my max, but then I am not nearly as fast as you are. I’d say you are more than ready!

  20. AprilRuns says :

    You are amazing. Your determination makes me stay on the treadmill longer each week.

  21. icaniwill says :

    Makes me glad to live in a nice temperate country. I was complaining about my run in -4C the other week. I’m just a fair-weather runner by comparison.

    I can’t imagine 12.5 on a treadmill either that’s serious dedication!

  22. mizunogirl says :

    I did a 12 miler ONCE on a Treadmill. Never again. If I have that as my only option, I will just not run it. We had an “Unnamed tropical storm” the week I was to do the 12, it rained and had just under hurricane quality winds. After waiting 3 days I went to do it on the TM. while on the TM the gym started to slowly flood. At any rate, after 7-9 miles I wanted to stick a pencil in my eye.

    You are so ready for your half.

    Sorry about all the snow!!! Come down to sunny Florida.

  23. monkeysaladeer says :

    Wow! How do you get through it? A friend of mine can’t seem to stay on a treadmill when she has to. It makes her feel like a hamster in a wheel. haha. To be honest, I can’t run more than 30-45 minutes on a treadmill either.

  24. girlturnedrunner says :

    I say you move down south to Arizona! No need to worry about treadmills here…well, at least until the summer. 🙂

  25. sdorsay (itrainthereforeieat) says :

    Thanks for the follow!! And after my post today, I’m sure you already know that if I tried to run such high mileage on a treadmill… ah, who am I kidding. That would never happen! 🙂 Glad you didn’t hurt by that trusty wall! (they just jump out at ya, don’t they?)

  26. allieksmith says :

    Gotta love treadmill running! The most I’ve done on the dreadmill was 13.5 miles on Friday last week. Woooo weee I was BORED!

  27. Barefoot Roses says :

    Hahahaha! Hit the wall, funny.

  28. strawberryjamntoast says :

    I’ve only run on treadmills when getting new running shoe analysis and then I spend my whole time worried that I might fall off so I sympathise! Good luck with the half-marathon.

  29. chefeye says :

    thanks for following my blog, good luck with the half marathon!

  30. Sarah - feeedingbrainandbody says :

    Im a Canadian too 🙂 that’s good you were alright after the treadmill, Im always worried about that happening. Long runs on the treadmill are hard, I prefer them outside but in the winter there isn’t much we can do! 🙂

  31. movingspectator says :

    yikes! i feel your pain though…. we’re facing snow removal cutbacks too (or else an all-out LAPSE in it IF our city workers wind up locked out or on strike next month….
    Luckily, i’ve managed to avoid it & have just been running outside for the past 2 yrs. but we’ll see… all streaks must come to an end, eh?

  32. TheRunnersReview says :

    Oh wow! I am always afraid of that happening at the gym. Glad you weren’t hurt! At least you have a good story. 12.5 miles on the treadmill is impressive.

  33. Holly J says :

    12.5??? That’s amazing. If I do 5 I think I’m the queen of the world, and even then I take my fair share of “breather breakers”.

  34. jules1707 says :

    That there is my worst fear coming true on a treadmill lol. Glad you are OK though and I think you are ready for the half marathon 🙂

  35. Angelia Sims says :

    I have the opposite problem where I live. It is PERFECT running weather from November-March. Then it gets warmer and warmer. Summer temps are in the 100’s. My problem is I can’t run on the treadmill. I hate it too much. Guess I’ll be running with an ice pack this summer. 🙂 Way to get your mileage in. I have no doubt you are going to ROCK that half.

  36. 30 White Llamas says :

    You’re running in much colder conditions than I think I could bear – kudos! Good luck with all your hard training – sounds like you’ll make this half look like a cake walk!

  37. cakboliv says :

    Love reading your posts. Inspires me as a “baby runner”.

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