Outdoor run Sunday… Rest day Monday… Training is almost finished…

This previous Sunday was the Sunday of all Sundays, the Sunday I suited up and did battle against the elements running outdoors during the heart of a Canadian winter. Me against nature… I am sure it had nothing to do with my upcoming race and my previous treadmill runs … Of course not!

 Sunday arrived as a blessing in disguise… Disguised as the winter beast she was unleashing her winter fury upon the residents of Nova Scotia…Not fit for man nor beast (or runner)… It actually turned out to be a glorious day… The sun shone bright, the temperature flirted with the freezing mark, the wind howled… The wind and pacing were the only two downfalls to such a beautiful day.

 I managed 10 outdoor miles in 1.16… I had initially planned on running further, but was happy with 10…

 My pacing was off, as expected… I tend to have issues converting treadmill to outdoor miles. The switch not only makes for a less than enjoyable experience, it kills the confidence … I have been incredibly stubborn with a huge side of wimp this winter and will be the Victim of my own demise for Sunday’s half marathon.

 Note to self and everyone else; Try to run outdoors as much as possible… You will not find many races taking place on a treadmill and nothing compares treadmill to road running…

 The fitness facility I am joining is having discount lane swim on Tuesday night; I am going to test out my swim stroke for its grace and finesse. I will probably feel like a guppy swimming in a shark tank, but it is a great opportunity to test out the pool…

 Do you find it difficult to convert treadmill to road running? Have you ever been eaten by a shark?

 35 miles of running for the week…. Maybe 35.5….

 Thanks for all the comments… J I spend way too much time on WordPress … I try to read and comment as much as possible. I love all the free advice J



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

59 responses to “Outdoor run Sunday… Rest day Monday… Training is almost finished…”

  1. JoJo-A-GoGo says :

    you prefer running outside to running inside? I hate running in general, but the only thing that I like about the treadmill is I find I can pace myself better, I know how far I’m going and I know what my speed is.

  2. Henry Runs says :

    I am happy to report I have never been eaten by a shark. At least not that I know of!

    As for the treadmill, I don’t think I have run on one since I got serious about running last year. Not sure why I have such a negative attitude about the “dread mill”. If it ever snowed enough in Georgia to send me in doors, the problem would be that the gym would be closed since everything in Georgia closes if there is an inch or more of white stuff on the ground.

  3. Lydia says :

    Treadmill running is my demise. As a new runner, I’ve really tried to avoid it. What helped me a very little bit last week was raising the treadmill incline to about 1%. I found this to be a little bit more of a simulation to road running and my form marginally improved (my form goes wildly off kilter when running on a treadmill).

    I also covered up the time and speed readout. I didn’t need to see those numbers, just the distance. If I felt the need to speed up or slow down, I just hit the arrows until I was comfortable. I’m a SLOW, beginning runner, so my goal is always just to finish the distance.

  4. Blogbiscuit says :

    hey there, you brave man, it is cold enough here in Britain, i daren’t consider how cold it is is Nova Scotia at the moment. Regarding the treadmill it is a bit the same with exercise bikes, it is ok to go on them when the weather is too trecherous to ride a real cycle in the external elements but being on them inside is no comparison to the scenic view of the outside world. Forget the treadmill apart from trecherous weather days and concentrate on the external running… here is my personal kick up the bum from me to you 🙂

  5. Kari says :

    I can’t run on a dreadmill. It feels like torture. I commend anyone who does any part of his/her training on a treadmill. I used to live in CO and I would only run on the treadmill if there was a blizzard. And even then, I think I’d rather run outside… Show that weather who’s boss!

  6. Jennifer Adams says :

    I have never been eaten by a shark. Yet. I prefer trails, then roads, then indoors. I really, really, really want a treadmill because there are times I can’t go outside and that sucks big time.

  7. eatorrun says :

    I hear you on the treadmill to outdoor running. I will brace myself for the cold and lace up my shoes (even putting a coat on Audrey – my Dane!) to run outside before I’ll run on a treadmill. We’ve had a few frigid runs, windchill below 0 deg F, but it’s been worth it in the end. Keep on trucking!

  8. bgddyjim says :

    I’ve never been eaten by a shark, but I have been swimming (technically snorkeling) with sting rays and nurse sharks. I actually got to grab a nine footer by the tail and go for a ride for a second down in the Dominican Republic. My wife was two months pregnant with our first and she was not amused. We were about 500 yards off shore, about 15′-20′ of water and they had to drag me out after our hour and a half was up.

    Yes, I am part fish and it is awesome. Crazy thing is I used to be afraid of the water – couldn’t even swim till I was thirteen. My mom finally put her foot down and gave me the old, “no son of mine” line.

    Swimming is all about knowing and trusting what you’re doing. If you are struggling there’s a reason and it’s usually simple. One good lesson would help out a lot when you’re looking at the difference between a guppy and a shark. My buddy Pete works about five times harder than I do to go half as fast and it’s all about form.

    Good luck

  9. hshawjr says :

    Dreadmill and outdoor running are not the same, as you found out, I actually prefer the treadmill during the winter, but this year don’t have access to a gym and have to run outside. If nothing else it get you outdoors a lot more than you would otherwise. Surprisingly I have actually gotten to like it for the most part, sub-zero Fahrenheit don’t thrill me and running on ice sucks, but other than that it really hasn’t been that bad. I Maine we have had only about 3 days that I thought about not running and 2 so far that I didn’t run because of the weather 🙂

    Hope you get outside more and that you do well on your 1/2 coming up. Oh I don’t bother swimming, a rock and I have about the same amount of success.

  10. simplyblake says :

    I just started my fifth week of training for a half marathon (my first) in April. I’ve been doing all of my weekday running on a treadmill. I have one at home, so it is extremely convenient and allows me no excuse to miss get in my training miles. I do my long run each Saturday outdoors with a group.

    Today, for the first time, I did my weekday training run OUTSIDE. With the sun shining and the temperature at nearly 50 degrees, it would’ve been a crime to get on that treadmill! It was just me & my daughter’s iPod nano, and it was awesome! Now, I am going to try to only use the treadmill as a last resort.

    Happy running!!

  11. Amanda says :

    Great job on getting out there! I am absolutely dreading transitioning to outdoor runs. Thankfully Alaska doesn’t allow me to run that much, so I can keep putting it off =)

  12. Jen says :

    That’s awesome that you could run outside again, despite it feeling slower. Small wins! I always hate the pacing on treadmills vs outdoors. I did picture a treadmill race in my head when you mentioned it and that would look hilarious.

  13. trisexual says :

    Look up total immersion freestyle made easy. Once I transitioned to swimming this style I became not only a shark but the shark this season. I started it with a hour time trial swim distance if 3.33 miles all TI.

    Glad to see you’re braving the out doors 🙂 xxx

  14. Barrett says :

    I’m dying to get outdoors but my runs are either pre-dawn or on days when the weather isn’t cooperating, so it’s easier to just go to the gym and use the treadmill. It’s fine for the mid-week runs but the long runs are a real challenge indoors. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get outside.

  15. Jen says :

    Yup I am seriously learning that there is a major difference between outdoor and treadmill running. I used to be about to run for 15mins on the treadmill…. Get me outside, and I can’t do it!

    I am getting there – can’t wait till I can smash out a 10km, let alone 10 miles 🙂

  16. Michael says :

    You’re right, running on a treadmill doesn’t compare to running outside. The belt of the treadmill does the work, not your legs…whereas outside your legs have to do the work or you don’t move. The weather conditions seem to be a real problem for you but I’m sure with some determination you’ll get through that half marathon with flying colours 🙂

  17. The Edmonton Tourist says :

    I moved to the indoor track because the treadmill is killing my brain cells. Roll on spring!

  18. blessedwiththunderthighs says :

    I definitely love running outside better than on the treadmill. I push myself a lot harder outside, even though I face more of the elements (although CA’s 50-degree weather and light breeze may not be considered elements compared to you guys in Canada). Maybe also because I usually like to read a magazine at a comfortable pace on the treadmill.

  19. Bravado Awards & Trophies says :

    There are definitely some advantages to running on a treadmill after an injury though. Trying to get back to running myself. FYI, I moved my blog over to another server. You can still follow me at Chula Vista Sport. Hope to hear from you soon again.

  20. ifuckinghaterunning says :

    I used to regularly use treadmills in my gym workouts, but inevitably the moment I took my run outside, I’d gas in less than a third of the time I was putting in on the treadmill. I think the only thing that really prepares you for running outside is running outside.

    And I’ve never been eaten by a shark, but I did almost drown once if that makes you feel better.

  21. mizunogirl says :

    When I first started running (prior to getting a garmin) I was a total treadmill runner. I had such a shock when I hit the real ground. Whoa!!! these days I have not been allowed on a TM for almost a year now (the surgery…no treadmill It apparently puts some drag on your legs backwards…) I can not wait to hear of your half, I imagine it will be wonderful!

  22. luau says :

    Nothing is better for race prep than running conditions that are similar to what you will be running on race day…it’s what I call “Train for the Terrain”. I have to admit though, that before I ran my treadmill into the ground (first the incline motor died and then I literally cracked it down the middle lengthwise…she did give me many, many miles) I preferred running on it in the predawn/late night hours.

  23. runningthewindycity says :

    I’m with you about converting treadmill miles to outdoor miles.. I think it is MUCH easier to run on a treadmill than outside. You just set the pace and go along for the ride, making sure you don’t fall on your face in the process :P. But outside requires pacing and judgement (don’t go out too fast etc), such a better workout.

    Plus, my legs always feel really funny on my first run outside after a treadmill run or two, can you even imagine converting to outdoor running about months of treadmill training?

  24. Eric says :

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Treadmill –> Road is a concern of mine as I train for this Tough Mudder. It’s too cold to be running outside at the moment, but I know I’ll have to make the switch eventually if I don’t want a rude awakening on race day.

  25. spetrovich says :

    Hmm…your winters are probably bit harsher than where I’m at, which means I have to be extra careful about making excuses for not running in the cold now 🙂 And yeah, not only does running on a tredmill not work your legs the same as running outdoors, but (personally) I find it extremely boring…even if I’m watching a DVD while doing so. I’m lucky if I get 30 minutes out on a tredmill most times.

  26. spudgt2 says :

    Good one! I’ve not ran anything substantial on a treadmill but I understand the harshities of the canadian winter can drive you indoors – though I was in Banff at the time I’d expect Halifax can be pretty terrible too. Here in Scotland I tend to run in all weather. It’s just about freezing at the moment but so far we’ve had no snow or too much ice so I’ve managed to get out there.

    Pacing i guess comes in time and experience so perseverance is required!

    And no I’ve not been eaten by a shark, I had eaten shark tho 🙂

  27. the Ringmaster says :

    I started running on a treadmill, and I guess I’m the odd one that was always faster when I did hit the roads for my “long” runs–which back then were anywhere from 5 to 8 miles. Naturally, I’ll less than inclined to hit the treadmill, even though I do think it’d be useful for things like speedwork, so I had to nail my pacing, or hillwork, since actual hills are near nonexistant in our portion of the Sunshine State. Since winter is also nonexistant, though, I have no real reason to ever use the treadmill that’s sitting, lonely and collecting dust, on our back porch. This post is actually very timely, because my husband is going to California on business, and for a few days I’ll be unable to get in my regular pre-dawn runs, leaving the treadmill as the only option on at least one day. I’m dreading it already . . .

  28. beckiblake says :

    I have never run ten miles without stopping. I have no idea what it is like to run in those conditions. I have not been eaten by a shark, however, I assume that it is not a pleasant experience. But I do agree that the transition from treadmill to pavement or trail is awkward. Thankfully I live in a city that hardly dips below 45 F. Summer on the hand… That is a whole different story.

  29. AndrewGills says :

    Wow! Running in the snow. That sounds hardcore! We don’t get snow where I live so I can’t even imagine running in it …

  30. elisariva says :

    You made me chuckle! I would much rather run outside, so I have a hard time adjusting to the treadmill. As for sharks – you will be safe in the pool. If you swim in the ocean in your new wet suit, beware – a shark could mistake you for a skinny sea lion… 🙂

  31. Barefoot Roses says :

    I (think) made the mistake of training for my half last year mostly on the treadmill at a 1.5 % angle to “make up” for treadmill running being easier. I ended up creating some knots in my leg muscles that gave me tendonitis around the ankle. I’m still running the treadmill but it will not be at a constant angle. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

  32. AprilRuns says :

    Have not been eaten by a shark either but have been swimming in waters with sharks around. Will go running outside this week, despite the frost and ice. If you can do it, I can do it. Thanks for all your comments so far!

  33. emilyjeane says :

    Oh wow, you are a trooper! I hate treadmill running, but also hate the cold! You’re right, though. Treadmill miles do not = outdoor miles!

  34. rwcrouch says :

    I’m told the Norwegians have a saying – there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing. Running outside is the only way …

  35. daniebob says :

    I definitely prefer running outside to running on the treadmill. It’s more entertaining, for one thing, and less like torture for another. My husband freaked out after I fell and knocked myself out on the side of the road by myself last month, so I’m giving in and running more often on the treadmill. I really, really dislike it!

  36. Casey says :

    I only have a treadmill available at school, so I do most of my running outdoors. I’ve heard it is the best way to train, since you will be running your race outside. We have been very lucky with weather here, though. It was almost 60 degrees (fahrenheit) in southern Ohio today. Some crazy winter weather we are having this year!! I’m not complaining though 🙂 Good luck with your runs!

  37. mickiruns says :

    Good job on getting out there!!! I hate treadmill running – so boring, my form always seems off… bleh. I don’t recall ever being eaten by a shark… could be mistaken.

  38. Angelia Sims says :

    I think I mentioned before, I can’t stand treadmill running. Not only that, but I can’t run on the treadmill. At. All. Never have. I have to see and move forward.
    I did two miles last night in our 70-degree temps. YES. 70 and it (was) January. Summer running (which is next month) will be brutal. I hope we can battle our elements together. 🙂 I’ll try not to be too wimpy when it’s 100 (whimper).

    I can’t wait to hear about your race. It will be awesome!!

  39. jenbacca says :

    I absolutely prefer running outdoors… even when it is cold and miserable out. I have too much control over a treadmill, so I feel you lose both on the physical training aspect as well as the mental training aspect. The treadmill is my last resort. Having said that, after getting frostbite during my 31k run in -31C, I know my limits 😉

    Happy running!

  40. The T says :

    I wsh I could re-adapt to the treadmill…I’m so used to running up the local mountains that I’d miss the scenery even in the rain. If you’re ever coming to the Islands, I’ll run with you! Oh and you’ve got a fellow runner who can put you up for a few days…

    The pirate runner…


  41. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    yes! I do find it difficult to go from outside to treadmill and back to the outside. It’s amazing how quickly the body adapts to things.
    You’re right though, get outside often, it’s way more beneficial for racing.

  42. Darian Pearlmutter says :

    Hey! Thanks for all of the likes and visits to my blog! Keep up the great work and GOOD LUCK in your race this weekend!

    You are a CHAMPION for running outside during that insane winter weather in Canada! I thought I was going to have it bad in Wisconsin but it seems to be playing nice and has been rather mild for this time of year! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    I also find it very difficult to convert my pace from treadmill to road running! Definitely two different types of running, i like the part where you said your not going to run a race on a treadmill! (The funny thing is i THINK…not positive…but Daniel Tosh held a 1/2 marathon that was on treadmills?)

    You are a GREAT writer! Short, sweet, funny, and much more! Keep it up!
    Live inspired and all the best!


  43. lifeisarun says :

    Totally find the difference between treadmill and outdoor! I still wimp out some here in Texas and it’s not THAT cold! Ha, but try and at least golf halfsies with the treadmill v outdoor runs.

  44. L. Sievert says :

    Hi 🙂 I saw you “liked” my blog the other day, so I thought I’d come check out yours! I like thinking of the weather in Canada because when it’s cold here in Illinois, I always figure at least it’s not Canadian weather! I’m training for my first half right now- but I’ve done almost all my miles outside. I’ve got no love of treadmills and sometimes even get motion sick trying to watch the screens. Lucky for me it’s been a mild winter here. 33 days til my half!

    Can I ask a bloggy-question of you?? You seem to have many many hits on your blog- I’ve just started on mine and am trying to build up my non-friend hit count. Any tips??

    Keep on running! – Adventurefoot.com

  45. Lisa says :

    Good for you for braving the elements! I think treadmill can be more challenging sometimes because of the monotony, but I definitely know that you can’t do all treadmill training to prepare for a road race. I try to get at least a few miles outside each week no matter what the winter is like. This winter had been mild for us though, so my miles are probably about 1/2 and 1/2 treadmill vs. Outdoors. Best of luck w/ your race!

  46. Kat says :

    I actually don’t mind treadmill miles or the transition to outdoor miles. With the caveat that transitioning when the weather is nice is much easier than when you’re transitioning from dry and flat to cold and icy.

  47. Pamela says :

    I try to never use the treadmill, but then again I don’t live in Nova Scotia. (It gets pretty cold in Boston, but not like up there!). I ran this morning and it was bitter cold and very windy and I was kind of miserable the whole time. But I still would rather be out in the fresh (albeit freezing cold) air than inside a gym.

    Hope your swim went well! That’s something I need to do more of….

  48. victorylane says :

    I started my running career by doing all of my training on the treadmill and jumped right into road races. My first road race was obviously different as I hadn’t done any training on pavement. That was 4 years ago. The last six months I quit the gym entirely and am devoted to pavement running at all costs. Definitely different and so much better (I think) for me improving as a runner overall. I wouldn’t go back to the treadmill. It’s so monotonous and something I have to constantly concentrate on not falling off!

  49. victorylane says :

    Oh and GOOD LUCK on your race.. Hopefully you pull out a time that pleases you!

  50. thoughtsontheatre says :

    You are brave for running in near-freezing temperatures. I’m sure it eventually felt wonderful! Best of luck with all of your training.

  51. Nancy @ Beyoutiful Fitstyle says :

    I absolutely notice a difference between treadmill and outdoor running! I feel like I don’t need to focus or work as hard on a treadmill because my pace won’t change unless I press the speed button. I like outdoor running better, but I have trouble pacing as well.

  52. tyrmi says :

    LOL Haven’t been bitten by a a shark yet. I have fallen on a treadmill some times though… I don’t like them much.

  53. happinessafterheartache says :

    I love running outside, but the winter is not great for that. It’s not so much the cold, more the dark that gets me. But after running outside all summer it’s been REALLY hard getting back on the treadmill even though I used to like it.

  54. skinny2fit says :

    Thank you for your comments and encouragement on my blog. I haven’t ever run on a treadmill but I think if I lived where you do I would wimp out too and run on one. Best of luck on Sunday in your race! 🙂 I hope it goes well for you and I look forward to hearing about it.

  55. Blackfoot Running says :

    I love running outdoors, but the safety of the gym from the arctic chill makes me able to get out of bed at 5:30am and get my miles in. So, it is a blessing and a sort-of-curse.

    I actually perform much better outside because I enjoy it, and also because I fear flinging off the treadmill so I become conservative with my speed, where as outside, I just let me feelings dictate.

  56. FitnessPal says :

    Its very very hard to convert from treadmill to running outdoors, the body and legs just work differently on the road and its much harder, your doing great though, keep it up 🙂

  57. joemacgown says :

    I have never run on a treadmill, but then again, I don’t live in Canada!

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