Sayonara January.. Half-Marathon Sunday…

 Sayonara January, Bonjour February!!

 I must admit, I am not sad to see the end of January. January is a long, dismal month, which the holiday season tends to zap any excitement from.

 My goal for February is to run more often outdoors… I have already begun accomplishing this feat with three, yes three, consecutive outdoor runs this week. I cannot report that they consisted of running countless miles in a bitter cold and barren Canadian landscape or uphill in both directions in waist-high snow drifts, they were merely three taper runs leading into this Sundays half marathon. I can however say that I enjoyed each and every one of them!

 I am now in rest mode for Sunday. I have logged a total of 10 miles over three days this week. I usually run more miles leading into a half, but decided to take a different approach giving my legs a wee bit more rest.

 I am not holding out for any amazing results, I am pessimistic about nailing this race due to my training. I do know anything can happen on race day… Pacing is key! Even more important, racing within my means…

 I am going to partake in carbo-loading activities involving beer and pasta over the next couple day’s… (nothing severe, I don’t drink that much) and not all that many carbs are required for a half. Every day feels like carb day for me…


Look’s as though it is going to be chilly! This is what a February half marathon looks like in Canada… Do you think they may let me participate on the treadmill?

Are you racing this weekend? Or doing something equally as exciting??


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

35 responses to “Sayonara January.. Half-Marathon Sunday…”

  1. Happy Runner says :

    Good luck on your run on Sunday! You are very brave racing in the cold. Hats off!!

  2. Sandra Guirguis says :

    Today was a hill training day for us- 5 miles of hills- UGH! Feel better now that it is done and will do some of my own carb loading on Super Bowl Sunday 😉 Good luck on race day! Have a great run, you will be awesome!!

  3. Drew26.2 says :

    Best wishes during your half this weekend! I have to admit I have never raced in those conditions. I train through the winter months here in Ohio however my winter is much different than your winter. 😉 Happy Trails!

  4. studiojan says :

    You should be really proud of yourself for even participating in a Feb half marathon while the rest of us just wanna bundle up and stay warm! 😀
    I’ve just started following you, but, from what I’ve read, I think you’re definitely ready. Good luck for sunday!! 🙂

  5. liftingwithlyme says :

    Good luck! It looks like it will be horribly cold LOL – you’re my hero!

  6. amyswenson says :

    Your “ice” running is a true inspiration!
    I’ll be racing in a 10K this Sunday. This will be my 2nd.
    Do you have any other tips on what/ when to eat the day before? (I eat everything but warm blooded animals.)
    Good luck and may the winds be always at your back!

  7. samsamdevis says :

    I am having a weekend in bed my friend! Haha, I am envious of you doing a 13.1 miler though, I bet the completion feeling will be awesome, even if you don’t hit you goal time! My training for my Half Marathon in April starts on Monday, slower but longer runs hear I come! Yey! :0)

  8. tischcaylor says :

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it went. Maybe that will inspire me to start building back up to something resembling actual distance….

  9. swimbikerunbehappy says :

    Have a great race! You are crazy though–I thought I liked to run in the cold but that is a whole new definition of cold for me!!! (see, teens are extremely crazy cold for me, 20s very cold, 30s perfect, ummm -7 NO WAY! Anyways have a fun race and stay positive do not allow any negative thoughts and you will be surprised what you can do!! I have one more long run this weekend before the taper for Myrtle Beach full (which in fact, I am pretty sure will NOT be a cold race…hee-hee!)

  10. Any Excuse to Wear Track Pants says :

    Good luck on Sunday! I’ll be cheering you on from my nice warm cozy couch!!!

  11. kmt4n says :

    Nothing doing on the fun and exciting part here; just getting in a “long” run of 6 miles on Saturday and then enjoying the heck out of my cheat day on Super Bowl Sunday. Good luck in your half – you will be awesome! (Cold, maybe, but awesome!)

  12. lifeisarun says :

    Good luck this weekend! And way to go on outdoor miles! =)

  13. Henry Runs says :

    Good luck this weekend! Look forward to hearing about the race. Working to my first half-marathon in March so I am very curious.

  14. Trail Todd says :

    Go get ’em, Bear!

  15. jbkosbie says :

    Good luck! I’ve done training runs in weather like that, but never raced in it. Not sure how I would feel about racing at those temperatures.

  16. adventurefoot says :

    Good luck on your half! My first ever is 30 days from today… so… I’m in “uh-oh” mode! You can do it and I can’t wait for the recap!

  17. The Edmonton Tourist says :

    Run like the wind and no slipping! Get plenty of sleep and hydrate well! Most important… Have a ton of fun 🙂

  18. homebydawn says :

    Have a great race! Enjoy the fresh air after all those treadmill miles…

  19. Blackfoot Running says :

    I hope you did well and you don’t have any frostbite!

  20. laruse says :

    Good luck and have a great race!

  21. scyogagirl says :

    OMG, that is gonna be cold! Bundle up and have a great race. I bet I’d make a PR in temps that cold…just so I could hurry up and be done, so I could get warm. 🙂

  22. plustenner says :

    Good luck! A tad warmer here in the UK, but only just 🙂

  23. crazy mama! says :

    Wow, good luck! I couldn’t even imagine running in weather like that. Sounds like you have your strategy right, so I have no doubts you will be there at the finish line in good time. Lo0king forward to hearing the results. About 6 weeks and counting until my first Half……

  24. Anna says :

    Good luck! I set mileage limits to run much shorter distances when it gets that cold in MN….I’m impressed you’re taking on a half! Enjoy!

  25. iamjuans says :

    Good luck on your run Sunday! I am also doing a half marathon in a bit warmer weather though.
    Hope your not too jealous of sunny southern California 😀

  26. Bravado Awards & Trophies says :

    Good luck! I plan on going for for another hike here in Chula Vista – part of working my way up to running again. I plan on posting a video on Chula Vista Sports.

  27. girlturnedrunner says :

    Have a great race on Sunday!

  28. Kim Miller says :

    Best of luck on your race this weekend! I can’t even imagine running in the bitter cold. I’m a Southern girl who rarely sees snow at all, so I’m in awe of your training and willingness to do a half marathon. And in February, no less! You’ll do great. Can’t wait to hear how it went. 🙂

  29. Debbie Polain says :

    Good luck on Sunday, sure you will be fine but let us all know.

  30. lian says :

    I’ve just had a brisk 10 min walk to the hairdressers in -5 degree temp. Not quite a half marathon in -12 😉

  31. tyrmi says :

    That’s cold if you’re running fast. May the force be with you!

    I remember back in the 90’s all the professional cross-country skiers in Norway had asthma from running out in the cold. But that might have had something to do with the medicine enhancing performance just a bit, kind of like EPO.
    😉 At least nobody talks about it any more.

    We’ve been having the same kind of temperatures here in Copenhagen this week, and the crazy Danes are running around in shorts! No one can see me laugh under all the layers of protection. Why put yourself through unnecessary pain?

  32. Caroline Calcote says :

    I’m doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon next weekend (Sunday, the 12th), here in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s so funny, because we are so opposite of you up there. We are HOPING for chilly weather. Today, I did 12 miles and it was mid-60’s and probably close to 70 by the time I finished. Warmer than I like. High for the day was upper 70’s. I’m hoping for 60 degrees or lower next weekend, but may end up really warm. Running here in the summer is miserable…almost impossible for me. Best of luck on your half!

  33. libraryscenes says :

    Hope the race goes well; that the sun shines bright and a tail wind drives you home! We had our first dumping of snow this year (kinda of odd for Midwest), but sadly, I viewed it from afar…from windows, at work. Cheers ~

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