More swim… Goggles and chlorine

Goggles – Check!

New Gym Membership with pool/ track  – Check!

Lane swim last night – Check!

Goggles (mixed myself up, I was convinced I wanted to say google) made a world of difference. I swam a total of 1550 meters in sets of 50’s/ 100’s. Initially I completed 50 lengths, than having a quick chat with the lifeguard, realized the pool is only 25 meters long (thought it was 50 but should have known better) so I tacked on 12 more…

Spent an hour on the bike before hand…

The most valuable lessons I have learned during my inaugural week;

This is going to be a hell of a lot of work…

Never swim in over chlorinated public pools with out goggles…

Hit the weight room… Shoulders and back will thank you later

Need to revise my schedule to complete workouts in the morning…

How is your week/ training coming along?? It is Friday, enjoy your day!








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23 responses to “More swim… Goggles and chlorine”

  1. Happy Runner says :

    TGIF! Is what I have to say about Friday! Glad your swimming is coming along fine. I am noticing that I am still putting in more miles than I need (only training for a half marathon), but having so much fun running more.

  2. Henry Runs says :

    I feel your pain with the chlorine and no goggles! A friend invited me to a swim with a bunch of athletes that were training for a triathalon and within 20 minutes, my eyes were bright red and burning. I had to keep jumping out of the pool to go to a sink and rinse my eyes out!

  3. swimbikerunbehappy says :

    So glad to hear you remembered your googles, er, uh… I mean goggles!!! Looking forward to reading about your training… : ) Sounds like you have a good foundation for swimming (unlike myself!!!)…

  4. bgddyjim says :

    Good job climbing in the ring… Couldn’t agree more with the weights. I wouldn’t want to do another half marathon without that, let alone a triathlon.

  5. annewoodman says :

    I love your blog! Super-impressed with the Ironman goal in the future… I’m afraid I would fall off the bike. You may have already blogged about this in the past, but since I’m new, please forgive me. I interviewed a major swimmer who did this big swim around Manhattan that took like, 9 hours. She was training in our area, and she said the number one piece of advice she would give any triathlete (or just swimmer, biker or runner) is to fuel, fuel, fuel. I have found in my running that it makes a tremendous difference (hence your Clif gel leaving you wanting more, in an earlier post). Best wishes as you train! I’ll be reading!

  6. jbkosbie says :

    Definitely agree on working weights into the training regime. I think many triathletes completely neglect weights to their detriment. If you have a crossfit gym near you, you might give it a try. Fantastic for the weight lifting needs of a triathlete, IMHO. Traditional weight programs isolate specific muscles. Crossfit focuses on dynamic, functional movements. I’m not going to claim that’s universally better (a lot of people do claim that), but for me at least, that’s been a lot better than a static weight program. For example, my workout Wednesday included thrusters and sumo deadlift high pull. Just those two lifts left me sore all over: quads, calves, lower back, core, shoulders, arms. Even if you don’t go the crossfit route, you can do a lot of the more dynamic weightlifting in any standard gym.

  7. Daphne @ Candy Coated Runner says :

    i should really start swimming again, and weight lifting… My training this week has fallen to the way side (is that the correct phrase). Work has been crazy this week, and sadly work is priority over running. Hopefully next week wont be as bad.

    Good for you for making it to the pool AND enjoying it! Swimming is a great and tough workout!

  8. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge says :

    Well, I am Proud to say, I began my training for my first 5k!

  9. Michael says :

    You might want to think about shoulder flexibility too which will help your front crawl stroke, unless you’re already flexible enough. If that’s the case, scrap my comment, lol.

  10. trisexual says :

    Yep, you want to be dry land discipline training as well as the weights. Get.your self a resistance band and do reps like.your swimming lent forward etc will build up your rotator cuffs etc. You don’t need heavy stuff , light and lots of them.

    I always take two pairs of.goggles and.two hats to the pool just incase. Esp on rave day you’d be stuffed without. I’ve.forgotten my costume once, that was a short..session lol xxx

  11. offthelongrun says :

    Well done – 1500 metres is a great effort – i could only dream

    Saturday here and beer o’clock!

  12. mizunogirl says :

    Goggles are good!

  13. loustar02 says :

    Go you! Brilliant effort and working towards your goals – keep it up.

    I’m ashamed to say the only exercise I’ve been putting in is the required physio on my legs to get me walking properly. That sounds like I’ve been through an ordeal – not so, my feet/ankles/legs just seem to have managed to get themselves out of alignment for a bit of amusement. Fun times. Enjoying hearing about all your hard work though!

  14. Blogbiscuit says :

    Oh I prefer to wear goggles if i can but not all the time now, a nice leisurely swim will do, which i hope will start some point week commencing the 20th February (pancake/crepe day here in england on 21st so need something to burn them off lol) i also need to check in at the gym how much half an hour will cost me a session as i want to go on rowers and bikes or maybe an hour. at least a week

  15. skybluestateofmind says :

    I thought you said Google too at first! A well-fitted pair really makes a world of difference (esp. if for those that wear contacts). I love swimming, but can’t swim more than 3 times a week. The smell of Chlorine is just too overpowering, but I always feel better after stepping out of the gym and breathing in my first gulp of fresh air.

  16. irunonpbandk says :

    good workout!! goggles were probably the best investment you could have made 😉

  17. Donna says :

    wow, I’m impressed.

  18. Lisa says :

    Sounds like you’re making some quick progress! Glad you’ve got goggles now; your eyes are thanking you I’m sure. 🙂

  19. thoughtsontheatre says :

    Hard work, but worth it I’m sure! Hope you had a great weekend.

    “Be hard on yourself and life will be easy on you. Be easy on yourself and life will be hard on you.” – Chuck Bode

  20. narhvalur says :

    Amazing Energy!:))) Ann

  21. ANV says :

    Wow, good job on the swim and starting training for the triathlon. I’m a pretty mediocre swimmer myself, and it’s been a year since I was last in a pool. By the way, are you on Fitocracy (or have even heard of it?).

  22. Kiya Krier - Runs With Blisters says :

    My lack of goggles is always my excuse to myself as to why I don’t swim laps, haha. I usually end up closing my eyes and rebounding off the walls and the ropes and any unfortunates occupying my lane. Hence, I only swim laps if my darling husband coerces me into it, and then about every third lap I ask, “Is that enough? Are we done now?” Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts as well 🙂

  23. elisariva says :

    See? Goggles make six a difference! (and I always want to type google too). Good job!

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