Running, cycling, swimming and going crazy running circles around an indoor track

“One of these activities is more boring than the other…”

 The three options are; running on a treadmill, cycling on an indoor trainer or doing multiple laps around a 200 meter indoor track…

 Sunday morning brought me indoors; a freak ice storm coated the city causing the roads to be inhabitable by the average runner. It could have been worse; the rest of the Maritimes got hammered with snow…

 I figured I would attempt my planned 10 mile run on the indoor track instead of the treadmill, since I had the option available.

 I managed 48 laps, or 5 miles, that was all the circles I could handle… I almost went nuts! I converted back to the treadmill for the remaining 5.

 The indoor track wins as most boring activity… Followed by bike than treadmill…

 Sunday was rounded out with 800 meters in the pool and an end to week 1!

 Week number one totals;

 Swim; 3200 meters

Bike; 4 hrs 25 minutes

Run; 35 miles

 Eight days straight following last Sundays Half Marathon (didn’t take a break). I appear to have inherited a cold… I have obviously worn myself down but have planned rest days ahead.

 Do I think I could complete an Ironman in 20 weeks? Yes, I do. I couldn’t win an Ironman in 20 weeks, but I know I could complete one with a decent time. Next week is going to be similar to last in regards to training…

 Has any one else experienced excruciating hamstring pain following laps in the pool??? I had this happen to me on Sunday and it hurt like hell…


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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

13 responses to “Running, cycling, swimming and going crazy running circles around an indoor track”

  1. annewoodman says :

    Wow. That’s commitment! Lapping an indoor track for many miles definitely wins for boredom. During one of our long runs prior to our marathon last year, we ended up lapping a parking lot because we got back to the car sooner than we thought. Just doing that drove us bonkers.

  2. Julian McGrath says :

    They’re good totals for the week, even more so for the circumstances. You still have a higher boredom threshold than me, but I suppose needs must !! I did the 11 day in a row thing at the end of last month and training hasn’t been as good so far in February. Sometimes it is hard to force it? Watch the hamstrings, I nearly missed Dublin marathon in 2010 altogether because I neglected warning signs. I missed three out of the last five weeks and it was my worst race. Try prolonged stretching then light weights, if you can’t do the light lifts then keep stretching and resting!!

  3. nfoste2245 says :

    I would think the bike would be the least boring. But that is me. Did you reverse your direction on the track at all? A foam roller is your friend!

    The Kidless Kronicles

  4. Henry Runs says :

    I probably would have gone with the indoor track as well but I can see how boring that would get after 5 miles! Kudos to you for sticking with it even in not so dynamic circumstances!

  5. applepiewithwensleydale says :

    You missed out secret option number four:

    Lying on the sofa watching a film, nibbling on chocolate and drinking mulled wine


  6. bgddyjim says :

    Grab a long towel, lay flat on the floor and use the towel, looped around your heel to help lift your leg so it’s perpendiular to the floor. It’ll stretch that gnarly hammie right out – I use that one all of the time.

    Good job on the miles, that’s a big week.

  7. fitgirl says :

    gosh, 48 laps on an indoor track. kill me now… lol

  8. jennnigan says :

    I guessed indoor track – I don’t even like running outdoors on a track! And yet I can run on treadmills, and both are essentially the same thing – you’re running and going nowhere.

  9. kimsrunningmonologue says :

    Yoga could be the answer for your hamstring…Did you drink enough water for your swim (sometimes it’s easy to forget because you’re in the water!)
    Here’s a very detailed article on cramping you might like:

  10. libraryscenes says :

    Brutal, props to you. Two thoughts, make sure to stay hydrated, the pool is as stripping as air. Second, yoga. Seriously, I couldn’t believe how tight I got after years of running. you need not do full on class, but check out pigeon and triangle, reverse triangle and one that I can’t name, more it more a fab IT stretch…on back, feet wider than stretch mat, bring knees together and focus on keeping them touching. Toes point straight ahead, back remains nurtral to ground. Hope this helps, cheers!

  11. mellowmumble says :

    Do you have access to a foam roller? Most gyms have one. If you have never had the pleasure of the foam, check out the techniques for the hamstring online. It’s like a stretch and a deep tissue massage in one easy motion – bliss.

    I applaud you for fighting the boredom. I attempted to run on a treadmill a few months ago but just couldn’t do it. I didn’t know what to look at! It’s so distracting and somehow boring at the same time.

    Good luck with the training, enjoying your blog!

  12. liftingwithlyme says :

    Stretching can sometimes make things worse, as it is another stimulus. In fact, multiple studies have demonstrated that dancers incur far more hamstring injuries from stretching than from explosive dance movements. My guess would be that you are low on electrolytes. Most endurance athletes get enough water, but don’t consume enough salt and minerals. If you typically eat a very healthy diet and don’t use salt, then start using salt. The “low sodium” recommendations are for sedentary people who typically eat high-salt foods (fast food, frozen dinners, etc.). Athletes who eat healthful diets need to salt their food. Additionally, you may want to get some electrolyte powder. If you have increased your training load without increasing sodium & other electrolytes, then that’s probably the problem. Keep up the good work, and don’t lose that positive attitude – you can do it!!!

  13. amyswenson says :

    I just read an article on Compression Wear in Runner’s World Magazines’ March issue, maybe try putting some on after your work out…?

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