Injuries and set backs…

This week I have run 2 miles… I am currently on a running hiatus due to a very painful groin and quad area. I have run through the pain over the last couple weeks, including 14 miles on Sunday, but decided if I don’t back off, I will end up on a permanent disabled list.

 Much like where I am now…

 This is pay back following years of bragging and gloating about never experiencing a running related injury throughout my entire running career.  

 I don’t think it is very serious; I did what most do when they get injured, I turned to the internet. According to Runner’s World forums what I am experiencing (as I have the same symptoms as those on the forum) is a quadriceps muscle strain… Remedy; Massage!

 A fact about me; I don’t and never have stretched! With the strain of adding 2 additional sports to my regular training repertoire, my muscles have become tired and tight and I believe this has caused my current set back. Straight from Dr. John M.D.

 But I have continued to swim and cycle; racking up 3 hours on the bike and 5200 meters of swimming so far this week.

 It can’t hurt, they are low/ no impact sports…

 I found a frozen water bottle in my freezer at work immediately grabbing it for use as a medical apparatus rolling it hard into my quad. It feels like it is working!

 Here is hoping it resolves itself!



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27 responses to “Injuries and set backs…”

  1. marysparacinobortel says :

    You don’t stretch? Really? Will you now?? 🙂 Here’s to your speedy recovery! Go get that massage!

  2. fitfoodiele says :

    im TERRIBLE with stretching also… i hardly ever do it. and even when i do i just rush and/or go through the motions. ugh. will take up yoga soon though- my muscles always feels so tight.

  3. magnuminsp says :

    Sorry to hear about the injury! For ice or heat, I got these:×6-inch
    I got the 6 x 9 version and got four of them. They are the Cramer Pro 032746 6 x 9 flexi I cold. They were $3.50 each and with shipping, I think $20.00 total.

    Be careful with the massage! Some deep sports massages are very intense and instead of just your quads being sore, you may find your whole body being sore.
    We have a spa that has a $120.00 package which is an all day event. Ice bath, steam room, massage, light lunch, and you can stay as long as you want. In fact, since the wife got me a gift certificate for it, perhaps I should get a massage myself next week!
    Remember to drink a bunch of water after the massage! 😉

  4. Caroline Calcote says :

    I feel your pain. Hang in there and recover! It’s very hard I am finding out. The hardest thing is feeling your fitness slip away. But…just have to get better first, then you can get it back.

  5. jbkosbie says :

    I think injuries, at least minor ones, often have a bigger psychological impact on us than actual impact on our training. I was out most of last week recovering from a minor concussion. I kept wanting to jump back into training, even though I knew my body needed the rest time. But it’s so easy to overtrain, that the rest time is often good for us even without an injury.

    Hope you recover quickly! Sounds like the swimming and cycling are working well as alternate workouts. Rowing is also a tremendous cross-training tool that’s low impact and might not hurt your injuries. Done right, it’s as good a whole body workout as you’ll find. I’ve trained for a marathon before doing a lot more rowing than running.

  6. bgddyjim says :

    Sorry to read about your setback, hope you’re back quick. Good luck.

  7. Amy says :

    I’m glad that you’ve decided to back off a bit. I bet it has been very hard for you! Hang in there. Icing definitely helps.

  8. runningthewindycity says :

    Ugh- I was the same way until about 6 weeks ago- no running injuries to speak ok. Take your time to fully recover- especially a quad injury and you’ll be back stronger than ever!

  9. Anna says :

    Oh no! Sounds like backing off is a wise idea. Hope you get back on track soon….metaphorically and literally!

  10. ifuckinghaterunning says :

    Sir, my hat is off to you on your principled stand against stretching. Good luck with recovery!

  11. Nicole says :

    Good luck! You’re smart to back off for a while and swimming and biking are great ways to keep up the workouts without the strain! Is beer part of your recovery too?? 🙂

  12. mark lloyd richardson says :

    Here’s to a full and speedy recovery.

  13. andrea drugay says :

    Oh, so sorry to hear. Good luck with recuperating. I know it can be tough to sit out running but at least you’ve got swimming and cycling to carry you through!

  14. asimplerambutan says :

    hope you have a speedy recovery!

  15. lieberwoman says :

    Tough break! Glad you are doing plenty of cycling and swimming!

  16. annewoodman says :

    Argh. How frustrating. I, like you, hadn’t experienced any kind of injury/problem until about 18 mile long runs last year… my left knee went, and I was afraid it was something horrible. My physical therapist friend said I HAD TO stretch and did the whole Come to Jesus meeting with me. Kind of like, if I didn’t start stretching and strengthening, I’d continue to encounter pulls and strains, etc. Or… I could choose to just run 3 miles here and there and be fine. I started stretching. ; ) Good luck with the massage–that’s not such a bad thing as a consequence!

  17. Pamela says :

    I have been dealing with injuries for the past year and a half, so I can totally relate! But you’re doing the right thing — better to refrain from running for a week or two than to make it worse and be out for months. Hang in there, this will all be in the rear-view mirror soon. Heal quickly!

  18. Anne says :

    So sorry to hear about your injury. Hang in there – hopefully will heal fast. Good luck with it!

  19. ericrutin says :

    I also bragged for years about no injuries and no I have had chronic knee pain when I finish runs. But since it doesn’t hurt during runs I tell myself it is ok. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Luv What You Do says :

    One suggestion…invest in a foam roller!
    Good luck with your rest and happy healing!!!

  21. rungirlsramblings says :

    I feel your pain! Just like you I turned to the internet to diagnose and treat. But now, fed up, broke down and went to a specialist. I just got doctors orders to put my running on hold too, which stinks! Keep up the cross training and stretch!!! 🙂 I hope you heal quickly and are back to running again in no time!

  22. Miss Busa says :

    I can relate. I am also a non-stretcher. Personally, I just don’t have time for that. When I go for a run, I’m ready. A few quick stretches is the most I ever do, as a formality more than anything else. I have been plagued what I self-diagnosed with the help of Dr. Google as DOMS in my calf muscles. But the pain just won’t go away. I even laid up for an entire week before my half marathon race, just in hopes that the issue would resolve itself within the stated time frame of two-four days. Nope. I hope your issue resolves itself, soon. It sucks to fall back in your training schedule. In my case, I am really afraid now to undo all that hard work I put in and I really don’t want to do what feels like starting over. 😦 I’m supposed to run 10 miles today and I know my calf muscles are going to scream bloody murder the first three miles and the next day I won’t be able to walk again. Oh well… at least my knee doesn’t hurt anymore, there’s that. 🙂 I wish you a speedy recovery!

  23. Luv What You Do says :

    If you’re up for it…I’m passing along some blogger fun!

    Thanks for inspiring and motivating me!

  24. Julia says :

    Sorry about your injury! I think most people who are passionate about running, will eventually have a running injury at some point. It’s kind of inevitable if you’re running a lot…at least for me.

    Sounds like a muscle strain, especially if you can feel the tenderness when massaging it. Just make sure it is not weight-bearing pain. Hip joint injuries can cause referred pain in the groin and down the quad.

  25. Lisa says :

    So sorry to hear this. 😦 I think it’s wise to take some rest from running, especially since you’re certainly keeping up fitness through the swim & cycle. Good luck; hope it feels better quickly.

  26. FindingMyHappyPace says :

    Sorry to hear, but sounds like you’re doing the right thing. Let it rest. Hope the massage and ice work for you!

  27. AndrewGills says :

    I hope the injury settles quickly. At least it’s in your strong leg (the run) rather than swimming or cycling injury.

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