Finally did a Tri

I have finally completed my first Triathlon… It wasn’t an Ironman/ Half Ironman, It was a Sprint but I have already fallen in love with the sport…

Place Time                          Div                     Swim                                       Bike                                     Run

23 1:20:52 John NS CA 4/8 M3039    17:30                          37:37 31.9                         22:24 4:29


This was an excellent indicator to what I have to work on as I know I can post faster times…






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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

14 responses to “Finally did a Tri”

  1. Anna says :

    I also took part in my first tri this weekend….but as part of a relay team! I only did the run. I can see how falling in love with the tri is easily done – I am itching to do a full (sprint tri) now!

    Congratulations to you on completing the whole event!

  2. annewoodman says :

    Congratulations!!! That’s very exciting.

    I’m starting to get the bug now that my husband got a new bike. The bike will be my biggest challenge to overcome: I had a bad bike accident as a child, and I’m not exactly trusting of the machines. I think I can do the swim and run just fine. Keep us posted as you train for future ones!

  3. tischcaylor says :

    Been wondering what you’ve been up to. Congratulations!

  4. Laura says :

    Congrats! That’s so exciting!! Definitely try to do an Olympic distance – they are so much fun! Keep it up!

  5. bgddyjim says :

    Congrats brother!

  6. iswimbikerunstrong says :

    Here are the rules for race reports. You can’t simply post the times. What was the name of the event?, what were the distances? You have to narrate. Describe the experience. Where did you excel? Where did you suck? What would you do different? Would you do it again next year? What advice would you give others thinking about doing the same race next year?
    There’s a lot more to being a triathlete than just competing. A little braggadocio is acceptable. Do this again and I will report you.
    BTW, congratulations.

  7. pursuingsub17 says :

    Great job for your first triathlon! That’s faster than my best sprint by 10 mins. I’ve discovered short distances and long distances are both completely different challenges. Short distances, you go hard and fast – very competitive and can be just as rewarding as the long distances in which you have to pace yourself and train for endurance instead. I was a marathoner too – and now I’m completely addicted to triathlon. Welcome to the dark side!

  8. jules1707 says :

    Congratulations, well done 🙂

  9. Anne says :

    Wow! You did it! Good for you! What a wonderful feeling that must be – a triathlon! Awesome!

  10. AndrewGills says :

    Well done. I was wondering where you were all this time … 🙂

    It’s funny – you’ve just been bitten by the triathlon bug while I’ve just been bitten by the long distance running bug and have given up triathlon all together. Funny how the wheel turns isn’t it 🙂

  11. Gene Foussadier says :

    Fantastic! Keep it up! It’s a great feeling and definetly understand how addictive it is. Had quad by-pass june/july 2010 and still going strong.

    Tri-n-it for all causes’ Swim Bike run

    Heck if iI knew how fun it was, would started much younger.

  12. Anne says :

    Hi Bearunner,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I have been nominated to be honored (1 of 15 local women), for past achievements by the local Zonta International. As part of the process I’ve been asked to write an essay on community. Mine will focus on my blogging/social media and that my community is the world. Through my blog/other social media/ I’ve been able to reach out to people all over the world. I’m mentioning you in my essay. Early in my running 2010 and 2011 you were one of the first to offer encouragement when I trained for my first half marathon. It meant a lot knowing all that you have achieved through your running.

    I wanted to be sure you were okay with that in case they contact you to verify the connection. Have a great evening and let me know if you are comfortable with the mention. Thanks!

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