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Champix.. 10 months

I stole this photo from google, along with the one below…

The previous one liner wasn’t suppose to post.

This drug was instrumental in assisting me to kicking my smoking habit. November/ December marks 10 months that I have been off the weed and I have no interest in ever starting again. I will wait to jump up and down, dance and sing like in the commercials till I reach my one year anniversary.

I have experienced no side effects and it worked magically in removing all  desire to smoke.

It is nice not to be ingesting all those harmful chemicals.

My confession is… I was a heavy smoker, 1 pack (or more) a day,  yet I have always been a runner, even while smoking. I have run since I was 12 and started smoking when I was 21.  I ran and trained for two marathons as a smoker (not at the same time) and personally, I have not noticed a difference in my running since I have become a non-smoker. I had become a talented smoking runner (I am joking)

This year has been a horrible running year. I have failed to reach a PB in any race I have entered…

I trained like crazy for a half marathon in October… I executed the race horribly and failed miserably. My own doing…

I have ended many fall runs with my arms flailing in the air yelling to any interested chipmunk in the woods as to why I can’t pace myself properly to successfully complete an 8 mile run. We the amateur, weekend warrior runners are our own worse enemies.

I know that I  am addicted to running and couldn’t picture myself as a non-runner. Without failure, you wouldn’t know success, as with all things in life…





Champix… 10 months












 Note to self… Run outdoors more!!!