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New Plans and Old Pains…

The last couple weeks have consisted of do not’s and donuts…  Not as many donuts…

The hip/ quad/ groin pain is still present, however more bearable. I have checked out of doing all high impact activities like running and I am enjoying the break!

I swam a total of 8,000 meters last week… I was at the cusp of completing 10,000, but drank too much Saturday night and was in no shape to jump into the pool Sunday morning. Believe me, I tried!

I decided it would be much more fun to navigate the dandelion jungle in attempt to win the epic battle of man vs. weed.  I was victorious following a hard-fought, 6 hour combat mission… It was just me, the weed extractor and 6 hours of pushing using only my right foot. I couldn’t use the left, that’s my injured leg!

I did foam roll… Then I got sick of it.

It is easier popping Advil…

This morning I swam 2000 meters consecutively.

I may have changed my plans a little… I am not going to jump directly into an Ironman. I have decided to aim for a half Ironman first and sprint/ Olympic distance races this summer.  I am hoping to complete a half by the fall than hopefully a full by next fall.

I am in the process of purchasing a better bike and plan to continue my current training.

Ironman Muskoka 70.3 September 09th is a new goal… I see it is still open…


Week number 6

Just a quick update… Week # 6

Swim 5200 meters

Run 42 miles

Bike 7 hrs

I find the longest and hardest part of training is the swimming… 2800 meters swam last Tuesday, I compare to 15-17 miles of running, and it doesn’t go by very quickly.

I will update more late on…


Week # 4, Month #1 Swimming, biking, running

Week #4

Ran 40 miles

Cycled 5.5 hours

Swam 4700 meters!

Didn’t stick to one of my swim workouts… Continually went further including a couple 800 meter continuous sets. What I did take from the week… Tiredness! I was exhausted when Sunday came around and unsure whether I would finish my 13 mile planned run. I made it!

Monthly totals for month 1;

Ran 151 miles

Cycled 18 hours

Swam 14000 meters

That swimming total is a little nuts… It has hard to imagine folks swimming 10-15000 meters a week…

The cycling, I still find it very manageable. After getting through the first hour, the others tend to go by quickly other than being a sweaty mess. It tends to make for quite an uncomfortable run afterwards, have to remember a change of shirts…


Training… Swimming… Running… Cycling… Nuun… Clif… Powerbar

Yesterday while frolicking around in the pool, pretending it was fun swimming from one end of the pool, to the other, over and over and over, something clicked… It felt good and natural … Like my breathing wasn’t labored…

 Planned for 800 meters following a 12 mile run, ended up swimming 1000…

 Wanted to swim 3400 meters last week, ended up with 3800 meters…

 After 3 weeks, it felt as though my swimming is coming together. My goal for this coming week is attempting longer sets… I linked together sets of 300 meters on Sunday; hoping the longer ones build endurance.

 Running; 39 miles

 Cycling; 5 hours

 Tried a Powerbar banana/ strawberry gel prior to Sunday’s run… I wasn’t impressed by the consistency or taste but do love the sodium/ potassium they provide… I will experiment with different flavours.

I am a continued user of Nuun hydration tablets…



Clif chocolate gels…

And Clif bars…

 I am not a fan of kids doing flips and hand stands in lanes during lane swim. The lifeguards refuse to enforce authority to ensuring efficiency during lane swim. Some people also don’t understand the concept of “circles”… I am new to the sport and I caught on immediately…

Happy Tuesday… What are your workout/ life goals for the week?