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New Plans and Old Pains…

The last couple weeks have consisted of do not’s and donuts…  Not as many donuts…

The hip/ quad/ groin pain is still present, however more bearable. I have checked out of doing all high impact activities like running and I am enjoying the break!

I swam a total of 8,000 meters last week… I was at the cusp of completing 10,000, but drank too much Saturday night and was in no shape to jump into the pool Sunday morning. Believe me, I tried!

I decided it would be much more fun to navigate the dandelion jungle in attempt to win the epic battle of man vs. weed.  I was victorious following a hard-fought, 6 hour combat mission… It was just me, the weed extractor and 6 hours of pushing using only my right foot. I couldn’t use the left, that’s my injured leg!

I did foam roll… Then I got sick of it.

It is easier popping Advil…

This morning I swam 2000 meters consecutively.

I may have changed my plans a little… I am not going to jump directly into an Ironman. I have decided to aim for a half Ironman first and sprint/ Olympic distance races this summer.  I am hoping to complete a half by the fall than hopefully a full by next fall.

I am in the process of purchasing a better bike and plan to continue my current training.

Ironman Muskoka 70.3 September 09th is a new goal… I see it is still open…


Sydney Crosby

The Ice Capades featuring Sydney Crosby… Skates around the ice following his  concussion, now everyone is afraid to lay a hand on him… If they do, they will either A) get a penalty or B) get piled on by team mates… Leaves him open in front of the net to score goals.

Starbucks vs Tim Hortons vs the Muffin Man vs Running… I ‘RRRoll up the rim to win’ and all I ever get is the chance to play again!

The question I have for you; do you drink coffee? Do you drink it before you run? Where do you buy it?
At the office today I was simultaneously on Google while attempting to perform the duties of my job, and came across an interesting Wikipedia page on Tim Horton’s; (Google won)
–          Tim Horton’s owns 62% of the Coffee market in Canada

–          Starbucks owns 7%

–          It has taken over McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operation

–          Controlled 22.6% of all fast food revenues in Canada in 2005

I love my coffee as I am sure many of you do too. I don’t dispute that Tim Horton’s offers terrific coffee, I just despise how cheap they are in awarding prizes in the ‘RRRoll up the rim to win’ blitz. Everyone in Canada, and the Northern U.S., waits patiently all year for this bi-annual rolling frenzy. It is difficult making it through an entire coffee as the anticipation grows with each sip in rolling up that coffee stained rimmed to see if you are a big winner! In years past, this contest has been plagued with more “Please play again” then winners.

I decided this year to take the analysis into my own hands. I have collected my cups since the contest began, and have stored them on my desk (at work). So far I am batting 4 for 9, which has been a surprise. The Tim Horton big wig exec’s have smartened up. With the cost of beans rising year after year, and the out of control inflation rate of a cup of coffee, I am more than pleased to roll up the rim and win a free coffee.

At this point I returned to Google and found a comparison from 2010 to 2011…in 2010 out of 279 Million cups produced, 31 million were prize winners and from the same number of cups produced for 2011, 47 million are winners. Out of all this useless information, you can see you have a better chance at winning in 2011…This information was courtesy of;

 An 8 mile tempo run is in the books for today… Really, nothing is in the books because I fly by the seat of my pants. This is the run I have planned for tonight, so I am going to complete it. I think it’s going to be a good one… I received some good news today from the Tax Man when I electronically filed this afternoon.


‘Oscars’ nah..’Amazing Race’… What’s spinning on your discman? Gaga? Ke$ha?

Flipped around the television this evening, seen Ryan Seacrest mug and quickly realised another awards show is taking place. Is an awards show on every weekend and how can they give out that many different awards? I settled on the Amazing Race. Out of the thousands of Reality Television shows, this one has always been my fav.

When you prepare for your run, indoors or out in the streets, through the slush, what CD do you grab to put in your Discman to motivate you? Do you ever grab multiple CD’s so you can change them up on the go? Jokes! I know most people this day and age use Mp3’s… I don’t know about the rest of you, but  I have had the worse luck with rain, wet, moisture and sweat ruining multiples of  them.

I got some favorites in my playlist, regardless to the present state of a run, that can usually motivate me enough to get through it. I am more prone to listening to music indoors then I do on the street, not due to safety concerns,  but more so due to the ever-changing environment which naturally makes a run go by quickly. (Have to get off the treadmill more this week… Thats my goal for the week)

My top 5; The new Lady Gaga tune is zippy and a good cadence booster (Born this way); Katy Perry’s (Fireworks); I got two Basshunter favorites (I can walk on water) (Now you’re gone); DeadMau5 (Ghosts and stuff); and an old cult running classic (Bette Davis Eyes)…

Tomorrow is going to be another wet, snowy, rainy, miserable day on the East Coast.. If I was able to, I would use a sick day but that looks a little obvious on a Monday and during a stormy. Hope everyone is doing a Spring dance to make it hurry the heck up!!!!!!!!