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Week 8, Florida bound!

That concludes week 8 and unfortunately, I don’t have my stats handy… I tend to calculate and keep track of them as part of work related activities…

As a matter of fact, I DO!

I swam 5500 meters

ran 42 miles

Cycled for 8 hours again this week…

A tiring week, required a couple swim,bike, run days to fulfil all activities. After 4 hours on the bike and a 6 mile run this morning, I have been experiencing slight groin discomfort. I don’t say pain or injury because I have yet to be on a disabled list due to injury… Knock on wood…

Tomorrow I leave on a jet plane for Florida…

Taking at least 2 possibly 3 days off this week…

Going to follow strict carb rules and drink lots of beer and eat lots of junk… I will be a machine next week haha




Weekend update even though it is not the weekend…

Weekend update! Even though it is in fact not the weekend but Thursday… Thursday update of last weeks activities almost a week late… Do dah do dah

Last week totals;

Swim 5500 meters

Run 44 miles

Bike 8 hours

I didn’t realize I had sat on a bike for 8 hours last week. That is why updates are so important. It puts the pressure on for this current week, I only planned on 7.5 hours of cycling. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

 I had a wonderful 16 mile run on Sunday… My plan of taking it slow and easy ending up at a 7.30 average pace. It felt effortless! I credit this to the extra cycling and time holding my breath in the pool…

The crunch is on this week! I am cramming everything into a shortened week, I am heading to South Beach on Sunday. Next week will be a cut back week. I have trained 6 day’s a week the last 8 weeks, I am due for a break… And some heat!

I may attempt to out swim some sharks…

Week number 6

Just a quick update… Week # 6

Swim 5200 meters

Run 42 miles

Bike 7 hrs

I find the longest and hardest part of training is the swimming… 2800 meters swam last Tuesday, I compare to 15-17 miles of running, and it doesn’t go by very quickly.

I will update more late on…


Week number 6

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, 5:00am, in order to cycle for an hour and complete 2800 meters in the pool. It isn’t really the crack of dawn at 5, it is still pitch black, I consider it more to be the middle of the night…

I had to get up at 5 to make a quick pit stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee prior to jumping on the bike. Needed my caffeine fix, the orange juice wasn’t cutting it… Either was the fact I hadn’t eaten anything yet…

The cycle was long, the swim felt even longer… On the subject of swimming, I don’t know whether I need to make my sets longer, or what, to make the lengths/ time to achieve the distance go by faster. 2800 meters seems like a long way to swim in a 25 meter pool… Too bad the distance couldn’t be reached as quickly as running… 😉

It is nice being able to complete workouts early, prior to work. The pool isn’t a circus like it is in the afternoon.

Last week totals;

Swim; 5000 meters

Run; 39.5 miles

Cycle; 5.30 hours

Day 1 of week 6 (I think) is complete… Yes, it is week 6… I am planning on ramping up the mileage and completing more bike/run/bike/run workouts… Maybe adding an extra bike/run…

As the mileage has increased, the tiredness has also… I am flying by the seat of my pants, I have used this method with all my training… I will either fail epically or succeed satisfactorily… (Are either of those words?)

How are you enjoying your Tuesday?? How is your training??