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New Plans and Old Pains…

The last couple weeks have consisted of do not’s and donuts…  Not as many donuts…

The hip/ quad/ groin pain is still present, however more bearable. I have checked out of doing all high impact activities like running and I am enjoying the break!

I swam a total of 8,000 meters last week… I was at the cusp of completing 10,000, but drank too much Saturday night and was in no shape to jump into the pool Sunday morning. Believe me, I tried!

I decided it would be much more fun to navigate the dandelion jungle in attempt to win the epic battle of man vs. weed.  I was victorious following a hard-fought, 6 hour combat mission… It was just me, the weed extractor and 6 hours of pushing using only my right foot. I couldn’t use the left, that’s my injured leg!

I did foam roll… Then I got sick of it.

It is easier popping Advil…

This morning I swam 2000 meters consecutively.

I may have changed my plans a little… I am not going to jump directly into an Ironman. I have decided to aim for a half Ironman first and sprint/ Olympic distance races this summer.  I am hoping to complete a half by the fall than hopefully a full by next fall.

I am in the process of purchasing a better bike and plan to continue my current training.

Ironman Muskoka 70.3 September 09th is a new goal… I see it is still open…


I am dumb for cycling all these miles hard, continually, after years of running injury free and even dumber for all those run/ bike combinations and now not even being able to run due to my thigh hurting so damn bad when I walk

I hate to inform you, I am still injured. I am as surprised as you are!

*I think I hate to inform myself or admit that I am injured…

 If I had to pinpoint a reason; I would say the past 9 weeks spent hammering out miles both running and cycling is a likely cause…

 I completed 42 miles of running last week and even knowing that this will not benefit my cause, and possibly disable me longer, it’s too late now!

 My plan is to take this entire coming week off both running and cycling to cure what ever ailment I have.

 I do plan on continuing to swim; it is soooo much fun continually going back and forth over and over and over!!!

 The best thing I could have discovered was a foam roller; after I mounted and got acquainted with it, it delivered relief to the area. A Google search recommended deep tissue message  confirming my own personal diagnosis of tightness. I am hoping it is not a stress fracture…

 I personally think it is a: “I am dumb for cycling all these miles hard, continually, after years of running injury free and even dumber for all those run/ bike combinations and now not even being able to run due to my thigh hurting so damn bad when I walk”

 To live and learn I guess… To live and learn!

Week number 6

Just a quick update… Week # 6

Swim 5200 meters

Run 42 miles

Bike 7 hrs

I find the longest and hardest part of training is the swimming… 2800 meters swam last Tuesday, I compare to 15-17 miles of running, and it doesn’t go by very quickly.

I will update more late on…


This one goes out to the shoes I love… New Balance running shoes

I have become a huge fan of New Balance… In particular the New Balance 759, which is my current shoe. I converted about 3 years ago on an Easter weekend while in Ontario, (on vacation) from the subtle influences of my girlfriend who has been a long time New Balance supporter. I still remember stepping into those 758 (no longer made) and going on an 18k run that day in unworked in shoes. I had no blisters, no pains, aches, nothing ! Obviously made for running ! As the 758 is no longer made by New Balance I recently purchased the 759’s, and was equally impressed !

This model shoe is a Neutral shoe, offering ample support and chushioning. That is one of the things I noticed most, it was like running on a cloud testing them on the treadmill at the running store. The 759 is also a lighter shoe then the 758, researching this figure the shoe is about 1.5 ounces lighter. One thing I did notice was in the NB 758’s my size was a 10, in the NB 759 I bought a 10.5, not sure if the shoe is just designed a little smaller or my foot got larger.. I ran in Nike for years, that was until I discovered the wonder shoes that New Balance produces !!!

Completed my run yesterday.. 8 mile tempo on the treadmaster.. Whomped me by the end of it. Tonight I am heading out for a light 6 miler. Chilly here in Nova Scotia today… -20 with the windchill this morning. Looking forward to spring…

Ciao !