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2012 Goals

I recall posting my 2012 goals of hoping to achieve a PB in the marathon/ half marathon… I accomplished one of these, by 3 minutes, running a 1.34 1/2 a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t underestimate the powers of cross training… My¬†preparation for this race was a 20k the Wednesday prior, and a bunch of treadmill running.

I have come to believe swimming is a runners friend ūüôā

I don’t plan on running a marathon this year so that goals out the window but hope to improve my marathon time as well come May 2013.





I never realized¬†how important a wetsuit is to a triathlete¬†until I jumped into the lake last night for an OWS.. With 18 degree air temperature and 21 degree water,¬†it was a ¬†little nippy getting in, but once dunked, I didn’t want to get out!

Have to start looking for a wetsuit! Such an expensive little habit…

Finally did a Tri

I have finally completed my first Triathlon… It wasn’t an Ironman/ Half Ironman, It was a Sprint but I have already fallen in love with the sport…

Place Time                          Div                     Swim                                       Bike                                     Run

23 1:20:52 John NS CA 4/8 M3039    17:30                          37:37 31.9                         22:24 4:29


This was an excellent indicator to what I have to work on as I know I can post faster times…





Scotiabank Bluenose International Marathon Youth Run

Our local marathon took place this past weekend, The Scotiabank¬†Bluenose International Marathon, and 3300+ kids took part in the youth run. Claims to be the largest youth run in Canada…

Totally inspiring…