week #7

I have five minutes, so figured I would elaborate…

I am in Canada… The temperature was 26 today… March 21st… That is crazy! (celsius)

I ended up committing the exact mistake I did last Wednesday afternoon, I ran 12 miles and planned for a light 1 hour cycle… That turned into a 1 hr 25 minute spin class. My legs are shot, I didn’t think I was going to make it…

Yesterday morning I ventured to the pool to swim 3000 meters… That is a ridiculous distance to swim. All these years I thought running stationary, on a treadmill took the cake as the most boring activity in the world, I was wrong! I had a dunce moment thinking the swim leg of an Ironman was 3400 meters, I just realized it is 3800 meters.

Back to the thought of treadmill running being the most boring activity in the world, I ran 15 miles last Sunday on one, it wasn’t all that bad. If you break the run into 5 mile chunks like an ordinary running chunk, a chunk of hills and a chunk of speed, the run goes by quickly.

This training gets a little ridiculous after a while… Spending on average 3 hours + at the gym, eating everything I can get my hands on and sitting on a bike for hours on end isn’t most people’s idea of fun…

How is your week going? Training? Boston is getting close!



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

8 responses to “week #7”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    Eye on the prize brother. You’ve made it this far, just a couple of moths to go (if I remember correctly).

    On my end, training is goin great – biking my butt to sheer awesomeness and loving every minute of it.

  2. offthelongrun says :

    Your training regime is insane! But fair play to you, you’re doing a great job

  3. Sharon says :

    That spin class must have felt like Groundhog Day 🙂

    My running has been going well this week…but now I have the challenge that the weather here is starting to cool and staying in bed’s soon going to seem like a better option! Oh and there’s an Ironman on in Melbourne this weekend, the course sounds gruelling!

  4. Anna says :

    Sounds like you had another great training week! Amazing how exciting the treadmill can be after swimming so many laps!

    My week is going well….still building the speed!

  5. AndrewGills says :

    At least the swim in the Ironman is in open water so it’s more interesting than swimming that distance in the pool (it is an open water swim isn’t it?).

    I can’t imagine running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike. You are seriously committed 🙂 Hats off to you 🙂

  6. swimbikerunbehappy says :

    Are you doing any biking outside? That is SO much better than riding on a trainer! If you have warm weather you definitely need to get off the trainer! (stationary drives me nuts!). I tried a masters swim practice this week and that was waaaaay more fun than by myself. The time flew and I swam much harder than I would by myself. You may want to look into a masters swim club/team in your area…

  7. mariflies says :

    Wow, you are really working hard! Great job! I have an update, long time in the making, but I was wrong 🙂 I posted a comment after I read something from my uncle. But it turns out Lance ran in 2:46, not 1:20….. apparently that is impossible haha! I think I read the half way tweet and thought he had completed the race. Oh well. It looks like you are getting ready to run for this year’s marathon. All the best.

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