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2012 Goals

I recall posting my 2012 goals of hoping to achieve a PB in the marathon/ half marathon… I accomplished one of these, by 3 minutes, running a 1.34 1/2 a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t underestimate the powers of cross training… My preparation for this race was a 20k the Wednesday prior, and a bunch of treadmill running.

I have come to believe swimming is a runners friend 🙂

I don’t plan on running a marathon this year so that goals out the window but hope to improve my marathon time as well come May 2013.




Scotiabank Bluenose International Marathon Youth Run

Our local marathon took place this past weekend, The Scotiabank Bluenose International Marathon, and 3300+ kids took part in the youth run. Claims to be the largest youth run in Canada…

Totally inspiring…

New Plans and Old Pains…

The last couple weeks have consisted of do not’s and donuts…  Not as many donuts…

The hip/ quad/ groin pain is still present, however more bearable. I have checked out of doing all high impact activities like running and I am enjoying the break!

I swam a total of 8,000 meters last week… I was at the cusp of completing 10,000, but drank too much Saturday night and was in no shape to jump into the pool Sunday morning. Believe me, I tried!

I decided it would be much more fun to navigate the dandelion jungle in attempt to win the epic battle of man vs. weed.  I was victorious following a hard-fought, 6 hour combat mission… It was just me, the weed extractor and 6 hours of pushing using only my right foot. I couldn’t use the left, that’s my injured leg!

I did foam roll… Then I got sick of it.

It is easier popping Advil…

This morning I swam 2000 meters consecutively.

I may have changed my plans a little… I am not going to jump directly into an Ironman. I have decided to aim for a half Ironman first and sprint/ Olympic distance races this summer.  I am hoping to complete a half by the fall than hopefully a full by next fall.

I am in the process of purchasing a better bike and plan to continue my current training.

Ironman Muskoka 70.3 September 09th is a new goal… I see it is still open…

Injuries and set backs…

This week I have run 2 miles… I am currently on a running hiatus due to a very painful groin and quad area. I have run through the pain over the last couple weeks, including 14 miles on Sunday, but decided if I don’t back off, I will end up on a permanent disabled list.

 Much like where I am now…

 This is pay back following years of bragging and gloating about never experiencing a running related injury throughout my entire running career.  

 I don’t think it is very serious; I did what most do when they get injured, I turned to the internet. According to Runner’s World forums what I am experiencing (as I have the same symptoms as those on the forum) is a quadriceps muscle strain… Remedy; Massage!

 A fact about me; I don’t and never have stretched! With the strain of adding 2 additional sports to my regular training repertoire, my muscles have become tired and tight and I believe this has caused my current set back. Straight from Dr. John M.D.

 But I have continued to swim and cycle; racking up 3 hours on the bike and 5200 meters of swimming so far this week.

 It can’t hurt, they are low/ no impact sports…

 I found a frozen water bottle in my freezer at work immediately grabbing it for use as a medical apparatus rolling it hard into my quad. It feels like it is working!

 Here is hoping it resolves itself!