2000 meters in the pool completed…

2000 Meters in the pool completed in the early hours of this morning… Was able to Watch the sun rise through the windows surrounding the pool structure…

I managed sets of 150 meters up until my arms began to tire around lap 72, so more progress.

A quick 60 min spin before hand and training is completed for the day.

The morning’s are a great time to swim, appears to be senior citizen swim time, they are very accommodating (not lane hogs).

My arms are definitely tired, stomach screamed for coffee and food so I stuffed it with a Clif Bar, toast and peanut butter and washed it down with a coffee. Now I sit at my desk and pretend to work lol



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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

14 responses to “2000 meters in the pool completed…”

  1. Any Excuse to Wear Track Pants says :

    People who do triathlons fascinate me. I don’t know where you get the energy… But I guess it might just be natural progression. After running for so long you must want to do something else, or give it a bit of a kick, or something…

    • Rachel says :

      That’s what got me into triathlons. I was a runner, but sick of ‘only’ running 5 days a week. Triathlon lets me train more, but with an end goal.

  2. bgddyjim says :

    Thus proving, yet again, the early bird gets the worm. Good job.

  3. Jen @ Whittle My Middle says :

    Nice work! Makes getting up early totally worth it when you hit milestones like that.

  4. njrunnergirl says :

    I need to find a pool nearby so I can start doing pool workouts on my cross train days! Nice job and cheers to you too!

  5. annewoodman says :

    I miss the water! I’m not a triathlete, though. Just leisurely swims for me, when it’s warm/hot outside. Good job getting those workouts in–such a great start to the day!

  6. michelle says :

    That’s awesome to get all of that done in the early morning! And WHOA, you also did all that on an empty stomach and no coffee?? That is incredible! Sounds like your training is going very well.

  7. elisariva says :

    Great workout! I love watching the sun rise from the pool window too.

  8. AndrewGills says :

    Well done on the swimming! You’ll be a super fish in no time 🙂

    I’m pretending to work this morning too after a swim 🙂 Small world

  9. runningcorgi says :

    You’re amazing. 2000 meters, Wow! Great job!!

  10. Caroline says :

    Ooooh my GOD.. you’re so tough you make me look like a jellyfish….. and I’m on the goddamn national team!

    You’re awesome. Just cool!

  11. Pamela says :

    Nicely done!! So impressive. Sun rise from the pool sounds amazing.

  12. Lisa says :

    I can’t imagine swimming well over a mile, plus biking for an hour, by the time the sun is rising. Good job!

  13. george-b says :

    I keep up with whatever works: I wish I started my active life, including the photos (and believe me is not easy carrying around aNikon D5000, with a 200Zoom lens), and jogging, and 28 floors twice daily: I get inspiration from your website. Thank you!

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