Tiring couple days…

I was totally not into yesterday’s workout… At all!

 The thought of an 11 mile run and hour spin made me want to punch the wall. Doing this following a day at the office made me want to punch said wall harder. After some convincing and reassurance that it wouldn’t be that bad, I was on my way…

 The 11 mile run had gone better than expected, it felt good and could have gone further… Could have, but didn’t…

 I arrived at the gym, changed into my cycling clothes, inquired about spin class (was hoping there wasn’t one, but there was) so I cycled 40 minutes before hand, planned on spending 20 minutes with the class, than skipping out. Well that plan was squashed; I ended up cycling for 1.40 enduring the entire class plus the 40 minutes before… I, as well as my legs, was SPENT!

 Following the four hours at the gym I arrived home and demolished the cupboards eating everything in sight!

 I love Naan bread…

 This morning I ran 8 miles and swam 1600 meters. I experienced some cramping in the pool and remembered I didn’t eat anything prior to running or swimming (bad idea).  I made a coffee, needed the caffeine at 5am, but forgot to eat… My hamstring and the arch of my foot cramped up near the end of my swim and caused excruciating pain! Ouch! I had to walk it out, fluttering around in the water for 5 minutes or so like an idiot.

 I think it was a combination; lack of fuel and exhaustion…



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

27 responses to “Tiring couple days…”

  1. adventurefoot says :

    lol- I also love naan bread. Keep up the mad training Bearrunner 🙂

  2. blessedwiththunderthighs says :

    How did you forget to eat??
    Haha, well I guess when you wake up before the sun rises, it’s easy to forget certain things. I would definitely only get up for a nice hot cup of coffee.
    Oh, and I am exhausted now after reading this post! Hope you’re getting good rest and recovery at night.

  3. elisariva says :

    You may have been dehydrated too. Great workouts and in less tha 24 hours!

  4. Sandra says :

    Silly thing, one must also listen to one’s body. You can’t do a triathlon without it. If it says, “I’m tired,” turn off that internal critic!

  5. annewoodman says :

    I love naan bread, too! Wow. Sounds like the evening workout was a tiring one. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel the effects the next morning. Yes, I agree, dehydration can be an issue after such rigorous workouts. Sounds like you’re getting in some great training.

  6. bgddyjim says :

    Time for a rest brother, it’s supposed to be hard, not suck.

  7. foodie lovin le says :

    sounds grueling!! i appreciate your honesty concerning your feelings. some days i’m just NOT feeling it either, but i do it anyway. and im always happy i did it.

  8. Amy says :

    Keep up the good work (and maybe take a recovery day!). All of your hard work now will make everything less painful on Ironman Day (at least in theory).

  9. jbkosbie says :

    Way to push through some tough workouts! Sounds like a recovery day might be in order. My coach always reminds us that how we fuel our bodies (food, drink) and recover can be just as important as how we train.

  10. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge says :


  11. floridaman5115 says :

    Maybe I missed something, are you in training for a particular race?

  12. mymultipersonality says :

    What are you training for? that’s a crazy coupla’ back to back workouts. I’m with jbkosbie: you could probably use a rest day and some R4!

  13. tischcaylor says :

    I can’t imagine forgetting to eat!

  14. Shelley says :

    Would love to know how many calories you’d smash in a workout like that. I’m with you on the Naan bread.

  15. Tiara says :

    Oh wow ! That’s intense ! Well atleast it inspired me to hit the track today and attempt my 6 mile run as planned + a quick walk with the puppy . This weekend my focus will be on completing 16 miles + a swim – let’s see how that goes !

  16. taninja says :

    OMG! Talk about workload for what us mortals call legs :0 🙂 Excellent! It’s strange how sometimes the ‘bad hair days’ turn into great sessions after all. Wish my bench challenge had done excatly so!
    Ps. Nan bread with hommus and fresh veg is non nom nom :p

  17. Adrienne says :

    Wow sounds like it! I’ve had trouble fueling well this week too. I’ve got to make that cucumber salad again!

  18. rungirlsramblings says :

    It’s hard to turn off that part of the brain that says we have to work out, but our bodies are often smarter than our brains. Listen to your body.
    Take a rest day!! You’ll come back stronger, and your body will thank you. I promise. 😉

  19. Kelly Wright says :

    Me too! Maybe it’s the weather change, or the time change. I feel ya.

  20. 30WL says :

    Your workouts sound intense – make sure to fuel up so that you can maintain this inspiring physical output. The time change, a couple of trips, and midterms (for the school I teach for) and graduate work packed a big wallop on me the past couple of weeks, and while I’ve been diligent in training, I’m still nervous about the tiredness. Sometimes I think it’s hard to remember to be kind to ourselves – you’re stretching too, right? I find my yoga to be essential when doing heavy training. Keep up the good work!

  21. Luv What You Do says :

    You are inspirational with all of your training! I need to get back into my triathlon routine! You definitely deserve some Irish beer and soda bread after all of that swimming, biking, and running. Happy St. Pattys Day!

  22. offthelongrun says :

    hey dude,

    Don’t mean to be negative, but you need to take a rest. You’re a gun, no one can deny – moderate it and keep posting – it inspires me.

  23. Four Blue Hills says :

    You have received the Sunshine Award! Please visit the following link:

  24. Kat says :

    I have been SO thankful this week for the good runs, especially since I’ve felt so checked out for some of them. Keep feasting and rest-up!

  25. marysparacinobortel says :

    You have the motivation to get up and DO. Finding that motivation is not always easy. Pushing yourself to the limits is not easy…but the benefits are amazing. Good for you for running and working out – your body appreciates it!

  26. Tina says :

    This seems like an absolutely ridiculous load! Remember, rest is also your friend.

  27. paulinacarla says :

    Is this your first triathalon you are training for? I am a marathoner and have been thrilled with the idea of shooting for an ironman, but, ….i hate biking! lol

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